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  • Name: Shinohara Security Service
  • Type: Police
  • Subfactions: Shinohara Judicial (Though not a subsidiary of SSS in hierarchal terms, for Faction purposes they are considered one)
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Chuo Ward

SSS is the largest private security company in TOKYO N◎VA. As Inu in N◎VA go, they are considered to be some of the most capable. Because of this, a large portion of their business is done on contract for the Chihaya Group, to the point where they are nearly a subsidiary of Chihaya.

After having expanded greatly compared to their competitors in the industry, SSS now provides a great deal of the police services in White Areas. Conversely, in Yellow and Red Areas where there is little profit to be found in keeping the peace, they're seen as slothful and on the verge of being a criminal organization. As private security, their ability to investigate incidents is limited, and they generally can't follow up effectively to violent cases. Government organizations like the Black Hounds generally view them as having no use beyond that of cleaning up crime scenes.

Being a private company gives SSS advantages as well. They do not hesitate to hire specialists depending on the nature of the incident, and they have talented hardware specialists, financial investigators, and cyber-crime experts on their payroll. Crime has grown more complex in the Neuro Age, with entirely new varieties of crime surfacing regularly, and the profit-minded SSS are better at keeping up with it than the bureaucratic Black Hounds.

SSS is organized into four departments; the Joint Investigations Department, the General Forensics Department, the Criminal Affairs Section, and the Security Section. These departments perform covert operations such as tracking, tailing, and information gathering in addition to being a public security presence, and formidable opponents if violence erupts. Though other police may sneer at them as an undisciplined pack of starving dogs, those corporations and organizations with the funds to earn SSS's loyalty will find them very diligent hunters indeed.

Faction Items

(SSS: Body Armor) Stand Fort [Buy: -/15] [Hide: -/-2] [Armor (S/P/I): 4/5/5] [Control: -2] [Hack: 15] [Slot: Armor]
- Bulletproof body armor that passes even the highest standards. When equipped, Special Ammo has no effect on you, and Ranged Weapons take a -3 penalty to the Wound Rating of Physical Wounds they inflict on you.

(SSS: Fashion) SSS Uniform [Buy: -/2] [Hide: 12/0] [Hack: 12] [Slot: Suit]
- A uniform that needs no words to mark you as someone from SSS, the world's largest private security company. When equipped, you get +2 to the result of Appearance Checks.

(SSS: Social Service) Super Shinohara Support [Buy: -/5] [Hide: 10/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: -]
- Full access to SSS's network database, containing information on every incident they've investigated. You get +1 to the Rating of all <Professional Society> Checks made while Backstage. If you are in a Team, this bonus extends to every member of your Team.

Faction Skills

SSS Criminal Affairs Section
Combo: Free
Max SL: 1
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that indicates you belong to SSS's Criminal Affairs Section. Your main duty is the investigation of crimes.
You get a +2 bonus to the Result of <Society: Street> and <Society: Police> Information Gathering Checks made while Backstage.

SSS Security Section
Combo: Free
Max SL: 3
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that marks you as a member of SSS's Security Section. You specialize in keeping the peace and proctecting VIPs.
You get a +1 bonus to the Result of Reaction Checks made during Cut Progression. If the current Scene is taking place in a White or Green Area, the bonus changes to +[SL].

Articles of Evidence
Combo: Free
Max SL: 4
Timing: Major
Target: Single
Range: None
Difficulty: Control
Versus: <Stature>
You use physical evidence to prove the guilt of a criminal, putting them on the path to being brought to justice.
Use this Skill to make a Social Attack. The Social Attack gets +[The number of Scenes you have appeared in this Act] (max 5) to the Wound Rating.