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  • Name: The Chihaya Group
  • Type: Corporation
  • Subfactions: Chihaya Heavy Industries, Chihaya Medical, CME (Chihaya Music Entertainment), CNN (Chihaya News Network), CHIHAYA (fashion), Mikado Orbital Development, Mikado Security Preservation
  • Headquarters: "Center Rapids" Orbital

The Chihaya Group has been the pre-eminent Japanese megacorp dating back to the Hazards. They are a diverse group of companies with a presence in every industry imaginable, from police and security services to fashion and entertainment, foodstuffs, and household goods. Whether they're a Wet living in luxury in a White Area, or a slum dweller surviving by the skin of their teeth in a Red Area, it's difficult to live a life without relying on Chihaya products.

Though the Chihaya Group's influence spreads far and wide throughout the world, their heart is the arcology in Tokyo NOVA that is the head office of Chihaya Heavy Industries. It isn't just business know-how and expansion strategies that have gotten them here. Just like every corporation, they engage in covert operations. These are the purview of the Chihaya Heavy Industries Logistics Management Department.

The Logistics Management Department handles an innumerable variety of illicit operations for all divisions of the megacorp; it could be said to be the keystone of the entire Chihaya Group. Its First Team is tasked with planning, security, and protection; its Second Team is in charge of information gathering and security; its Third Team executes illegal operations; its Seventh Team sees to medical duties; and its Thirteenth Team is tasked to resolve all astral incidents. These are, of course, only a few of its many specialized divisions.

Though these kugutsu are, naturally, provided with the full extent of Chihaya's unparalleled equipment and techniques, it is hard for any one organization to provide all the necessary support for a megacorp as large as Chihaya. As a result, the corporation relies on a large number of freelance contractors in addition to their employees.

The Chihaya Group also possesses "The 22 Fangs", a group of special operatives trained from childhood by the head of the megacorp, Chihaya Toshiyuki. And like all megacorps in the Neuro Age, they have a private army under the umbrella of Chihaya Heavy Industries. Their special forces platoon, the "Night Force", is capable enough to be sent into even large-scale conflicts.

Yet the Chihaya Group still has yet another military asset at its disposal; Mikado Security Preservation, which answers to the orbital faction of the megacorp. Within Mikado Security Preservation, Security Team Nine is well known for its expertise at assassinations and sabotage, and they have other teams specialized in illicit activities. Once a major player in the civil war that took place within the company, this department now uses the skills they honed during their internal conflict against to wage war against other corporations.

As Chihaya has financial interests in companies like Shinohara Judicial and SSS, they have a high degree of independence from the law.

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