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  • Name: True Freedom
  • Type: NPO
  • Subfactions: Branches in each neighborhood, Self-Defense Brigade
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Asakusa

True Freedom (typically abbreviated T.F.) is a volunteer peacekeeping organization that arose from the fusion of the Asakusa Self-Defense Brigade with the "Voices From Earth," a group advocating for the protection of human rights in Red Areas. Formed of ordinary residents of Tokyo N◎VA, its members patrol the streets to protect the common people and uphold their rights. Many of its most visible members are young hotheads quite used to the streets at their roughest. Inspired by its representative Tenhouin Yuuha, some of these youths have learned the Ouka One-Sword Style, but on the whole T.F. is not an innovative organization when it comes to battle techniques. Other T.F. members are only interested in acquirining the minimum of combat prowess necessary to keep the peace.

T.F.'s members come from all walks of life. When they hold a gathering or demonstration, quite an eclectic crowd appears; shopkeepers, businessmen, off-duty security officers, detectives, journalists, students, craftsmen from Tatari Town and more. Even many of those who don't live in the Red Areas are sympathetic to their plight and eager to lend T.F. their support. Though they may not go so far as to patrol the streets with them, they're eager to help their voice be heard. Corporations also offer their support on occasion, but the leadership of T.F., fearful of falling under corporate domination, considers these offers with extreme scrutiny.

At present, T.F. continues to advocate the rights of the Red Area populace to the N◎VA administration, while with the war between criminal organizations growing in intensity, their self-defense operations are more important than ever. Not only do they have to contend with the Mafia and Triads, but also corporations seeking material for human experiments and dark magicians. It is one of the great ironies of life that to find peace one must prepare for war, and in that knowledge, T.F. volunteers are having their combat cyberware tuned up at this very moment.

Faction Items

(True Freedom: Social) Wish [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 10/0] [Hack: 12] [Slot: -]
- A ring symbolizing the desire of all T.F. members to offer selfless aid. Use when you make an Info Gather Check including a <Contact> or <Society> skill. The card you play becomes an Ace. Limit 1/Act. You can only have one of this item.

(True Freedom: Background) Street Guardian [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
- A background that expresses your way of life as a guardian dedicated to preserving the peace of the streets. Use when you make a <Society: Street> Check. Your Check automatically succeeds, regardless of the Result. Limit 1/Act.

(True Freedom: Extra) Volunteer Staff [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
- You have one of T.F.'s volunteer staff assigned to you. If a battle or other violent situation breaks out, they will run for their life. At the time you acquire them, choose a Common Skill. When this Extra appears in the same Scene as you, their assistance gives you a +1 bonus to the Result of Checks made with the chosen Common Skill. This effect cannot occur during Cut Progression.

Faction Skills

T.F. Volunteer Army
Combo: None
Max SL: 4
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that indicates you're a member of T.F.'s grassroots volunteer army.
The Wound Rating of all {Mental and Social Wounds} you take is decreased by -[SL].

Voice from the Earth
Combo: <Art: Arrange> (The book says <Info: Arrange>, which must be a typo as there is no 'Info' skill)
Max SL: 4
Timing: Initiative Process
Target: Single*
Range: Short
Difficulty: 10
Versus: None
You will do whatever it takes to make the voice of the people be heard.
The target's [Current CS] becomes the same as your [Current CS]. Afterwards, your [Current CS] becomes 0. Limit 1/Cut. The target can refuse this effect. You must have 1 or more AR remaining to use this Skill.

Guardian Blade of Ouka
Combo: Parry
Max SL: 4
Timing: Reaction
Target: -
Range: -
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
You have learned defensive techniques from the T.F. Representative, Tenhouin Yuuha.
When you use this skill in a Parry Check Combo, you lose 1 fewer AR as a result of the Parry, and you may Parry even if you have 0 AR. Limit 1/Scene.

NPC: Tenhouin Yuuha

(BTD pg. 32) 

T.F. Representative
Tenhouin Yuuha

STYLE: Kabuto (Key, Persona), Katana, Chakra
HEIGHT: 163cm
WEIGHT: 49kg
AGE: 32
GENDER: Female
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black
Skin: Yellow

「聞き分けないならやむを得ません。 桜華一剣流、天鵬院悠羽!推して参ります」

The master of the Ouka Dojo in Asakusa. She is most famous as the beautiful representative of True Freedom, the volunteer self-defense force, but stories circulate within the underworld of the martial feats she accomplished as a swordswoman in her youth.

Yuuha became the master of the dojo in her teens, after her father died in an accident, and decided to prove her sword style's worth by cleaning up the streets. The many fierce battles she endured with sword in hand polished both her skills and her spirit. Aware of her position, she no longer engages in such reckless behavior, but has taken on pupils like her father and seeks to pass the Ouka One-Sword Style on to the organization. Members of the Black Hounds and SSS are among those that train at her dojo, and kiai resound from it every day.

She has a fierce sense of justice, and this and her tireless demeanor lend a unique character and gravitas to her leadership style. But in Asakusa, just like old times, she's still thought of as the neighborhood's slightly scary but reliable young boss.