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(From TOS World Section)

Hiruko are mutated humans born due to genetic mutation. It's said that Hiruko came to be during the outbreak of a new kind of virus in the heart of Osaka MOON, termed a "Microhazard"*. There are many kinds* of Hiruko, such as the Tyrant, the Tengu, and the Nearfolk. Each individual Hiruko is like a unique species unto themselves, no two exactly alike. Possessing strange appearances, strength, and unique abilities humans lack, there can be no doubt that Hiruko cannot be categorized as being human.

Initially, when Hiruko were first discovered, they had only adapted to living in the contaminated zones on the outskirts of MOON, so they were believed to simply be a special kind of mutant. However, gradually the Hiruko territory expanded, and it turned out that many Hiruko were flowing into N◎VA. The general public only became aware of Hiruko on a wider scale, however, after the Exseed incident.

  • Microhazard = Prior to the Hazards, the Japanese government was attempting to create the "perfect human" through genetic manipulation. When the Hazards hit, the top-secret research specimen known as Hiruko Origin escaped. Moreover, once the government attempted to reproduce Hiruko Origin, it instead inadvertantly released the "Microhazard" virus. The truth of the Microhazard is that it created the Hiruko, as well as countless corpses. The Japanese government keeps these facts concealed.
  • Many Kinds = In Osaka MOON, the categories of Hiruko originated from the streets. Swimming types are called kappa, those that fly are called hiruko, and those that are active on or below the ground are called various things like tsuchigumo.

The Exseed Incident

An incident wherein a certain mutant led an mutant uprising, and clashed with the N◎VA military. During the incident, the mutants carved out a self-sufficient place for themselves in the N◎VA slums, named Hiruko Town. This incident exposed the existence of Hiruko to the world.

Hiruko Today

Once the existence of the Hiruko came to light, a few governments and corporations, as well as the Society of True Teachings moved to recognize the human rights of Hiruko. However, Hiruko come in many shapes and sizes, from the Nearfolk, which have appearances close to humans, to the Tyrants, which look like nothing short of monsters. There are even those that are walking bio-hazards, or spread Hirukoization disease.

Therefore, it's no surprise that mistrust causes the granting of human rights to be uncertain. At the end of the day, the Hiruko who spread disease by their very existence will, sadly, always evoke primal fear in humans. Until a fundamental solution regarding the ecology of Hiruko is found, they cannot hope for a better standing in society's eyes.

There are some famous people who have revealed themselves to be Hiruko, such as rock singer Jennifer Rockwell. Since the Holy Mother changed, the Society has been actively engaged in helping the Hiruko. However, even with this, the overall situation hasn't changed. For now, the only place that can be said to be a haven for the Hiruko is N◎VA's Hiruko Town. Hiruko from all over desire to live in N◎VA for just that reason.

Hiruko Town

Hiruko Town, within the Tokyo N◎VA slums, is an independent enclave of Hiruko.

The Formation of Hiruko Town

Exseed was a mutant who believed that the Hiruko were humanity's next step in evolution, and brought about the Hirukoization effect of humans within N◎VA's red zone. Exseed believed he would demolish the barrier between human and Hiruko by making all humans into Hiruko.

The N◎VA military's response was swift and decisive. Declaring that Hirukoization was spread by the very existence of Hiruko, the military launched a disease-control operation to exterminate every last one of the mutants. The Hiruko, looking to Exseed for guidance, fought back. For a time, N◎VA was cast into war.

The conflict ended with the declaration* of Exseed's death. And, without Exseed to spread the virus, the Hirukoization effect eventually subsided. Believing the most pressure issue to have been resolved, the military ended their blockade of the red zone, and withdrew.

From then on, Hiruko Town served as a place Hiruko in N◎VA could live. Even those humans affected by Hirukoization gathered there. The existence of Hiruko gained world-wide recognition thanks to the incident, and those who declare themselves to be Hiruko are also growing. Those who do, flock to Hiruko Town.

  • Declaration = It's rumored that someone handed over Exseed's corpse to the N◎VA military. It's also said that corpse is a fake.

Hiruko Town Today

Today, the N◎VA military is no longer stationed around the red zone, and the Japanese government has taken a stance of ignoring the problem. Publically, Hiruko Town is said to be self-governing, but the truth is they're just being left alone. The Hiruko maintain a residential area in one corner of the slums, and have begun living under self-rule. Hiruko Town is a safe place for Hiruko. On the other hand, one can't shake the feeling that it's simply an abandoned section of the megaplex.

