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  • "May I have the honor of this dance, madam?"
  • "I only drink the blood of those both beautiful and worthy of my recognition."

You are of the bloodline of darkness, a young prince of the race of vampires. The divinely ordained enemy of the human race, blood-sucking demons, immortals, noble beasts whom are at once loathed and yearned for.

Since Shinma and Meima have begun invading in force from other worlds, the world barrier has weakened. Because of this, the influence of vampires amongst the creatures of darkness has increased. While some vampires are pleased by this, many others are worried by the possibility that the world barrier may be destroyed, and humankind brought to extinction. Why they wish to preserve the existence of humans, though, is unknown.

In opposition to the more conservative of your kind, you have chosen to preserve the world barrier. This is the reason why you fight. As a superior vampire able to tolerate sunlight and suppress your urge to drink blood while maintaining enough power to fight for the world barrier's preservation, you were chosen for this task. Also, you're rather fond of humans. They're more than mere sustenance to you. So long as you coexist in the same world, you seek to understand humans... and are drawn to those with strong hearts among them.