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This is a list of additional Outfits available in "The Other Side", the first expansion for TOKYO NOVA: The Axleration. 

Outfit: Weapons

Want some yakisoba bread?

- Kototetsu Junko, High School Student

/// Melee Weapons
//// Blades, fists, and other things mainly used in close range. Each uses the Melee Weapons skill.

(Iwasaki) Kuuga [Buy: 21/7] [Hide: 13/-1] [Attack: S+4] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 14] [Slot: One Hand]
- A knife that contains a wire mechanism. Can be Thrown with [Range: Short], and is not lost after being thrown. Its name means "Sky Fang."

(Holy Mother's Guard) Undertaker [Buy: -/12] [Hide: 11/0] [Attack: S+5(6)] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: One Hand]
- A short sword around which holy symbols are inscribed with trapped light. When inflicting a Wound on an Ayakashi, the Wound Mod becomes the listed number. Can be Thrown with [Range: Short].

(Excaliber) Rapier [Buy: 17/5] [Hide: 8/-1] [Attack: P+4] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 14] [Slot: One Hand]
- A slender rapier that skewers opponents. The style of the blade and guard can be customized when making the purchase, and various ornaments are available.

(Excalibur) Caelus Blade [Buy: 20/8] [Hide: 5/-2] [Attack: S+6] [Parry: 3] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- A long sword in the classical Western style. Since it is not cyberized, it is quite difficult to fight with, and most people who own one only have it as a fashion accessory.
The name is more literally "Sun King Sword."
(Temple of All Origins) Elemental Sword [Buy: -/8] [Hide: 10/-1] [Attack: S+5(8)] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Hand]
- A long sword that can be charged with Origin Power to increase its cutting ability. When used in an Attack Combo that also includes an Origin Power, the Wound Mod becomes the listed number.

(Excalibur) Outrage [Buy: -/30] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+13] [Parry: 4] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A huge two-handed weapon far too big to be called a sword (and to be wielded by the average person.) Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough; indeed, it was a heap of raw iron. Kabuto, Katana and Chakra Only.

(Masakuni) Fuujintou [Buy: 24/10] [Hide: 5/-2] [Attack: S+7] [Parry: 2] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- A Japanese-style katana forged using Masakuni's latest techniques. Patterns akin to those of the finest Damascus steel are visible upon the blade, improving its sturdiness and cutting power. The name means "Wind God Sword."

(Masakuni) Raijintou [Buy:-/40] [Hide: 5/-2] [Attack: S+10] [Parry: 4] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- A katana as swift and sharp as lightning. When you make an attack using this weapon, you gain a bonus of +[Your <Melee> Skill's SL] (max 5) to the result. Katana Only. The name means "Thunder God Sword."

(Manku) Xiaolong [Buy: 18/5] [Hide: 10/-1] [Attack: S+5] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 15] [Slot: One Hand]
- A short spear that can be used as a throwing weapon. Can be Thrown with [Range: Short].

(Wako) Rock You [Buy: 23/12] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: S+5] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Hand]
- A piledriver designed to take advantage of your existing momentum. When you are riding a Vehicle, this weapon's Attack Mod changes to [Attack: P+8].

(Black Dragon) Cross Letter [Buy: 19/7] [Hide: -(11)/0] [Attack: S+4] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close~Short] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A folding spear that can be easily stowed away. It requires a Minor Action in order to unfold (you can equip it at the same time.) The second number for the Hide Rating applies only when folded.

(Manku) Eikon [Buy: 21/8] [Hide: 8/-1] [Attack: I+5] [Parry: 3] [Range: Close~Short] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A cane made of a special alloy. It also makes it easier to walk, and is favored by many for self-defense. Stun Attack Capable.

(Yamato) Koufu [Buy: 25/15] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: S+8] [Parry: 4] [Range: Close] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A solid, two-handed battle axe. Its integrated auto-balancer allows it to be wielded without much difficulty despite its weight. Its name means "Roaring Axe."

(Yamato) Magatsuki [Buy: 21/10] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: S+8] [Parry: 2] [Range: Short] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A war scythe with a long handle and large blade. Though it is not easy to use, there are a few who favor its intimidating appearance.

(Manku) Gan Dao [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: S+8] [Parry: 2] [Range: Close~Short] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A pole weapon with a curved blade at the end of a long handle. It has unusual reach for a melee weapon, while still being light and agile enough to fight with in close quarters. It's also known as the "Blue Dragon Scimitar." 

(Iwasaki) 13 Juliet [Buy: 22/14] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: S+1(9)] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Both Hands]
- A chainsaw.  With a Minor Action during Cut Progression, (ATK) changes to bracketed number. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.

(Raiden) Diamante [Buy: -/30] [Hide: -/0] [Attack: I+3] [Parry: 8] [Range: Close] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Hand]
- A made-to-order shield toned specifically to each wearer. It's manufactured with special materials and techniques available only on the orbitals, giving it ultra-high defensive power. Kabuto Only.

(Manku) Adamanclaw❈ [Buy: 23/14] [Hide: 15/0] [Attack: S+6] [Parry: 4] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Gauntlet]
- A gauntlet for hand-to-hand combat. It contains sharp cyberclaws made of a special alloy. Can be equipped with an Auto Action.

(GEAR) Rex❈ [Buy: 15/6] [Hide: 21/0] [Attack: S+4] [Parry: 2] [Range: Close] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Mouth]
- Fangs made of a special alloy. Although normally they look like normal teeth, when necessary they can be used as an effective weapon. Can be equipped with an Auto Action.

(ACE) Tongue Snake❈ [Buy: 16/7] [Hide: 17/0] [Attack: P+3] [Parry: -] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Mouth]
- A cybersnake that is normally hidden inside your throat, but can be shot out from your mouth to catch enemies by surprise. Can be equipped with an Auto Action.

/// Ranged Weapons
//// In addition to normal weapon options, [Slot: Special Ammo] can be equipped to most ranged weapons.

(Iwasaki) Ayahi [Buy: 3/1] [Hide: 18/0] [Attack: P+1] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- An assassin's weapon disguised as a tube of lipstick or mascara, or an equally tiny object. If used, the remaining ammo becomes 0. The name means "Vivid Flame".

(Temple of All Origins) Elemental Gun [Buy: -/7] [Hide: 10/-1] [Attack: P+4(7)] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- A revolver that can fire bullets shaped from your Origin Power. When used in an Attack Combo that also includes an Origin Power, the Wound Mod becomes the listed number.

(Raiden) Hedgehog [Buy: 25/9] [Hide: 15/0] [Attack: S+5] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 14] [Slot: One Hand]
- A small and highly portable needle gun favored by assassins. [Slot: Special Ammo] cannot be used with this weapon.

(Chihaya) Night Raider [Buy: 28/15] [Hide: 10/-1] [Attack: P+6] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Hand]
- A handgun developed for use by special forces. This weapon can equip up to one Special Ammo and two other Weapon Options.

(Gouseiki) Calamity [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 8/-1] [Attack: P+5] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 16] [Slot: One Hand]
- A powerful automatic piatol whose bullets can split even the toughest alloys. If an attack from this weapon is Parried, the weapon used to make the Parry becomes [Damaged].

(Chihaya) Fracture [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 6/-1] [Attack: P+12] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 15] [Slot: One Hand]
- A massive single-shot pistol. Attacks from this weapon are [Target: Single*]. If used, the remaining ammo becomes 0.

(Fujita Cyberguard) Executor [Buy: -/40] [Hide: 9/0] [Attack: Refer] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A pistol so huge it requires both hands to wield, made for taking down criminals. The Attack Mod of this weapon is [P+(The rating of the most severe Social Wound the target has/2)+5] (round down, max 15.) Inu Only.

(B&S) Sweeper [Buy: 10/4] [Hide: 8/-2] [Attack: P+5] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 10] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A cheap submachine gun. Due to its lethality, it's favored by many Leggers. Full Auto Capable, FA1.

(Raiden) Rolling20 [Buy: 17/8] [Hide: 5/-2] [Attack: P+5] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: -] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A vintage machine gun made before the Hazards. It is not cyberized. Full Auto Capable, FA3.

(Triumph) Buzzsaw [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: P+9] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A miniature version of a heavy machine gun designed to be mounted. It puts out a hail of bullets and makes a huge racket. When equipped, your CS decreases by -2. Full Auto Capable, FA3.

(Triumph) Titan Breaker [Buy: 31/20] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: P+11] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A large caliber anti-materiel rifle. When equipped, you cannot move or make Dodge Checks.

(Iwasaki) Kouha [Buy: 15/7] [Hide: 8/-2] [Attack: I+10] [Parry: -] [Range: Medium~Long] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A single-use rocket launcher primarily for anti-vehicular use. This Weapon can only be used to attack 1 time per Act. The name means "Armor Breaker."

(Chihaya) Crash Storm [Buy: 28/10] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: I+8] [Parry: -] [Range: Short] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A large-gauge automatic shotgun. Attacks with this weapon are [Target: Area]. You cannot equip [Class: Special Ammo]. Full Auto Capable, FA2.

(Masakuni) Tametomo [Buy: 22/13] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: P+6] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium (Long)] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A powerful and accurate bow named after a legendary archer.  With a Minor Action during Cut Progression, the maximum [Range] changes to Long until the end of your Main Process.

(Unknown) Bladebow [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/-1] [Attack: Refer] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A special bow that uses a Melee Weapon as its arrow. The Attack Mod is that of the weapon used as ammunition. After each attack is made, the weapon used as ammunition is lost.

