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  • Name: Tokyo New Star City Administration
  • Type: Government
  • Subfactions: The "Inagaki Machine"
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Chuo Ward

The current governing apparatus of Tokyo NOVA, set up by the Administrator. Operating the City ID system, tax collection, urban development and infrastructure maintenance, and providing assistance to the Administrator are some of its many functions.

Most employees of the Administration are general staff who perform clerical work and act as receptionists or points of contact. However, the Administration often makes willful decisions, and there are widespread suspicions that they secretly maintain a roster of elite agents who perform covert operations.

Broadly speaking, the Administration is politically divided into pro-Administrator and anti-Administrator factions. As the pro-Administrator faction operates according to the whims of Inagaki Kouhei, it is often known as the "Inagaki Machine" and is essentially an extension of his personal authority.

Conversely, the anti-Administrator faction has strong ties to the nation of Japan and secretly collaborates with the Japanese government, the Japanese Army, the megacorps, and others. Easily influenced by the designs of the mainland, they are used by many Highlanders and Execs to accomplish their personal aims. Their covert war against the Administrator is waged not only in the Administration's offices, but has been known to erupt on the city streets, heedless of the consequences to innocent bystanders.

This faction generally follows the lead of the Undersecretary, who is considered the Administrator's chief rival. It is organized into self-directed cells spread throughout the government hierarchy and offices. While most tasks are carried out by rank-and-file kugutsu, it is not uncommon for important individuals to take personal direction of vital operations. They are also known to employ freelancers and have forged strong business relationships with those they consider trustworthy.

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