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When the red moon rises,
this world casts off its facade and reveals its true form.
From beyond the moon gate, they come.
The invaders -- the Emulators.
They come to bring ruin to our world.
In order to preserve the facade, in order to protect the world,
we must turn to the power we cast aside in bygone days.
The power of magic.
Those who wield it are known as the Night Wizards.


Night Wizard! is a tabletop (pencil-and-paper, face-to-face, et al.) role-playing game in the modern fantasy setting. It takes place in an alternate earth known as Far-the-Earth where the vast majority of people are ignorant of magic and the supernatural, due to a magical barrier known as 'Common Sense' that shields the world from such. The exception are Wizards, people who possess arcane powers and battle against the otherworldly Emulators who invade trying to corrupt the world barrier. Wizards are not just magicians of the traditional sort, but a variety of classes such as swordspeople, onmyouji, robots, etc; however, they must live a clandestine life posing as ordinary humans in order not to have their powers nullified by 'Common Sense'.

A typical campaign takes place in a high school setting where teenage Wizards go after school to battle in dungeons created by Emulators. The game setting was reportedly heavily inspired by the 2001 Alice Soft eroge 夜が来る! -Square of the Moon-.


If you would be interested in playing over IRC, come by #nightwizard on Rizon. A game might not happen just yet, but I'd like to gauge interest. -I failed jp302 04:32, 12 August 2011 (CDT)



On most pages the Japanese text is stored in wiki comments, edit the pages to see it.

No scans of the 2nd edition books exist to my knowledge; thus the Japanese text has been transcribed from physical copies with love, and most likely loads of errors as well. Fix them if you can make a guess what the typo was, or leave me a note if you can't. -I failed jp302

Table of Contents

School Maze

The first supplement for 2nd Edition. Contains a lot of stuff that was in the core rulebook for 1st Edition (albeit now in greater detail.)

Other Stuff