(ACE) Will Launcher❈ [Buy: 21/10] [Hide: 16/0] [Attack: P+5] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: 17] [Slot: One Arm]
- A cybergun powered by its wielder's force of will. Wounds inflicted by this weapon receive a bonus to their Rating equal to [Your <Will> SL] (max 5.) You cannot equip [Class: Special Ammo]. Equippable as an Auto Action.

(Black Dragon) Intruder❈ [Buy: 20/9] [Hide: 15/0] [Attack: P+7] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Two Arms]
- A sniper rifle built into both your arms; at the time you use it, your arms are joined together into one. Equippable as an Auto Action.

/// Vehicular Weapons
//// Weapons mainly used by loading them onto vehicles. Unless otherwise stated, vehicle weapons use the <Ranged> skill.

(Triumph) Burst Pillar [Buy: 28/7] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: I+13] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Vehicle]
- A compact missile launcher with a sophisticated electronic sight. It can accurately target a foe even during furious fighting.

(Iwasaki) Ibuki [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+8] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Vehicle]
- A flamethrower. This weapon's attacks are [Target: Area].

(Triumph) Cyclone [Buy: 25/10] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: P+13] [Parry: -] [Range: Medium~Long] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Vehicle]
- A massive gatling gun made to be mounted on tanks. Due to its limited range of motion, it cannot attack effectively at short range. FA3, and does not become {Out of Ammo} when used to make Full-Auto Attacks.

(Iwasaki) Ryouhou [Buy: 29/12] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: I+15] [Parry: -] [Range: Medium] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Vehicle]
- An anti-materiel rocket launcher. This weapon can be used only 3 times per Act.

Skipped 3 ranged weapons that cost from 30-500 EXP.

(Iwasaki) Shakushi [Buy: 18/5] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+7] [Parry: -] [Range: Close] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Walker]
- A replacement manipulator for Walkers that can superheat enemies it grabs. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Iwasaki) Kouga [Buy: 17/5] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+6] [Parry: 1] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: Walker]
- A Walker-sized knife. Although useful to have at hand, it is not particularly effective on the battlefield. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Chihaya) Metal Zapper [Buy: 20/7] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+9] [Parry: 2] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Walker]
- A huge sword just the right size to be held in a Walker hand. It has no special abilities, but is sturdy and reliable. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Iwasaki) Gantetsukon [Buy: 21/9] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+11] [Parry: 3] [Range: Close] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Walker]
- A giant hammer that relies on the power of the Walker wielding it to smash its point of impact. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Triumph) Gigantower [Buy: 25/10] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+5] [Parry: 6] [Range: Close] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Walker]
- A Walker-sized shield. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Triumph) Testarossa [Buy: 30/15] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+10] [Parry: 0] [Range: Close] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Walker]
- A large pilebunker that lets you drive a stake into your enemy. By using a Minor Action, the Attack Mod of this weapon changes to P+13. This weapon uses the <Melee> skill.

(Chihaya) Exclude [Buy: 19/6] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: P+9] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Medium] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Walker]
- A rifle designed to be equipped by Walkers. Excellently balanced, it is used by most of the world's militaries. Full-Auto Capable, FA3.

(Chihaya) Long Buster [Buy: 20/7] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: P+9] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Walker]
- A rifle made to hit targets at a long distance, and equipped with upgraded anti-hacking measures.

(Triumph) Assailant [Buy: 32/15] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: P+11] [Parry: -] [Range: Short~Long] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Walker]
- A Walker rifle with high attack power. Due to its steep cost, it does not often appear on the market. Full Auto Capable, FA3.

(Triumph) Roll Blast [Buy: 29/10] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: I+15] [Parry: -] [Range: Close] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Walker]
- A weapon consisting of a wire that embeds itself in the target and electrifies them. Although it is deadly, it can only be used once. This Weapon can only be used to attack 1 time per Act.

/// Weapon Options
//// Options that can be installed in weapons to strengthen them. Special ammunition for ranged weapons can also be found here.

(All) Cyberwear Conversion❈ [Buy: -/2] [Hide: 13/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Weapon]
- If equipped on a [Slot: One Hand] weapon, it becomes [Slot: One Arm] and [Hack: 13]. In addition, its Appearance Mod increases by +1 (max 0) and it can be equipped as an Auto Action.

(All) Cyberize [Buy: 10/5] [Hide: 16/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Weapon]
- An option to cyberize a wholly inert or mechanical weapon. If equipped on a [Hack: -] weapon, it becomes [Hack: 16].

(Holy Mother's Guard) Blessed Weapon [Buy: 20/9] [Hide: 12/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your weapon has been blessed in a holy ritual. When it inflicts a wound upon anyone with the Ayakashi Style, the Wound Rating receives a bonus of +2.

(All) Mounted Armament [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your weapon has been scaled up for use aa a mounted weapon. Its Hide becomes [-/-4], its Wound Mod increases by +2, and it becomes [Slot: Vehicle] and is treated as a Vehicular Weapon.

(Chihaya) Optical Camo [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your weapon is equipped with optical camouflage. Dodge Checks made against attacks from it receive a penalty of -2. Kage Only.

(Unknown) Cursed Weapon [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 13/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your weapon is cursed. It gets a bonus of +3 to its Wound Mod, but every time an attack is made with it, its wielder receives [BS: Weakness.]

(Unknown) Sealed Weapon [Buy: -/50] [Hide: 17/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your weapon is under a seal and can only be used in times of the greatest need. It gets a bonus of +6 to its Wound Mod, but can only be used during the Climax Phase.

(All) Smart Arm [Buy: 10/5] [Hide: -/0] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Weapon (Vehicular)]
- An option that greatly increases the finesse of a vehicular weapon. The weapon on which this is equipped can be used with Style Skills that require the use of a Ranged Weapon.

(BIOS) Anti-Mutant Ammo [Buy: 15/3] [Hide: 14/-1] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Special Ammo]
- Ammunition made to combat the physiology of Hiruko. When it inflicts a wound upon anyone with the Hiruko Style, the Wound Rating receives a bonus of +2.

(Hirasaka) Astral Bane [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 15/-1] [Attack: -] [Parry: -] [Range: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Special Ammo]
- Ammunition that reacts to the powers of magicians and eldritch beings. When it inflicts a wound upon anyone with the Vasara or Mayakashi Styles, the Wound Rating receives a bonus of +5.

Outfit: Protection

You can never have too many arms and armor.
Swords, guns, shields, armor, words, connections. Treasure them all.

- A certain Katana
/// Body Armor
//// These clothes and armors are designed with protection in mind. One can layer their protection, with Underarmor worn under Suits, and Coats and Armors worn over Suits.

(Chihaya) Press Up [Buy: 20/8] [Hide: 16/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 1/0/1] [Control: 0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Under]
- Skintight underwear that supports parts of the body for maximum performance. While wearing it, you gain +1 to your Life Control.

(Saki Nichiya) Mailed Fairy [Buy: 18/8] [Hide: 14/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/2/5] [Control: 0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Suit]
- A fashionable party dress that can be ordered in any color or pattern desired. Despite its innocuous appesrance, it's bulletproof and heavily armored.

(Chihaya) Matborn [Buy: -/17] [Hide: 17/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/5/7] [Control: 0] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Suit]
- A bulletproof suit with muscle reinforcement capabilities created specifically for covert ops. While wearing it, you gain +1 to the result of <Athletics> Checks.

(Unknown) Robe of the Glittering Stars [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 10/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/3/5] [Control: -1] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Suit]
- A robe woven of a special fabric that unleashes the power hidden within your body. When you acquire this item, choose Physical or Mental. While wearing it, Wounds of the chosen type you inflict get +2 to the rating.

(Holy Mother's Guard) Crusader's Vestments [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 13/-1] [Armor (S/P/I): 4/4/6] [Control: 0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Suit]
- A robe given only to those chosen to be in the Holy Mother's Guard. It keeps the mind clear and unclouded by doubt. While wearing it, Mental Wounds you take have their rating decreased by -3.

(Iwasaki) Samue [Buy: 17/8] [Hide: 10/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 1/0/2] [Control: 0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Coat]
- A coat made for doctors and technicians operating in the field. Specifically designed to support precision activities. While wearing it, you gain +1 to the result of <Craft> and <Medicine> Checks. The name means "Monk's Garb."

(Excalibur) Night Baron [Buy: 20/9] [Hide: -/-1] [Armor (S/P/I): 7/6/9] [Control: -3] [Hack: -] [Slot: Armor]
- A suit of full plaste armor forged from ultra-strong alloys. Due to not being cyberized (nor custom fitted to the individual like medieval plate armor,) it's rather hard to move in. While wearing it, your CS is decreased by -2.

(ACE) Silver Scale [Buy: 22/7] [Hide: 16/0] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/2/5] [Control: 0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: All Skin]
- Cyber armor that covers your entire body in a special alloy. Though normally your skin looks and feels normal, you can turn it into metal armor with a Minor Action. When active, you appear to be coated in silver scales.

/// Armored Gear
//// Powerful armor that strengthens the whole body, with built-in motors. It is also referred to as Power Assist Armor. When equipped with this type of armor, you may equip [Slot: Vehicle] vehicle weapons as though they were [Slot: Two Hands].

