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This is an optional rule for Kuromaku's "Right Hand" Miracle.

The Kuromaku gains a single loyal subordinate to represent their "Right Hand." If their Style Level is above 1, they gain [Style Level] subordinates instead.

The effect of the "Right Hand" miracle changes based on which kind of Right Hand you select. Basically, you can choose your Right Hand from the three options below. You should confirm this with the Director during the Pre-Act. You can also mix and match Right Hand types if you have multiple of them.


This Right Hand is an Extra with no data. They can appear only in scenes where the Kuromaku is present and not alone. They cannot take Bad Statuses or Wounds and will not participate in combat.
Basically, you should only use this for roleplay purposes.

Miracle Effect: You heal a Wound, same as usual. If you use the miracle, your Right Hand retreats from the scene.


Your Right Hand can be another Cast Member. For this, both the Cast Member and the Director must give you their permission. You also cannot arbitrarily decide to change to or from this type of Right Hand in the middle of the Act. 

Right Hands who are Cast Members do not become your Thralls. They are free to disobey your orders if they desire, and even betray or work against you.

This is also essentially used for roleplay. This way, one of your fellow Cast Members can roleplay as your Right Hand.

Miracle Effect: You heal a Wound, same as usual. However, even if you use the Miracle, it has no effect upon the Cast Member roleplaying your Right Hand.


You can construct a Guest to be your Right Hand in the same manner as a Cast Member. You will both roleplay them and play them as if they were a Cast Member, making checks for them using your own hand of 4 cards.

However, they are subject to the following limitations:
* Right Hands cannot use Miracles (unless "Fight!" or "Please!" is used on them)
* Right Hands cannot make Checks while Backstage
* Right Hands cannot acquire Credits (if something would cause them to, the Kuromaku gains the Credits instead.) They can use the Kuromaku's credits as if they were their own.
* Right Hands cannot have Right Hand Guests of their own (other types of Right Hand are fine)
* Right Hands cannot use [Troop Summon Skills]
* Right Hands recover from Coma, Death and Catatonia during the Post-Act with no penalties
* If the Kuromaku dies or becomes unplayable, the Right Hand does as well

Rules for constructing Right Hand Guests:
Select Styles, calculate Attributes (with no Bonus Point), and record Common Skills in the normal manner.
Right Hands do not gain any Auto-Outfits (except IANUS ot Wet) or Auto-Skills (except City Society for the campaign's starting megaplex.)
The Kuromaku then must buy all Outfits and Skills for them using their own XP.

Miracle Effect: The effect of "Right Hand" as a miracle is now, quite literally, "You have a Right Hand." It is always active and you cannot use it to heal a Wound.
Others cannot cancel this Miracle using effects like Chai. Fight!, Please!, Mutation and similar effects cannot be used on your Right Hand Miracle.
However, there is still a Condition: If you use your Right Hand to your personal advantage, the "Used a Miracle fittingly" bonus XP can be awarded.