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  • Name: N◎VA Investigatorz Kouncil
  • Type: Organization
  • Subfactions: Detectives' offices and agencies
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Chuo Ward

N.I.K. is the professional association of Fates. Its primary role is to establish comprehensive regulations for the private investigation industry in the absence of any such guidance from the administration. "For customers to trust us to find the truth for them, they must first trust us" is the N.I.K.'s motto, and to establish that trust it proscribes standard fees and mandates respect for the human rights of both clients and targets of investigation. That all agencies in N◎VA follow these regulations rather than bilking their clients for everything they're worth is thanks to the work of the N.I.K..

The N.I.K. has earned widespread trust. Its symbol, with a sword and scales as its motif, is prominently displayed in every respectable Fate's office. Though an onerous examination is required in order to become a member of the N.I.K., there is never a shortage of eager applicants.

The members of the N.I.K. include large agencies, small offices, and freelance detectives, yet all of them wield the trust held by the N.I.K. as their weapon to attract clients. In turn, they pay the N.I.K. a portion of their fees in order to support the organization.

Though there are not many, a few Fates work directly for the N.I.K. itself, seeing to the upkeep of the organization and carrying on negotiations with other Fates.

The N.I.K. is an organization founded upon collaboration between Fates. It is therefore also a place where Fates can find assistance with their investigations or exchange information upon people of interest. They also have on file a large quantity of information pertaining to the corporate world and underworld garnered from previous organizations.

Fates have a reputation for being Wets who value the sanctity of their bodies and distrust cyberware. But within the N.I.K., there are an increasing number of Fates who take advantage of the ability of cutting-edge technology to improve their capabilities as detectives.

Faction Items

(N.I.K.: Weapon Option) Peacemakers [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Ranged Weapon]
- A legendary handgun motification passed down through the N.I.K.. During Pre-Play, choose a [Slot: One Hand] Ranged Weapon you possess. This Weapon Option can be equipped only on the chosen Weapon. Use when you inflict a Wound with the chosen Weapon. You get a bonus of +5 to the Wound Rating. Limit 1/Act.

(N.I.K.: Fashion) Worn Out [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Shoes]
- A pair of shoes with the soles worn clean through. It's a classic trick used by Fates, dating back well before the space age, to find their way. Use before you make a Check. For this Check only, you get +1 to the level of a single Skill (if a Style Skill, it cannot exceed the Max SL.) Wet Only. Limit 1/Act.

(N.I.K.: Background) Platinum Heart [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
- Ten years ago, there was a legendary detective known as Platinum Heart who solved every single case, and there are whispers you are a worthy successor... or one and the same. Use before you make a Check. Treat the CV of the card you play at if it were 10. Limit 1/Act.

Faction Skills

Specialist Detective
Combo: None
Max SL: 3
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that indicates you've passed the N.I.K.'s rigorous examination and been classified as a 'Specialist.' Not only are you able to take the most difficult cases and command the highest fees, but freelance detectives may contract you for assistance with their own cases.
You get +[SL+1] to your [Base CS.] Also, you can immediately acquire the N.I.K. License Social Service Outfit without spending any XP.

Veterans' Wisdom
Combo: Alone
Max SL: 3
Timing: Setup
Target: Single*
Range: Close
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
You're a veteran detective, ready to pass on the lessons of your years to the next generation.
You can give the target one card of your choice from their hand. Afterwards, they must discard a card to return their hand to four cards. Limit [SL]/Act.

Fate Arts
Combo: None
Max SL: Refer
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
You've received martial arts training from the N.I.K..
When you acquire this Skill, choose a Special Skill that combos with <Melee> and record this skill like <Fate Arts: Cannonball>. You acquire that Skill with the same SL as <Fate Arts> (it cannot exceed the Max SL of the chosen skill). This Skill can only be acquired once.