(Chihaya) Lapis [Buy: -/50] [Hide: -(14)/0] [Defense (S/P/I): 5/5/5] [CTRL: -1] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Armor]
-- An Armored Gear made out of liquid metal. It is usually stored within an everyday-seeming bracelet, and with a Minor Action, it spreads across the body and manifests as armor. An option to come as a belt also exist for the same price.

(Iwasaki) Saiga [Buy: 29/15] [Hide: -/-3] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/4/6] [CTRL: -2] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Armor]
-- An Armored Gear designed for snipers, incorporating a positional lock functionality that allows for precise aiming. With a Minor Action, you gain a +1 bonus to the Result of <Ranged> Checks until the end of the Main Process.

(TerraWare) Sariel [Buy: 32/16] [Hide: -/-2] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/2/5] [CTRL: -1] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Cyberbrain+Armor]
-- An electronic Armored Gear developed by TerraWare. It can be used as a Tap with [Slot: 5].

(Iwasaki) Kensei [Buy: 30/18] [Hide: -/-3] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/5/6] [CTRL: -1] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Armor]
-- By adopting the use of the latest artificial muscles, this Armored Gear gave birth to a new form of hand-to-hand combat. While wearing this armor, attacks using melee weapons gain +2 wound rating.

(Chihaya) Striker [Buy: -/25] [Hide: -/-3] [Defense (S/P/I): 6/6/8] [CTRL: -4 (0)] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Armor]
-- A peaky-performance, high output Armored Gear. If a character with at least <Athletics> 4 equips this armor, use the number listed in parenthesis for CTRL, and gain +3 CS.


Outfit: Cyberware
- I don't feel like translating this flavor text either
/// Neuroware
//// Among the different types of cyberwear, those that affect the nervous system are called Neurowear.

(Black Dragon) Volgam [Buy: -/0] [Hide: 25/0] [Hack: 25] [Slot: Any (Brain)]
- An explosive implanted beneath the skull. Upon activation, the person it was installed in immediately become [Dead]. Activatition does not require line of sight, and can be done at any range. Anyone who has this installed has the rating of Mental Wounds they receive reduced by 2. This requires the Director's permission to buy.

(TerraWare) 24 Walk [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Cyberware which temporarily negates fatigue and the need for sleep. However, it does not eliminate them, and when turned off it all catches up to you. Popular among salarymen.

(Iwasaki) Ebisu [Buy: 14/7] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Cyberware which tunes your speech patterns and personality for maximum compatibility with your conversation partner. Activate with a Minor Action. For the rest of the Scene, you gain +1 to the Result of <Stature> Checks.

(KRK) MK6 [Buy: 15/7] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Any (Brain)]
- Neuroware which accelerates the nerves to the point the user seems to have a sixth sense. Activate with a Minor Action. For the rest of the Scene, you gain +1 to the Result of Vasara, Mayakashi and Ayakashi Style Skills.

(ACE) Black Sheep [Buy: 15/8] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Neuroware which assists one in suppressing selfish urges. Activate with a Minor Action. The next <Passion> Self-Control Check you make during this Scene automatically succeeds. However, when this happens, you receive [BS: Weakness].

(Chihaya) Weapon Connect [Buy: 21/12] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Neuroware that strengthens the link between your weapons and your IANUS. You gain +1 to the result of Attack Checks made with weapons that have a Hack Rating.

(Chihaya) Precision [Buy: 18/7] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Cyberware that boosts the tactile sense of your skin, enhancing your fine motor skills. Activate with a Minor Action. Until the end of the Scene, you gain +1 to the result of <Craft> and <Medicine> Checks.

(G.C.I.) Hardwired [Buy: -/12] [Hide: 20/0] [Hack: 10] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Cyberware that replaces all your nerves with artificial materials, increasing their speed of transmission. Your CS increases by +2.

(Iwasaki) Kakugo [Buy: -/14] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Neuroware which reduces one's panic response, allowing them to optimize their defensive reactions. Guard Skills used by you on yourself gain +2 to their Wound Rating reduction.

(Chihaya) StandUpper [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Neuroware which allows you to rapidly issue commands to your other cyberware. Use during the Initiative Process. You can immediately use one other piece of Cyberware activated with a Minor Action. Limit 1/Scene.

(TerraWare) Overdrive X [Buy: -/150] [Hide: 17/-1] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Any (IANUS)]
- Cyberware which removes the safety limiter on your IANUS. Activate during the Setup Process. During this Cut, your AR changes to 2. Limit 1/Scene.

(Iwasaki) Salaryman [Buy: 25/11] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Maskenball]
- Personality data for use with the Maskenball. It gives you a personality and demeanor optimized for handling financial matters. Your Mundane Control increases by +1.

(TerraWare) Millions [Buy: 24/13] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Maskenball]
- Personality data for use with the Maskenball. It gives you unshakeable self-assurance. Activate with a Minor Action. During this Scene, Mental Wounds you take have their rating decreased by 2.

(SGC) Slaughter [Buy: 25/14] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Maskenball]
- Personality data for use with the Maskenball. It makes you ruthless in combat, helping you maximize your offensive potential. Activate with a Minor Action. During this Scene, Physical Wounds you inflice have their rating increased by 2.

/// Artificial Body
//// These items represent cyberware used to replace parts of the body. An artificial body may also have replaced everything but the brain with man-made prosthetics.

(All) Eye Camera [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Eye]
- A cybereye with video-recording capability. It can be connected to a DAK to display images or videos.

(Hypnos) Basilisk [Buy: 21/10] [Hide: 11/-1] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Eye]
- A cybereye that uses flickering light to induce a hypnotic state in those gazing into it. You gain +1 to the result of <Negotiation> Checks.

(Iwasaki) Yunbo Arm [Buy: 19/7] [Hide: -/-1] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Arm]
- An obviously artificial arm made for industrial use. Lacks the dexterity to perform everyday tasks. The data of your Unarmed changes to [ATK: I+8].

(Black Dragon) Dark Dahlia [Buy: -/18] [Hide: 8/-1] [Hack: 18] [Slot: One Arm]
- A pitch-black combat cyberarm with specialized MicroTRONs. The data of your Unarmed changes to [ATK: P+5, PARRY: 3], and Melee Weapons you wield in this arm get +2 to their Wound Mod.

(Chihaya) Gryphon [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: One Arm]
- A defensive cyberarm with a magnetic control system. The data of your Unarmed changes to [ATK: P+2, PARRY: 5], and Melee Weapons you wield in this arm get +2 to their Parry Rating.

(Wako) Reins [Buy: 22/11] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Two Arms]
- Cyberarms specially designed for operating vehicles. Activate with a Minor Action. During this Cut, you get +1 to the Result of <Operate> Checks.

(Iwasaki) Ranbou [Buy: 27/13] [Hide: 10/-1] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Two Arms]
- Milspec cyberarms made to neutralize even the fiercest recoil. Ranged or Vehicle Weapons you have equipped in [Slot: Both Arms] get +2 to their FA. If the weapon is not already Full Auto Capable, this has no effect.

(Gear) Jet Link [Buy: 18/8] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Two Legs]
- Cyberlegs equipped with hover jets. Use with a Minor Action. During this Cut, you gain +2 to the Result of <Athletics> checks you make to escape an engagement.

(ACE) IPPO [Buy: 32/18] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Two Legs)]
- Heavy cyberlegs made to provide a solid brace point for wielding melee weapons. Activate with a Minor Action. For the rest of the Scene, Physical Wounds you inflict with Melee Weapons gain +2 to the Wound Rating.

(ACE) Kentauros [Buy: 24/10] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Lower Body]
- Custom cyberlegs that turn your lower body into that of a four-legged beast. You can equip up to 4 [Slot: Shoe] and [Slot: One Leg] outfits or up to two [Slot: Two Legs] outfits.

(Iwasaki) Tekku [Buy: 18/9] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Bones]
- Super-strong bones forged of a special alloy. You can wield Vehicular Weapons in [Slot: Two Hands].

(Wako) Gyro Box [Buy: 15/6] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Any (Torso)]
- A posture control system with enhanced balance sensord. When operating a Vehicle, that Vehicle's Control Mod is improved by +1 (max 0.)

(ACE) Gravity Area [Buy: -/17] [Hide: 11/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Any (Torso)]
- Cyberware which generates a gravity field in the surrounding area. Use during the Setup Process. Until the end of the Cut, the user's Engagement is Blockaded. Limit 1/Scene.
(Note: Blockade is not explained anywhere. Based on other FEAR games which use the term, we assume that it means no one can enter or leave the engagement without using a Style Skill that says they can.)

(Charmer) Big Effect [Buy: 24/10] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Any]
- A speaker and video display system embedded in the body. You get +1 to the Result of Kabuki Style Skills.

(ACE) Stepper [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any]
- A compressed air system implanted in your body, allowing rapid movement. Use before making a Dodge Check. You gain +1 to the result of the Dodge Check. Limit 1/Scene.

(ACE) Octopus [Buy: 17/8] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Arms, Legs)]
- Cyberware that covers your arms and legs in powerful suckers. You get +1 to the Result of <Athletics> feats made to scale walls, or similar feats.

(Chihaya) Repair Craft [Buy: 21/10] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Cyberware]
- An emergency system that activates to repair your cyberware with nanomachines when it becomes damaged. Use when one piece of Cyberware you have equipped becomes (Damaged). Remove the (Damaged) status from that Outfit. Limit 1/Act.


/// Organicware
//// Organicware is cyberware that is based in organic materials, as opposed to synthetic.