Hiruko Hunters

Corporate agents kidnap Hiruko from the largely ignored Hiruko Town and conduct illegal slave trading or even live experimentation without the public's awareness. Also, it's rumored that Hiruko who have gained enough notoriety to influence people are hunted by the Japanese military. Of course, private police would dream to interfere in any of this. As such, Hiruko have formed their own self-defense forces to combat against these scourges.

Faction - Hiruko Town

  • Name: Hiruko Town
  • Type: Community
  • Subfactions: Underwater Kingdom
  • Headquarters: N◎VA, Hiruko Town

Hiruko Town, nestled within a corner of the Tokyo N◎VA slums, is a place where bodily deformed humans known as Hiruko gather. It was created during the Exseed incident, which caused an uptick in the number of Hiruko in N◎VA. Global acceptance of Hiruko is still low. At present, in the Neuro Age, there is no other publically-recognized place for Hiruko to live than Hiruko Town in N◎VA.

While being in a red zone, Hiruko Town is recognized by the Administration as being self-governing. Many unregistered persons live in Hiruko Town, but as a large amount of capital flows through the area, it has worked itself into a niche in the N◎VA economy. Yet, though it has the Administration's approval, in real terms it remains a neglected area of the megaplex, with public order being practically non-existant. Currently, though Hiruko Town outwardly appears to be holding its breath in anticipation, they never let down their guard against the Japanese military's tendency to hunt Hiruko. Likewise, the North American mafia (Carlyle Syndicate) has pushed into the district, and while they've established their own public order, the Mafia's laws don't necessarily apply to protecting Hiruko.

The residents of Hiruko have to deal with the live experiment hunters of the megacorp black sites, the interference of street gangs, the extortion of the mafia, as well as the Japanese army's assassination attempts all with their own power. To do this, during community meetings at Hiruko Town, the residents come together to plan to defend themselves with a strange sense of solidarity. Beyond that, the residents sympathize with even machinoids and humans who have lost their homes, and take in those who have found their way to them. The community Hiruko Town has created, while lax, is supported by an unwritten law of mutual aid, which ensures the peace of the district.

Prior to the spread of Hiruko awareness with the Exseed incident, the Hiruko cooperated with those who had no choice but to go into hiding, building an underwater kingdom in the sewers of N◎VA. In recent years, that kindness has been repaid with the creation of amphibious forces that engage in rescue operations and other support activities against the corporations and the military.

Faction Items

(Hiruko Town: Weapon) Hunting Bone [Buy: -/20] [Hide: -/ -4] [Attack: S+10] [Parry: 4] [Range: Close] [Hack: -] [Slot: Two Hands]
- A massive shamsir sword made from a Hiruko's bones. It can change its form into that of a rake. Change the following data with a Minor Action: [Attack: S+13 / Parry: 0], or return it to normal.

(Hiruko Town: Artificial Mutation) Luciola [Buy: -/15] [Hide: 16/ -1] [Hack: -] [Slot: Skin]
- A light emission organ that allows the free adjustment of its luminosity. In addition to providing illumination, it can release a bright flash. Use with a Major Action. Characters other than the user in an engagement with the user must pass an <Evasion> check, difficulty 20. If they fail, they take [BS: Dazed]. May be used once per scene.

(Hiruko Town: Drug) Hoshiuo [Buy: -/50] [Hide: 15/ -2] [Hack: -] [Slot: -]
- A mysterious dried meat that enhances someone's recovery abilities when eaten. Use with a Major Action. The user recovers from all Bad Statuses, and all physical wounds they've taken of 15 points or less.

Faction Skills

Combo: Free
Max SL: 5
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This is a [Position Skill] that represents membership voluntary residential self-defense force, the Hozuki.
Increase the {Physical Wounds} you inflict by [SL+2]. This skill only has an effect if you are equipped with a Bio-Outfit.

Hiruko Town Life
Combo: Free
Max SL: 2
Timing: Constant
Target: Self
Range: None
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This skill represents having adapted to life in Hiruko Town.
You gain +[SL] to your Life attribute. However, you also take -2 to your Mundane attribute (to a minimum of 0). This effect may be applied during the Pre-Act, and if so, cannot be removed by any effect until the end of the Act.

Instinctual Defense
Combo: Other
Max SL: 1
Timing: Reaction
Target: -
Range: -
Difficulty: None
Versus: None
This Style Skill represents your self-defense instinct, refined due to life in Hiruko Town.
During a Combo Check, you may make Reactions using an appropriate skill against "Versus: Impossible" attacks, as well as attacks that do not allow reactions, or prevent certain skills from being used.