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  • Name: Kawato-rengou
  • Type: Criminal
  • Subfactions: Kawato-gumi, Fujisaki-gumi, Shirasagi-gumi
  • Headquarters: N◎VA Asakusa, Fujisaki Real Estate

The Kawato-rengou are an alliance of several groups that carry on the traditions of the yakuza of old Japan. Currently, as a result of having aggressively expanded the business fronts originally used to conceal their activities, they are the most prominent yakuza group internationally.

The Kawato-rengou operates under the facade of a retail and real estate company, with numerous restaurants, bars and amusement parks among their assets, and a significant number of employees and human resources who have no involvement in their illicit activities. Many of these people, particularly in Green areas, don't even have an inkling that they answer to the yakuza. But criminal activities taint their lives nonetheless, as dirty money is laundered through their operations, and any extra profits they earn fund illegal enterprises. Other employees of the Kawato-rengou essentially serve as kugutsu, seeing to the financial affairs and management of these front businesses.

However, it would be wrong to think of the Kawato-rengou as upright and honest. They are still Leggers, driven by nothing but greed and willing to wage total war within the underground of society to expand their power and influence. Most of those who rise in the ranks of the Kawato-rengou earn their place with strength, cunning, and a complete lack of moral qualms.

Within the Kawato-rengou are several families, or 'gumi', which all have their own symbols and traditions. Though the Kawato-gumi lead by Kawato Byakuya is nominally the leading family, currently they answer to the Fujisaki-gumi as leaders of the federation.

Naturally, most of the Kawato-rengou are sworn members who have performed the ritual of sake sharing, but skilled freelancers who have proven their ability and trustworthiness are also from time to time permitted into the inner circles. These include upstart street rats who impress the upper ranks with their zeal, bodyguards who have defended the VIPs at risk to their lives, and assassins and mercenaries who have performed valuable services in the war afainst the other criminal organizations.

Having in the recent past fought a vicious civil war against the Kagetora-gumi once among their number, the Kawato-rengou contains many battle-hardened veterans. They possess the iron wills characteristic of the yakuza, and the Kawato-rengou still has the funds to keep them well equipped. Even those Leggers embedded among the rank and file civilian operations of the federation are willing to lay down their lives to protect their sworn brethren. That is what it means to be a yakuza.

Faction Items

(Kawato-rengou: Melee Weapon) Asakusa Sword Collection [Buy: -/25] [Hide: 5/-1] [Attack: S+9] [Parry: 3] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: One Hand]
- Masterworks from among a collection of swords gathered in Asakusa. Few warriors remain who have the skill to put them to proper use. When you have this weapon equipped, you get +1 to the Result of <Melee> Checks.

(Kawato-rengou: Artificial Body) Destructor [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 9/-1] [Hack: 12] [Slot: One Arm]
- Cyberware embedded inside your arms that allows you to exceed your physical limits. However, it must be recalibrated after use. Activate with a Minor Action. During this Main Process, you get +5 to the rating of Physical Wounds you inflict with a Melee Weapon. At the end of this Main Process, this Outfit becomes [Broken].

(Kawato-rengou: Artificial Mutation) Picture of Chivalry [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 15/0] [Hack: 14] [Slot: Skin]
- Artificial skin decorated with tattoos, highly resistant to attacks. This Outfit can absorb up to 10 points of Physical Wound Rating per scene, after which it becomes ineffective. This ability activates automatically and absorbs the maximum amount of damage until it deactivates.

(Kawato-rengou: Fashion) Fujihakama [Buy: -/15] [Hide: -/0] [Hack: 13] [Slot: Suit]
- Traditional Japanese clothing made by a master artisan in Asakusa and dyed in the Kawato-rengou colors. When wearing this Outfit, you get +[Your <Path of Chivalry> SL] to the Wound Rating of Physical Wounds you inflict with Melee Weapons.

(Kawato-rengou: Magic Item) Takarafune [Buy: -/20] [Hide: 14/0] [Hack: -] [Slot: Charm]
- A mysterious cup passed down among the Kawato-rengou, rumored to bring good luck, though the truth is unknown. When you have this Outfit equipped, Kawato-rengou and Legger Style Skills that give you Credits get +1 to the amount of Credits they reward you with.

Faction Skills