(CFC) Gerupekko [Buy: 6/1] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Tongue]
- An artificial tongue that preserves the memory of your favorite foods. With it, anything you eat will taste delicious; you can also recall tastes perfectly if desired.

(Iwasaki) Kawadouji [Buy: 9/2] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Lungs]
- High-capacity replacement lungs that allow you to stay underwater for prolonged periods of time. There is also a type available that gives you gills, allowing you to actually breathe water.

(BIOS) Hot-Up [Buy: 20/6] [Hide: 20/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Brain]
- Prganicware that allows you to control your emotional state. Use as a Minor Action. During this Scene, you gain +1 to the Result of Checks you make with <Passion>.

(Chihaya) Regeneblood [Buy: 16/1] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Blood]
- Blood that increases your regenerative power. It contains medical nanomachines that allow your wounds to heal more easily.
(Yes, oddly enough, this has no mechanical effect at all)

(Chihaya) Shock Out [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- Organicwear that regulates your bioelectricity, allowing you to quickly regain full use of your nerves. Use when you take [BS: Doped (Minor)]. Erase that BS. Limit 1/Scene.

(Saki Nichiya) Musk [Buy: 21/9] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Skin)]
- Organicware that releases a relaxing scent into the area around you. You gain +1 to the Result of <Negotiation> Checks.

(Ace) Cat Out [Buy: 17/9] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Muscles]
- Replacement muscles that allow you to move silently. You gain +1 to the Result of <Stealth> Checks.

(Black Dragon) Masseur Duo [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Muscles]
- Organicware that increases the capacity of your muscles. You can equip two extra [Slot: Muscles] Outfits (not including additional Masseur Duos.)

(Chihaya) Fine Line [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Skin]
- Artificial skin with shock-absorbing capabilities. It activates in response to fierce impacts. Use before you take a Physical Wound. The rating of that Physical Wound decreases by -5. Limit 1/Scene.

(Unknown) Suigetsu [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Eyes]
- Ultra-sensitive eyes that allow you to gauge your conversation partner's emotional cues and level of agitation. You gain +2 to the Result of Reactions to Mental Attacks. Fate and Charisma Only.

(Hirasaka) Yoikage [Buy: -/200] [Hide: 21/0] [Hack: 22] [Slot: Skin]
- Skin woven from the remains of an Ayakashi. When you acquire this Outfit, you may choose one Ayakashi Bloodline and gain its effects. You do not need to pay XP to acquire this skill. However, all your Control Values are decreased by -3.



Even if they break or shatter,
your fangs will grow once more.
And then they shall surely grasp victory.

- Chihaya "Broken Fang" Ayame


/// Bio-Organs
//// Abnormal parts that your body has grown in response to an experiment or virus. They are only usable by Hiruko.

(Heilong Biotech) AGITO [Buy: 24/7] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Any (Limbs, Torso, etc)]
- You have gaping jaws all over your body. You can equip them with an Auto Action and use them as a Melee Weapon with [Attack: S+4, Parry: 2, Range: Close].

(Any) Bio-Weapon: Claw [Buy: 28/7] [Hide: 4/-1] [Hack: 14] [Slot: One Arm]
- You have sharp claws or talons. Your Unarmed changes to [Attack: S+5, Parry: 2]. This Outfit is always equipped and you cannot disable its effect.

(Any) Bio-Weapon: Blade [Buy: 31/13] [Hide: 5/-2] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any / Both Hands]
- You have a sharp bone akin to a sword protruding from your body. You can use it as a Melee Weapon with [Attack: S+7, Parry: 4, Range: Close]. Equip it with a Minor Action; at this time, it becomes [Slot: Both Hands]. If you do not have free hands, you cannot equip it.

(Any) Bio-Weapon: Gun [Buy: 21/8] [Hide: 6/-1] [Hack: 16] [Slot: One Arm]
- You have a hollow bone or scales that form a functional gun barrel in your arm. You can use it as a Ranged Weapon with [Attack: P+6, Range: Short-Medium]. Equip it with a minor action.

(Unknown) Encroachment [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Weapon]
- Your body has absorbed an inorganic weapon and made it part of you. Treat this as a Weapon Option. The Outfit you equip it on becomes a Bio-Weapon.

(CFC) Armored Hide [Buy: 22/6] [Hide: 10/-1] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Skin]
- Your hide has hardened to the extent that it can deflect bullets. Treat this as Armor with [Defense (S/P/I): 5/4/7] and the following ability:
Use this ability when you are about to take a Physical Wound. The Wound Rating decreases by 5. Limit 1/Scene.

(CFC) Nectar [Buy: 1/1] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Refer)]
- This Bio-Organ makes some part of you amazingly delicious if eaten. Pick a slot like "Liver", "Biceps" or "Hair."

(BIOS) B&G [Buy: 1/1] [Hide: 20/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Whole Body)]
- This Bio-Organ alows you to change your sex at will. By using a Minor Action, you can change your sex in mere moments. Additionally, you can mix and match primary and secondary sex characteristics as you like.

(Heoling Biotech) Antibody [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- This Bio-Organ givers you resistance to ill effects. When you receive a Bad Status, you can immediately clear it. Limit 1/Scene.

(Unknown) Evolve Core [Buy: -/50] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: All Cells]
- This Bio-Organ unlocks the infinite potential hidden in your cells. During the Initiative Process, you may increase the level of one of your Common Skills by 1 until the end of the Scene. You choose the suit. Limit 1/Scene.

(Unknown) Fake Skin [Buy: 17/5] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Bio-Organ]
- A removable layer of skin you can use to make yourself appear harmless. Choose one Bio-Organ you have equipped. That Bio-Organ gains +3 to its Hide Rating and +1 to its Appearance Mod (maximum 0).

/// Artificial Mutations
//// Controlled mutations that have been perfected by research and are sold to the public. You do not need to be a Hiruko to equip these.

(BIOS) Bio-Sling [Buy: 20/0] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Finger]
- You can turn your nail or skin into a monofilament wire. Use it as a Melee Weapon with [Attack: S+5, Parry: 2, Range: Close~Short]. 

(BIOS) Turn Armor [Buy: 13/6] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Armor]
- This mutation makes your entire body heavily armored. Use as a Setup Process action. You gain Armor with [Defense (S/P/I): 4/6/6].

(BIOS) Cover Silk [Buy: 7/2] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Skin]
- You have rejuvenating skin developed from Hiruko research. Every day, you look young again.

(CFC) Hirukoception [Buy: 19/7] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Brainstem]
- This Bio-Organ gives you sharper senses. Use as a Minor Action. During this Main Process, you gain +1 to the result of Perception Checks.

(BIOS) Trinity Burst [Buy: 21/12] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Pituitary Gland]
- A special bio-organ that releases hormones to increase your combat ability. Use as a Major Action. During this Main Process, you gain +3 to the rating of Physical Wounds you inflict.

(BIOS) Second Skin [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 22] [Slot: Skin]
- Quite literally a second skin. You can equip two [Slot: Skin] outfits (except for further Second Skins.)

(Heilong Biotech) Shining Queen [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 23] [Slot: Skin]
- Beautiful skin of the highest caliber. To be able to do this skin justice, you need to know how to make the rest of your body equally beautiful. You gain a +1 bonus to Mundane. Kabuki and Charisma only.

(CFC) Gene Organ [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Any (Whole Body)]
- You can infuse yourself with the capabilities of other lifeforms. Use as a Setup Process action. Choose one of your Attributes other than Mundane. Until the end of the scene, you gain a +1 bonus to the result of Checks made with the chosen Attribute. Limit 1/Scene.

Outfit: TRONs
- I don't feel like translating this flavor text either
/// pockeTRON
(NOVA Government) Inagaki Phone [Buy: 1/0] [Hide: 14/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 11] [Slot: One Hand]
- A PockeTRON that all members of the government have at the ready. It can perform a multitude of financial functions, making it very useful.

(Chihaya) Galapagos [Buy: 4/0] [Hide: 11/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 12] [Slot: One Hand]
-- This pokeTRON was designed with simple operation in mind, emphasizing the functions of e-mail and phone calls over others. It's quite popular with consumers that like to say, "the bare minimum is fine with me!"

/// Tap

(Chihaya) Glass Coil [Buy: 14/6] [Hide: -/0] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Cyberbrain + Goggles]
-- A product that integrates the functions of a Tap with those of a multi-function pair of goggles. Since it combines fashionable and practical into one convenient package, it is used by many.

(TerraWare) TerminalX [Buy: 25/10] [Hide: 11/0] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Cyberbrain + Gloves]
-- An "armTRON" that comes in the form of a glove and bracer. It can be used as a melee weapon with [ATK: I+3 / Parry: 2], and can have weapon options equipped to it.

(Masaki) Piano Forte [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 13/0] [Capacity: 5] [Hack: 22] [Slot: Cyberbrain]
-- A Tap that has high-speed program processing due to a thought-trigger, plus a 3D projection keyboard. While this item is equipped, you get +3 CS. Neuro Only.

(New Hong Kong Computer Corp.) Kagankinsei [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 19/0] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Cyberbrain + Eye]
-- A high performance eyeball-form Tap. Software equipped to this Tap gets +3 to both (Hide) and (Hack), and all <Cybernetics> Checks with this Tap gain a +1 bonus.

(Unknown) Mute* [Buy: -/200] [Hide: 21/0] [Capacity: 6] [Hack: 25] [Slot: Cyberbrain + IANUS]
-- A virtual Tap installed into your IANUS. Some people claim that it's overtech that's come down from the orbitals. While you have software equipped to this Tap, you gain +1 AR. Also, increase all Wound Ratings you deal by 3.

