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= Description =
= Description =

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  • Name: Marion Network
  • Type: Media
  • Subfactions: Channel 99
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Chuo Ward

MarionNet is Tokyo N◎VA's largest news organization. They span all forms of media, from television to newspapers to magazines to the TRON Net, and get the latest happenings out there as fast as possible. Along with the Hermes Network and Chihaya's CNN, they're one of the most famous networks in the world.

MarionNet's organizational structure is segmented according to job functions, ensuring a maximum of coverage and mobility. Instead of limiting themselves to one form of media, their specialists on each subject gather news wherever they find it. Other departments in the organization audit reporting to ensure it's level and free of bias. This doesn't stop those from outside the company from accusing MarionNet of having a slant, however. In particular, it's suspected that Japan has a grip on their finances and uses it to ensure favorable coverage.

Behind the scenes of MarionNet's broadcast lie not only their own internal staff, but freelance contractors from reporters to producers, all heavily relied upon for their robust coverage. While some of their employees are typical kugutsu, others specialize in getting their hands on dangerous information, preventing fake news fabricated by corporations from reaching the airwaves, and other unorthodox duties.

MarionNet has expanded to the point where it's impossible for them to ignore the fact that they wield a weapon called information against individuals and organizations alike. Though they represent themselves as the 'voice of the masses,' there is a direction and a purpose to their reporting that must be used just as judiciously as megacorps use their covert ops teams. Their Compliance Management Department is in charge of this. In addition to maintaining good relations with other organizations, they ensure that the reporting does not cause panic in times of emergency.

Faction Items

(MarionNet: Tool) Holostudio❈ [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 13/0] [Hack: 16] [Slot: Any (Shoulder)]
- An AR telop that projects 3D graphics and information in realtime for use in news broadcasts.
Use as a Move Action. During this Main Process, you get +2 to the Result of <Perform: Arrange> checks.

(MarionNet: Social) Press Guardian [Buy: -/10] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Tool]
- An interference shield that protects devices such as cameras from being remotely disabled. When you acquire this Outfit, choose one [Category: Tool] Outfit. The chosen Outfit becomes immune to the effects of {BS: Interference}.

(MarionNet: Social) Busker's Cap [Buy: -/10] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 15] [Slot: -]
- An anonymous digital drop box where people can send you information. Use when you succeed at a <Society: Media> Check. Draw a card, then discard a card to return your hand to 4 cards. Limit 1/Act.

Faction Skills

Channel 99
Combo: <Cue Sign>
Max SL: 4
Timing: Major
Target: -
Range: -
Difficulty: -
Versus: -
This is a [Position Skill] that marks you as affiliated with Channel 99, the team behind many ultra-popular programs.
When you use this Skill in a combo with <Cue Sign>, it gets the additional effect "You get a +2 bonus to the Result of Checks you make during this Main Process."
You can use this Skill in a Combo with other <Target: Single> skills.

Shock Video
Combo: Alone
Max SL: 4
Timing: Major
Target: Single
Range: Short
Difficulty: Control
Versus: <Will>
You surprise your opponent with shocking footage from Channel 99 or elsewhere.
The target chooses and discards 1 card, then draws another to replace it.
Limit 1/Scene.

To the Presses
Combo: Free
Max SL: 4
Timing: Setup
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: 10
Versus: None
You broadcast your scoops quicker than anyone else out there.
If suyccessful, you get a +[SLx2] bonus to [Current CS]. However, you cannot make any Physical Attacks during this Cut. Limit 1/Scene.