TOKYO N◎VA: The Axleration

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Forum Thread

General Information

  • Errata for the translated PDFs - Updated 8/14/2017
  • NeuroTung, the variety of English spoken in Tokyo Nova
  • Personnel Data mainly from the core rulebook

The Other Side

The first supplement for TOKYO N◎VA: The Axleration.

Cross the Line

The second supplement for TOKYO N◎VA: The Axleration.

  • Focus System - A gameplay system to represent chases, bomb defusal and other time-sensitive actions.

Behind the Dark

The third supplement for TOKYO N◎VA: The Axleration.

  • Random Scenes (RS) - A way for the Scene Card to have a greater effect on the scene, as well as for players to interact with it using skills and outfits.

Heaven Down Below

The fourth supplement for TOKYO N◎VA: The Axleration.

  • Factions - Organizations that grant access to exclusive skills and items.

Note: The categories below are for organizational purposes and should not be relied upon when finding out which cross-faction skills and items you can take. Refer to the 'Category' list on each Faction's individual page.

*This faction's translation is unfinished and likely contains only Outfits or Skills.

Alternative Sight