/// Software

(Neverland) Hateweave [Buy: 17/7] [Hide: 14/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that gathers data on your opponent's weaknesses and scandals. Gain +1 bonus to {Social Attack} Checks.

(KRK) Gate Opener [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: 13/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that produces a gate connected to the Astral Plane. Combos using Vasara, Mayakashi, and Ayakashi Skill Styles gain a +1 bonus to their Result.

(Sephirot) Mimiari [Buy: 13/8] [Hide: 14/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that collects gossip from the Web. Use before making a <Society: Street> or <Society: Media> Check to gain a +2 bonus to the Result of that Check. Consumable.

(TerraWare) Insider [Buy: 15/8] [Hide: 15/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that collects information on commerce and finance from the Web. Use before making a <Society: Business> or <Society: High> Check to gain a +2 bonus to the Result of that Check. Consumable.

(Fujita Cyberguard) Patroller [Buy: 14/8] [Hide: 13/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that collects information on events happening in the news from the Web. Use before making a <Society: Police> or <Society: Technology> Check to gain a +2 bonus to the Result of that Check. Consumable.

(Triumph) Dual Command [Buy: 24/10] [Hide: 16/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Tap]
-- Tactical command software that contains preset attack patterns. While operating a Drone, you gain a +1 bonus to <Melee> or <Ranged> Checks.

(New Hong Kong Computer Corp.) Electronic Serpent [Buy: 23/11] [Hide: 15/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Tap]
-- Virus software designed to infect the cyberbrains of your enemies. If an attack Combo made with Neuro Style Skills inflicts damage while using this software, the enemy also takes {BS: Poison (3)}. This has no effect on Wets.

(Sephirot) Nikea [Buy: -/14] [Hide: 15/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Tap]
-- A program that analyzes the path to success, and suggests the best possible actions to take in order to achieve that success. Mastery of the program requires a high degree of processing capability. Gain a +2 bonus to Reaction Checks. Neuro Only.

(Triumph) Ahead [Buy: 29/14] [Hide: 16/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Tap]
-- Tactical command software the improves one's ability to use a vehicle for melee combat. Increase the (ATK) of vehicles you operate by 2.

(TerraWare) Escape Earth [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 17/0] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Tap]
-- Software that reduces the load on a Tap. Use just after the Tap becomes {Damaged} or {Broken} in order to cancel that effect. Consumable. You may only ever Preserve one of this Outfit.

(Unknown) Romancer [Buy: -/60] [Hide: 14/-1] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Tap]
-- A "logical poison" that repeatedly modifies itself based on analysis of information. Some people claim that it's overtech that's come down from the orbitals. Increase the rating of Mental Wounds you inflict with Mental Attacks by 7. This Software consumes three (Capacity).

Outfit: Vehicle
- I don't feel like translating this flavor text either

/// Ground Vehicles
//// Two-wheeled, four-wheeled, tracked, and even hover; collected here are all kinds of vehicles that move over land. Each is used with an appropriate <Operate> skill.

(Chihaya) Air Blade [Buy: 6/1] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Operator]
-- Rollerblades that have a built-in motor that provides thrust. They're often used by Neuro Kids for "extreme sports." While operating this vehicle, make Dodge Checks with <Operate> instead of <Evasion>.

(Chihaya) Seagull [Buy: 6/1] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Operator]
-- A small road cycle controlled by your DAK-buddy. When the operator has good physical capabilities, the bike can put out speed comparable to motorcycles. If the user's <Life> is 6 or better, this vehicle's SF becomes 2.

(Wako) DEO [Buy: 6/2] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+3] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 2] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 10] [Slot: Operator]
- A small scooter. Easy to handle, it is used by many. Because it's cheap, it is popular in the hearts of many destitute detectives and Kazes.

(Wako) Wizhorn [Buy: 13/4] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+3] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 2/2/3] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 3] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Operator]
-- A sidecar attached to a motorcycle. It has gained popularity by being deemed useful for working in teams or for touring.

(Wako) Wingrunner [Buy: 16/4] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+7] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 1/1/2] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 2] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Operator]
-- A racer-type replica motorcycle. It is difficult to handle, but it's been well received among two-wheeled racing fans and street racers.

(Wako) AX-Killer [Buy: -/25] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+5] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/3/4] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
-- A race motorcycle developed by Wako that puts out a ton of exhaust. Needs less than two seconds to reach top speed. While operating this vehicle, increase your CS by 2.

(Yaoyorozu) Y-Car [Buy: 7/2] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 1/1/0] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 4] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 10] [Slot: Operator]
-- A small car you can buy from Yaoyorozu anywhere in the world. It possesses the bare minimum capabilities to qualify as a car. It's also small, and at capacity it could be described as a tight fit.

(Chihaya) Bonnie [Buy: 13/4] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+7] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/4/5] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 4] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Operator]
-- A four wheel drive van sold on its protective capabilities. It's possible to convert the cargo space to be usable by people. By using up a capacity slot, change this vehicle to [Ride: 10].

(Chihaya) Box Family [Buy: 14/4] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+7] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 3/2/4] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 8] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Operator]
-- A "wagon car" that can transport many people. It's extremely popular among many households with outgoing families.

(Wako) Diabolos [Buy: -/60] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+7] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/3/5] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 2] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Operator]
-- A super sports car crafted by artisans, so there's only a few that exist in the world. If you have this vehicle Preserved with XP, then you gain a +1 bonus to <Negotiation> checks.

(Iwasaki) Water Bear [Buy: 23/7] [Hide: -/-4] [ATK: I+6] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 3/5/7] [CTRL: -4] [Ride: 6] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
-- A large armored vehicle. It's said that its armor is comparable to that of a tank. Generally it is equipped with mounted weapons such as machine guns and missile launchers.

(Chihaya) Panzer GL [Buy: 38/10] [Hide: -/-5] [ATK: I+8] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/6/10] [CTRL: -5] [Ride: 6] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
-- Rather than using a track, this hover tank floats over the ground. It operates without being affected by terrain. The "Lucifer's Hammer" vehicle weapon can be equipped to this vehicle for no cost.

(Wako) Impulse [Buy: 17/5] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+7] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 1/0/2] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 2] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Operator]
-- A cyberhorse given birth thanks to the latest in mechanical engineering. There are types that display bare metal, and those that reproduce a real horse.

(Wako) Quadriga [Buy: 26/8] [Hide: -/-2] [ATK: I+10] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 3/2/6] [CTRL: -3] [Ride: 3] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Operator]
-- A horse-drawn carriage or chariot made by connecting a cyberhorse to the driver's stand. It is mainly used for show. Can also be drawn by (cyber-)oxen.

/// Air Vehicles
//// Stuff!

(Wako) Kite [Buy: 17/2] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+3] [SF: 1 (2)] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 0] [Hack: 10] [Slot: Operator]
-- A hang glider used in sports. Rumors exist that say that because it makes almost no noise during operation, it's commonly used by stealth operatives for infiltration missions.

(Chihaya) Horned Owl [Buy: 21/6] [Hide: -/-3] [ATK: I+5] [SF: 3] [Defense (S/P/I): 3/4/4] [CTRL: -2] [Ride: 2] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Operator]
-- A small, general-purpose VTOL craft. It is primarily used in cities. It can both take off and land in an area equivalent to a small parking lot.

// Drones
//// Even more stuff!

(Chihaya) D-ICON [Buy: 7/1] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+0] [SF: 0] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 0] [Capacity: 0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Operator]
-- A digital drone that appears only within the electronic data of other people's devices, such as their pockeTRONs. This drone cannot move. When it appears in a Scene, select one Cast Member that has also appeared in the Scene. It is always in an engagement with that character.

(Neverland) Air Dancer [Buy: 8/2] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 0] [Capacity: 0] [Hack: 12] [Slot: Operator]
-- A hover drone that lacks hardpoints for mounting armaments. Mainly it is used to perform tasks around corporate offices.

(Iwasaki) Abumi [Buy: 11/5] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 0/0/0] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 0] [Capacity: 0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
-- A drone made to be operated alongside a vehicle as a paired unit. While the operator has a single [Slot: Operator] vehicle equipped (other than this drone), this drone can be operated.

(Triumph) Spooky [Buy: 16/5] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+2] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 1/0/2] [CTRL: 0] [Ride: 0] [Capacity: 1] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Operator]
-- A small hover drone mainly used for scouting purposes. Though it can have weapons mounted on it, it still handles easily.

(Chihaya) Waller [Buy: 27/7] [Hide: -/-1] [ATK: I+5] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 4/4/5] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Operator]
-- A defense drone designed for facility security and VIP protection. It moves slowly, but its thick armoring gives it the advantage in combat.

(Iwasaki) Daigo [Buy: 19/10] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: I+4] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 3/3/5] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Operator]
-- A multi-legged drone designed for distaster relief. It commonly sees use carrying relief supplies to dangerous areas, or places with precarious footing.

(Triumph) Kukuratu [Buy: 25/12] [Hide: -/-1] [ATK: I+5] [SF: 1] [Defense (S/P/I): 5/4/4] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 1] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Operator]
-- A drone developed for the purpose of acting as front line infantry support in urban warfare situations. Being a two-legged walker type, it can mount multiple armaments.

