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  • Name: "Knight Wardens" Security Preservation Agency
  • Type: Organization
  • Subfactions: None
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Wet City

The Knight Wardens are a provider of bodyguard services, managed by an information processing AI. Though a small-scale organization, their services are available throughout the world and command a premium fee. Having the recommendation of the Knight Wardens is the ultimate guarantee one can possess as a bodyguard, and many freelancers compete for their membership.

This organization, founded by the legendary Kabuto "The Silver Guardian" Blocker, requires its members to swear a knight's chivalric oath to protect the weak. It then connects worthy Kabuto to contract jobs, ranging from escorting corporate VIPs and celebrities to goods and convoys, as well as providing security at events and businesses; sometimes they are even called upon to patrol the city streets in times of crisis. Their services are prized by celebrities, corporations, and government figures; at times even military forces make use of them. The Neuro Age is one of the deadliest eras in history, but enough money can buy you safety, and that's in large part thanks to the Knight Wardens and organizations like them.

Kabuto registered as Knight Wardens are considered the best of the best. Personally selected and trained by "The Silver Guardian," only warriors that Blocker sees as an equal are allowed to bear the name of the Knights.

But the Knight Wardens are more than just meat shields. At times they talk enemies down; at times they pre-emptively eliminate threats to their charges. The true strength of the Knight Wardens is their unique ability to develop faultless strategies for protection, evaluating each situation individually and mobilizing assets on a global scale if necessary.

For this purpose, working in tandem with the Kabuto of the Knight Wardens are negotiators, snipers, cybertech experts, and other freelancers with skills that can support the Kabuto themselves. It is only thanks to stalwart squires such as them that the Knights can ride forth and prove their valor.

Faction Items

(Knight Wardens: Neurowear) Grip Guard [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 18/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Nerves)]
- A nerve program to ensure that a warrior never loses hold of their weapon. When you succeed at a Parry Check reacting to a Physical Attack from a character in the same Engagement, the weapon used to make the Physical Attack takes [BS: Capture].

(Knight Wardens: Artificial Body) Mark Eye [Buy: -/30] [Hide: 16/0] [Hack: 18] [Slot: Eyes]
- A cybereye that tracks movement and can predict future actions. Use as a Minor Action. Target one character appearing in the current Scene. You get a +2 bonus to Reactions made against the target Character.

(Knight Wardens: Background) Daybreak [Buy: -/12] [Hide: Control/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Any (Background)]
- You are one of the legendary Kabuto who bear the name "Daybreak," for no matter how dark the night, you always live to see the sun rise. You get +2 to [Mundane]. Kabuto Only.

Faction Skills

Registered Warden
Combo: Declare
Max SL: 1
Timing: Auto Action
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that indicates you're a registered Knight Warden and an elite bodyguard. 
Choose a [Limit n/Cut] Style Skill. You can immediately use it once, ignoring the Limit. Limit 1/Act.

Knight's Chivalry
Combo: Parry
Max SL: 4
Timing: Reaction
Target: -
Range: -
Difficulty: -
Versus: -
Serving as a bodyguard to VIPs means you must know how to behave in their company.
You get a +[Your <Society: High> SL x 2] (max [SLx2]) bonus to the result of the Parry Check.

Silver Stance
Combo: None
Max SL: 3
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
You have taken the example of "The Silver Guardian" Blocker to heart. You are a true Knight Warden in every fiber of your being.
When you use a [Damage Reduction Skill], you get a +[SL+1] bonus to the Wound Rating reduction.