(Neverland) Hitodama [Buy: 28/14] [Hide: -/-1] [ATK: I+1] [SF: 2] [Defense (S/P/I): 1/1/1] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: 0] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
-- A small drone about 20cm long that has built-in three dimensional projection equipment, as well as directional speakers. It is often used for mischievious purposes. This drone's Checks always gain a +1 bonus to the Result.

/// Vehicle Options
//// It's crrrrrrrazy!

(Any) Color Paint [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- This option changes the chassis of a vehicle to whatever color you want. While normally used to make a vehicle blend in better, there also exist those who deliberately choose something daring. This option doesn't take up capacity on a vehicle.

(Chihaya) Double Attachment [Buy: 8/2] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- A unit that allows one to mount weapons made for human use on a drone. With this option, [Slot: One Hand] ranged weapons can be installed on drones and used like a vehicle weapon (each weapon so mounted consumes 1 capacity.) This option can only be slotted onto drones, and it itself does not consume any capacity.

(Teraware) Phantom Wall [Buy: 18/10] [Hide: 18/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- Anti-hacking equipment that provides protection to a vehicle's electronic devices. The vehicle this option is installed on, as well as all weapons mounted on the vehicle, gain (Hack) +2.

(Triumph) Mirror Coat [Buy: 27/13] [Hide: 15/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- Thermoptic camouflage applied to a vehicle's chassis and weapons. The effect time is short. With a Minor Action, you gain a +1 bonus to the Result of <Stealth> Checks with this vehicle until the end of the Main Process.

(Triumph) Mjolnir [Buy: 28/14] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- Assault spikes. In the case of a Walker, they're usually mounted on the knees or shoulders to be used in close-quarters combat. Increase the vehicle's (ATK) rating by 2.

(Iwasaki) Tsumuji [Buy: 30/18] [Hide: 18/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- A quick boost that allows a vehicle to change direction rapidly. Use just before making a Dodge Check in order to gain a +1 bonus to the Result of the Check. Limit 3/Scene.

(Triumph) Slot Open [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 15/0] [ATK: -] [SF: -] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -1] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- An option that installs additional computing power and attachments onto vehicles. Increase the vehicle's (Capacity) by 2. Multiples of this option cannot be installed.

(Any) Senyouki [Buy: -/35] [Hide: -/0] [ATK: -] [SF: +1] [Defense (S/P/I): -] [CTRL: -] [Ride: -] [Capacity: -] [Hack: -] [Slot: Vehicle]
-- An option that tunes a vehicle specifically to its pilot. While operating this vehicle, <Operate> Checks get +1 to their Result, and {Mental Damage} you take is reduced by 2. Kaze and Arashi Only.

- Walkers are humanoid robots that are controlled using a TRON-like interface. In recent years, smaller size models have become a frequent sight on the city streets. When making an attack with a Walker, you can use either <Operate> or <Melee>.

(Triumph) Guarder [Buy: 10/3] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: I+4] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 2/2/4] [Control: -1] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Operator]
- A 5-meter-tall police walker. Though its speed and carrying capacity are very modest, its cheap parts and easy maintainence make it a mainstay of corporate and private security.

(Chihaya) Fine Trainer [Buy: 22/7] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: I+4] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 4/3/5] [Control: -2] [Seating: 2] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Operator]
- A 10-meter-tall practice walker. Due to its safety, it is typically used to train novice pilots.

(Charmer) Artis [Buy: 18/8] [Hide: -/-2] [Attack: I+6] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/3/6] [Control: -1] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 2] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Operator]
- A Walker made for the stage, with sophisticated light and sound systems built in. Not designed for battle in any sense.

(Triumph) Turret Wolf [Buy: 29/10] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+5] [SF: 2] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/3/4] [Control: -1] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 3] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
- The most common Walker used for patrolling city streets worldwide. It is 4 meters in size and equipped with rollers for high-speed movement. Due to the fetal position its pilots must assume for maximum protection, it's nicknamed the "Iron Coffin" by its pilots.

(Chihaya) Oryol [Buy: 31/14] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+4] [SF: 2(3)] [Armor (S/P/I): 5/5/7] [Control: -1] [Seating: 2] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Operator]
- A transformable walker sold by Chihaya. By using a Minor Action, the SF can be changed to the second number listed.

(Triumph) Tataricus [Buy: 30/15] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: P+4] [SF: 2] [Armor (S/P/I): 6/7/8] [Control: -1] [Seating: 3] [Capacity: 5] [Hack: 20] [Slot: Operator]
- One of Triumph's latest Walkers, which strikes an excellent balance between speed, defense and carrying capacity. It has two large arms for use in combat, and has been rapidly adopted by the North American militaries.

(Chihaya) Trance Leg [Buy: -/15] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: I+5] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 8/8/10] [Control: -2] [Seating: 21] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
- A multi-legged walker with the ability to trample anything. Typically used to carry large amounts of people.

(Wako) Line Runner [Buy: 32/16] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+4] [SF: 2] [Armor (S/P/I): 3/2/4] [Control: -1] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 5] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
- A racing walker sold by Wako. It has an aerodynamic form that minimizes drag. Most people heavily customize theirs and it's not uncommon to see one being worked on in a mechanic's workshop.

(Triumph) Poseidon [Buy: -/17] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+5] [SF: 1(2)] [Armor (S/P/I): 5/5/6] [Control: -1] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Operator]
- An amphibious Walker with a distinctive rounded shape. It uses talons to fight and is effective in combat even on land. When underwater, the SF changes to the second number listed.

(Triumph) Pluton [Buy: 33/18] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: I+8] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 9/7/11] [Control: -2] [Seating: 1] [Capacity: 6] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
- A heavy walker made for combat on the open battlefield. Due to its thick armor, its movements are rather slow. The Operator takes -3 to their CS.

(Chihaya) Blast Bringer [Buy: 34/18] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: I+8] [SF: 1] [Armor (S/P/I): 7/6/11] [Control: -2] [Seating: 2] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Operator]
- A heavily armored walker made to wield cannons. If it equips the Vector IV, that weapon does not consume any Capacity.

(Chihaya) Crusher [Buy: 36/18] [Hide: -/-4] [Attack: S+8] [SF: 2] [Armor (S/P/I): 4/5/5] [Control: -2] [Seating: 2] [Capacity: 4] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Operator]
- A walker designed for close-quarters combat. Its multitude of highly dexterous alloy manipulators can wield any mounted weapon with ease. 

(Iwasaki) Steel Giraffe [Buy: 35/20] [Hide: -/-3] [Attack: S+5] [SF: 2] [Armor (S/P/I): 6/8/9] [Control: -1] [Seating: 2] [Capacity: 5] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Operator]
- An odd walker that looks like a four-legged beast with stripes. Its unusual design lends it extra stability. The Operator gains a +1 bonus to the <Result> of Melee Checks.

Skipped 4 walkers that cost from 30-250 XP.

Outfit: Culture Wear
- Fashion
Outfits such as clothing and accessories worn primarily for the sake of appearances.

(Asakusa Shopping Street) Asakusa Shirt [Buy: 4/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Underwear]
- A T-shirt sold by several stores in Asakusa. The classic version has "I Love Asakusa" printed on it, but recently variations with the NOVA Sky Tree and Bousou Airport printed on them have become popular.

(CHIHAYA) Comfortable [Buy: 7/1] [Hide: 11/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Suit]
- Temperature-controlled clothes that adjust to keep you comfortable in any climate. It comes in a variety of designs, including ones that are instead [Slot: Coat].

(Xuanlong Fashion) Hualong [Buy: 10/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Suit]
- A cheongsam with an intricate dragon print on it. It is woven of fine fabric and cyberized to make sure it flows alluringly. There is also a changpao version for men to wear.

(Peripheral Original) Yuugen [Buy: -/3] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Suit]
- Japanese clothing made entirely of natural fabric. Its color tends to fade unevenly after being worn for a time, but this is considered to be wabi-sabi and part of its high-class appeal.

(Saki Nichiya) Setting Sun [Buy: -/4] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Suit]
A beautiful evening dress colored in a gradient from pale blue to deep red. It evokes a feeling of mystery and loneliness. One of Saki Nichiya's few designs not made into a series.

(Ingrid) Shirley [Buy: 21/5] [Hide: 7/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Suit]
A high-class maid outfit. Typically worn by service employees, it is a common sight in restaurants located in White Areas.

(CHIHAYA) Your Private [Buy: 23/7] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Suit]
Suits individually made to order by the finest tailors. Just wearing one makes you feel at ease; the rating of all Mental Wounds you take is reduced by 1. Only the person who has Preserved this Outfit can wear it.
(Unknown) Awesome Clothes [Buy: -/15] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Suit]
They're awesome, okay? You decide in which way when you get them. While wearing this outfit, you gain +2 to the result of Appearance Checks. You can also get it in [Slot: Coat].
(Any) Costume [Buy: 7/1] [Hide: -(11)/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Armor]
A costume of a soft, fluffy mascot used to promote your business or organization. Since it's cyberized, it's not as difficult to move in as it looks. If using it to conceal your identity, use the listed Hide Rating.

(Saki Nichiya) Icicle [Buy: 17/3] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Boots]
An item in Saki Nichiya's "Transparent" series. Boots that at first glance appear to be ice, with flakes of snow dancing within. Only when you view them in AR, though.

(Saki Nichiya) Kurenai [Buy: 6/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 12] [Slot: Gauntlet]
An item in Saki Nichiya's "Red" series. Elbow-length gloves of a vivid red that catch the light as they move, automatically maintaining a subtle gradient.

(CHIHAYA) Flip Monkey [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 10/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Goggles]
Digital glasses that you can change the lens and frame color of at your whim. For [Buy: 8/2], you can get a type capable of AR viewing.

(Yaoyorozu) Capable [Buy: 7/2] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Any (Bag)]
A bag whose shape you can change with the press of a button. It can be worn as a handbag, backpack, or belt pouch.

(Yaoyorozu) Fresh Arms [Buy: 8/2] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Any (Weapon, Armor, etc)]
A fruity ornament for arms and armor. Although it might look laughable, it really lightens the mood when you're preparing for battle.
- Cosmetics
Outfits worn for appearances, much like Fashion. However, they are cyberware, and cannot be equipped by Wets.

(Saki Nichiya) Mirage [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 6/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Lips]
Replacement skin that allows you to change the color of your lips. It can be programmed to adapt to your surroundings or vary according to the time of day.

(BIOS) Radical Body [Buy: 8/1] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Muscles]
A cosmetic that gives you the perfect body you've always wanted. Though you sure look good, it won't have any effect on your physical strength and abilities.

(CFC) Undine [Buy: 13/3] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Skin]
A cosmetic that makes your skin transparent. The transparency is simulated, so you don't need to worry about people seeing your muscles and organs (unless you want them to.)

(Saki Nichiya) Gossamer [Buy: 8/2] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: Any (Skin)]
Artificial skin that changes the color of your blood. In addition to fashion devotees, it is popular among the cult of "Neophytes" who consider the color of blood impure.

(Any) Ad Contract [Buy: -/2] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Any (Skin)]
A skin print which displays an ad for a business on you in AR. During the Pre-Act, you gain 1 Credit. This outfit can only be Preserved once.

Outfit: Residence

"The night is dangerous, you know. Let me see you there... Hm? You can get there safely on your own? Don't make a fool of me. *BLAM!* See? Not anymore, can you?"
- "Twinkle Full Moon"

- Residence
The place where a character lives and works. At the time of acquisition, one must also select a Residence Area and add the ratings together.

(Any) Ruin [Buy: 0/0] [Appear: 5] [Security: 7] [Slot: -]
A room that has gaping holes in the ceiling, hole, or walls. It's hard to call it livable.
It has one [Slot: Area].

(Any) Den [Buy: 12/2] [Appear: 8] [Security: 10] [Slot: -]
A shrine or lair of the type favored by Ayakashi.
It has one [Slot: Area] and can contain up to two [Slot: Residence Item]s.

(Any) Workplace [Buy: 20/4] [Appear: 8] [Security: 11] [Slot: -]
An office building or warehouse. You can decide how large it is as you like.
It has one [Slot: Area] and can contain up to two [Slot: Residence Item]s.

(Any) Small Facility [Buy: 17/5] [Appear: 8] [Security: 12] [Slot: -]
A building like a dojo or apartment building with room for a few people. You can decide how large it is as you like.
It has one [Slot: Area] and can contain up to two [Slot: Residence Item]s.

(Any) Large Facility [Buy: 25/8] [Appear: 8] [Security: 14] [Slot: -]
A building like a warehouse or event hall that can hold a lot of people. You can decide how large it is as you like.
It has one [Slot: Area] and can contain up to three [Slot: Residence Item]s.
- Residence Area
The area in which a residence is located. When one acquires a residence, one must also select an area from among these and add the ratings together.

(Any) Underground [Buy: -/+2] [Appear: -2] [Security: -5] [Slot: Area]
This residence is located in a sewer or ruined Linear tunnel below Tokyo NOVA. Treat it like a Red Area.

(Any) Orbital [Buy: -/+100] [Appear: +5] [Security: +10] [Slot: Area]
This residence is located on an orbital station or colony. Treat it like a White Area. Residences in this area require the GM's permission to appear in.

Outfit: Miscellaneous
This sections contain outfits that do not fall into any of the aforementioned categories.
- Tools
Tools for a variety of purposes. In the Neuro Age, these are typically computerized.

(TerraWare) Fortress [Buy: 17/5] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Residence Option]
A system to strengthen the digital security of a building. All your Residence Options get +2 to their Hack Rating.

(Iwasaki) Ganza [Buy: 19/6] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Residence Option]
An automated weapon emplacement that fires at unwelcome guests. It can be activated or deactivated with a Setup Process action. If a <Craft: Tool> or <Cybertech> check is made that beats this Outfit's Hack Rating, it can be disabled.

(TerraWare) Cradle [Buy: 10/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Residence Option]
A life support system that cares for an immobile person. Normally. it looks like a bed with s robotic arm. Execs and Highlanders often opt for a top-class model with [Buy: -/20].

(KRK) Astral Glass [Buy: 10/3] [Hide: 9/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Goggles]
Cyber-glasses that can detect the invisible. When wearing these, you can see ghosts and traces of magical residue even if you are a mundane individual.

(CME) Elvis [Buy: -/15] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Two Hands]
An acoustic guitar handmade by expert artisans. Though it requires tuning, it has a depth of character that electric instruments lack. When you appear in a Scene, other characters get +2 to their own Appearance Checks they make for that Scene.
(Burglar Records) Krauser [Buy: -/25] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 22] [Slot: Both Hands]
A truly wicked-looking electric guitar. It's usable both as a musical instrument and a Melee Weapon with [ATK: S+7, PARRY: 4].

(Yaoyorozu) Innocent Note [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: 19] [Slot: -]
A cyberized notebook that can record and display text or images sent from your IANUS. Many people enjoy setting it to random mode to exchange messages with unknown individuals.

(CFC) Cleansect [Buy: 7/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 20] [Slot: -]
A bug-sized droid that automatically cleans designated area. Its color and appearance can be customized; the butterfly model is particularly popular. The listed price purchases a set of 10.

- Psychoapp
A program imprinted on the spirit. The Hide value expresses how difficult it is to perceive someone's actions are being directed by a Psychoapp. Cannot be equipped by Wets.
(Hypnos) IMMORAL [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Subconscious]
A Psychoapp that allows you to master your fear and remain rational. Use when you receive [BS: Fear]. Erase that BS. Limit 1/Scene.
(Wako Labs) ZERO [Buy: 18/8] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Unconcious]
This Psychoapp enhances your thought and reaction speed when undergoing high G-forces. When you are in a Vehicle with an SF or 3 or higher, you gain +1 to the result of <Operate> checks.
(Hypnos) MUGAI [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
An app that disguises your personality. You gain +3 to the Hide Rating of all your equipped Psychoapps. Be careful not to raise the Appearance Check mod by accident.

(Chihaya) Thrifty [Buy: 22/9] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
This Psychoapp dampens your greed and allows you to control your material impulses. You gain +1 to your <Mundane> Control.

(Hirasaka) Freaks [Buy: -/11] [Hide: 10/-1] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Subconscious]
This Psychoapp strengthens your Ayakashi nature, making you fiercer in combat. You gain +2 to the ratings of Wounds inflicted by Combos including Ayakashi Style Skills.

(Iwasaki) Soubou [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Conscious]
A Psychoapp that deliberately splits your personality. In addition to this Outfit, you can equip two other Psychoapps with [Slot: Conscious], except for additional copies of Soubou.
(World Magecraft Association) A-Directory [Buy: 33/16] [Hide: 12/-1] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Unconscious]
An app that widens your knowledge of magic and supernatural powers. You gain +2 to the ratings of Wounds inflicted by Combos including Vasara and Mayakashi Style Skills.
(TerraWare) Terminator [Buy: 35/18] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Conscious]
A Psychoapp that eliminates your sense of fear. When you use a Style Skill that allows you to take a Wound in someone else's place, the Wound Rating decreases by -2.

(TerraWare) Self Goat [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 21/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Subconscious]
A Psychoapp that allows you to absorb stress from others in the vicinity. When someone in your Engagement is targeted by a Mental Attack, you can change the target of the attack to you. Limit 1/Scene. Charisma and Mistress Only.

(TerraWare) Sync Trigger [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
An app that creates a shortcut to your inner psyche. Use as a Setup Process Action. You can immediately use one Psychoapp that takes a Minor Action to activate. Limit 1/Scene.

(Chihaya) Mind Cover [Buy: 23/20] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Conscious]
This Psychoapp guards you from stress and menral taint. You may decrease the rating of Mental Wounds you take by up to 10 points in total. After you have used all 10 points, this Psychoapp is lost.

- Drugs
All kinds of medicines. Most of them are delivered though osmosis using an injector. They are usually lost upon use.
Drugs require a Major Action to use.

(CFC) Monster Pathos [Buy: 8/1] [Hide: 10/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
An energy drink by a popular brand. It is favored even by professionals, said to give them the energy to remain in combat for 24 full hours. The slogan is "Monster Pathos gives you a taste of the wild!"

(Heilong Chemical) Rehappiness [Buy: 5/1] [Hide: 8/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A drug that projects visions of happy memories right before your eyes. It's extremely addictive, to the degree that one dose can hook you. When you take it, you receive [BS: Weakness].

(NOVA Government) Inagaki Nouveau [Buy: 10/2] [Hide: 9/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
Wine made from organic grapes grown at Inagaki Farms in Australia. Considered to be one of the modern world's finest vintages. When you take it, you receive [BS: Doped (Minor)].

(Iwasaki) Gourin [Buy: 19/8] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A drug that places you in a trance state, where physical pain rapidly fades away. When you take it, your Armor Ratings (S/I/P) all increase by 2.

(Universe Lounge) Platinumountain [Buy: 28/10] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
Ultra-high-grade natural coffee. The deep complexity of its taste and aroma are unmatched for relaxation. When you take it, until the end of the Act, your <Reason>, <Passion> and <Life> control all increase by +1. This Drug cannot be taken using a cybersyringe.

(Zuiun Brewery) Zuiun Daisanjou Tenkaku [Buy: 31/11] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
High-grade sake distilled on an orbital. When you take it, until the end of the Scene, you gain +1 to the Result of all Checks made with <Passion>. However, you also receive [BS: Doped (Minor)].

(Heilong Chemical) Soma [Buy: -/100] [Hide: 14/-1] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A mutagenic serum refined from rare hormones found in the flesh of Hiruko. A single dose is rumored to require the processing of multiple Hiruko bodies. When you take it, until the end of the Scene, your CS increases by +6, and you get a +3 bonus to the Result of Checks made with your <Reason> and <Life>.

(Hirasaka) Kyousei [Buy: -/220] [Hide: 17/-1] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A drug created from the blood of elder Ayakashi, said to require all of their blood to be concentrated into a single drop. When you take it, until the end of the Scene, your AR becomes 2, and the rating of all Physical and Mental wounds you inflict is increased by +6.

- Magic Item
Outfits that contain magical power. These are not widely known by the population at large. Those in the shadow of society, although they find them eerie, are familiar with their effects. The majority of these are manufactured in Kamui Star.

(Unknown) Neuro Deck [Buy: -/1] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A copy of a deck of mysterious cards that reflect aspects of the world, recently updated with designs relevant to the modern age. You gain +1 to the Result of Checks that attempt to divine destiny. This effect cannot occur during Cut Progression.

(Salon Dolphan) White Tear Jewel [Buy: 15/5] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Ornament)]
A jewel formed from the soul of a pure-hearted person. Use with a Minor Action. You gain a bonus of +2 to the rating of Physical Wounds you inflict during this Main Process. Ayakashi Only.

(Yogaridou) Jewel Buster [Buy: 17/6] [Hide: 7/0] [Hack: 17] [Slot: Back of One Hand]
An artificial jewel buried in the hand that uses electricity to regulate the flow of your magical energies. You gain a +1 bonus to the rating of Wounds you inflict using Vasara and Mayakashi Style Skills.

(Marie's Enchant) Eye of Legba [Buy: 18/6] [Hide: 8/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Ornament)]
A jewel in which you can see the future. Use as a Setup Process Action. During this Scene, you gain +2 CS. Wet Only.

(Society of True Teachings) Star of Hope [Buy: -/7] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Protective Charm]
A charm containing a blessing of protection from the Holy Mother. It will protect its owner from words that seem to lure them astray and grant them the power of hope. The rating of all Mental Wounds you take is reduced by -1.

(Temple of All Origins) Elemental Circuit [Buy: -/7] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Bloodline)]
The command of magic is engraved into your flesh itself. Through a ritual, you are able to subdue people with it more effectively. You gain a +1 bonus to the Result of Origin Power Skills. Vasara Only.

(Temple of All Origins) Elemental Gem [Buy: -/8] [Hide: 17/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Accessory)]
A gem imbued in your body that strengthens your Origin Powers. You gain a +2 bonus to the rating of Wounds you inflict using Origin Powers. Vasara Only.

(Mystery) Friendship Coin [Buy: 21/9] [Hide: 19/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A mysterious gold coin received from a denizen of the astral world. When held, you gain +1 to the Result of <Stature> Checks.

(World Magecraft Association) Magical Circuit [Buy: 19/10] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Bloodline)]
Magic is carried within your blood itself, forming a magical circuit. You gain a bonus of +1 to the Result of Vasara and Mayakashi Style Skills. You can only equip as many of these as you have Style Levels in Vasara and Mayakashi combined.

(Mystery) Masque [Buy: 31/15] [Hide: -/-1] [Hack: -] [Slot: Mask]
A mask with a sinister design, crafted by demons and possessing hidden power. When worn, you gain a +1 bonus to the Result of <Will> Checks.

(Holy Mother's Guard) Relic Eye [Buy: -/18] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Eye]
An artificial eye that possesses the power to sense and repel demons. Those who possess this eye are known as "Exorcists." You gain a +2 bonus to the Result of <Will> and <Perception> checks made against Ayakashi.

(Temple of All Origins) Elemental Field [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 11/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Barrier]
A barrier crafted of Origin Power which can be used by magicians. The rating of all Physical and Mental Wounds you take is decreased by -[The highest SL among all Origin Powers you have.]

(Unknown) Blue Blaze [Buy: -/25] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Arm]
An artificial arm in which powerful magic is contained. It is an old item without any cyberization. The data of your Unarmed changes to [ATK: S+5, PARRY: 3]. In addition, you gain a +3 bonus to the rating of Wounds you inflict using Vasara, Mayakashi and Ayakashi Style Skills.

(Unknown) Death Note [Buy: -/300] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
A book in which the names of humans who are written will die. When you inflict a Social Wound, you can choose to instead look up the effect on the Physical Wound Chart.

Outfit: Service
- Social
Various outfits with social effects that are possessed by citizens of Tokyo Nova.

(Sephiroth) Coppelion [Buy: 4/1] [Hide: 8/-] [Hack: 15] [Slot: PockeTRON]
A search application made by Sephiroth Software. Use with a Minor Action. During this Main Process, you get a bonus of +1 to the result of <Society> checks made to gather infomation.

(NOVA Sports) Big Chance [Buy: 19/6] [Hide: 12/-] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
You're a regular on a game show that gives out big prizes. Name a suit of cards, then draw from the deck. If the card you drew was that suit, you win 3 Credits. Treat this as a Major Action. Limit 1/Act.

(NOVA Government) O-DIZIN [Buy: 20/7] [Hide: 10/-] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
An under-the-table service that applies government pressure to keep your record clean and make you look like an upstanding citizen. Naturally, the fee goes straight into the Administrator's pocket. The rating of all Social Wounds you take is reduced by 2.

(Unknown) Guide Script [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A service which allows you to get detailed information on your Master's behavior and habits. During the Pre-Act, choose one of your Common Skills. During this act, you get a +1 bonus to the Result of Checks made using the chosen skill. Kagemusha Only.

(Fassler Technical) Second Life [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 21/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A service that creates a clone of you with part of your memory on file. When your character dies, your next character inherits 1/10 (round down) of the XP they earned over their lifespan. They do not need to be exactly the same character.

(Society of True Teachings) Rosario of Ice [Buy: 12/2] [Hide: 10/-] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A rosario that marks you as an ordained disciple of the Society of True Teachings. You gain a +1 bonus to the result of <Society: Astral> checks.

(Hiruko Town) Mister Neighborhood [Buy: 12/2] [Hide: 10/-] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A service that keeps you up to date with the latest gossip from Hiruko Town. You gain a +1 bonus to the result of <Society: Street> checks. Hiruko Only.

(Salon Dolphan) Salon VIP Card [Buy: 12/2] [Hide: 10/-] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
A card that verifies your identity as a member of Salon Dolphan, granting you access to their complimentary information dealer. You gain a +1 bonus to the result of <Society: Astral> checks. Ayakashi Only.

- Background
Outfits that express your character’s background or origin.

(-) Blank [Buy: -/10] [Hide: Control/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
This background indicates that you have already been Erased from society. The rating of Social Wounds you take is decreased by -2, and you take a -2 penalty to all <Stature> Checks you make.

(-) Bad Name [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 10/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
This background indicates that you have an ill reputation and people are easily cowed into doing what you want. The rating of Social Wounds you take is increased by +2, and you get a +1 bonus to all <Contact> Checks you make.

(-) Big Name [Buy: -/15] [Hide: Control/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
This background indicates that you are famous and paparazzi track your every move. Your <Mundane> increases by 1, but you take a -2 penalty to all <Stealth> Checks you make.

(-) Family [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
This background indicates that you possess family or sworn kin in the same organization as you. Choose a character in the same organization as you; you gain a SL1 <Contact> with them in the Hearts suit. Legger and Inu only.

(-) Pride [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 21] [Slot: Any (Background)]
This background expresses your pride in your chosen Styles. When you take a Mental Wound, you may choose to decrease the Wound Rating by 10. Limit 1/Act.
- Extra
Extras that serve as your assistants or hangers-on. When they make a Skill Check, the Result is a fixed number. They cannot perform Actions during Cut Progression.

(-) Fan Club [Buy: 4/1] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 8] [Slot: -]
You're followed around by a group of fans who can mob people and badger them into doing as you wish. Their only skill is [Negotiation: 6].

(-) SP [Buy: 7/2] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 10] [Slot: -]
You have a skilled, reliable bodyguard.  His/her only skil is [Melee: 10].

(-) Magical Pet [Buy: 6/2] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 10] [Slot: -]
You have an unnatural pet such as a cat with wings or a talking rat. Vasata, Mayakashi and Ayakashi can sense that it possesses a similar power to them. Its only skill is [Perception: 10].

(-) Mascot Droid [Buy: 8/2] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 10] [Slot: -]
You have a droid in the shape of a soft, fluffy mascot used to promote your business or organization. Its only skill is [Athletics: 10]. For the same price, you can hire a person to wear a mascot suit.

(-) Bandroid [Buy: 20/4] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
You have a droid that plays an instrument along with you, or otherwise aids you in performance art. Its only skill is [Art (Your choice): 10].