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When the Red Moon Rises

Dream is reality.
The world is a facade.

On those nights when the red moon twinkles in the sky, the followers of darkness pass through the moon gate and invade the world of humans.

Unknown to humans, the world is silently crumbling.

Within it, demons are taking form—

When you took a stroll upon that night, did the darkness of the road ahead not seem an ill omen to you?

At the sight of that darkness, did from the depths of your body a sense of fear not come boiling up inside?

At that time, when you looked up at the sky...

Was a red moon not shining brilliantly above?

That sense of fear was not just your imagination.
What you felt was a natural instinct.
For within that darkness crawled the denizens of the "Other Side of the World."

For they always appear alongside that shining red moon--

The World's Veil, Barrier of Common Sense

In every country there have been passed down myths and legends, tales of unseen fairies and spirits, demons and all manner of other beasts... the truth is, all of them exist upon this earth. But another principle has been foremost in the history of mankind, the law of the world since the advent of 'common sense'- no, since the time when this world was enveiled in the barrier known as 'science'.

"The apple falls to the face of the earth because it is pulled there by the earth's gravity." "The earth is not the center of the universe, it revolves around the sun." And eventually- "If science cannot explain it, there is no way such a thing can exist in this world."

The entire world was enveiled in this barrier, known as "common sense." Humans embraced this common sense grounded in science, and those existences that were branded "senseless" were relegated to the world of myth. Before long, people began to consider them figments of the imagination. But, when the red moon floats in the sky, they come from the other side of the world- from the place we know as "Rikai."

Their intent, to destroy our peaceful everyday lives... They wish revenge upon the humanity that denied their existence. When the red moon appears, they open a "moon gate" through which they arrive in our world. To those few aware of their existence, there is a special name for these beings.

They are known as Shinma, or "Emulators."


The ominous red moon that floats in the sky is the mark of Emulators invading our world. Since bygone days, Emulators have frequently entered this world and hunted mankind. Those Emulators that are especially powerful are known as 'Maou'.

In their world, Rikai, a multitude of Maou rule with an iron fist... all watching vigilantly for an opportunity to prey upon the world of the other side. Their objective is to once again dwell in our world and gather the power which can be found here.

That power... is 'prana'.

In short, prana is the power to exist in this world. In order to continue existing within the limits of this world, living things... no, everything in this world that possesses a mind requires it. Humans, in particular, contain a great amount.

Emulators hunt humans for the sake of acquiring their prana. A being which has lost its prana will cease to exist. They can no longer impose their will upon the World Barrier, and it will not permit their existence.

'Lunar Caskets' and 'Lunar Robes'

Emulators are existences beyond the limits of common sense. Normally, they cannot exist in our world, which is governed by common sense. But, when they invade our world, they isolate themselves from 'common sense' in an individual barrier, also known as a 'Lunar Robe'. In addition, when they appear, they typically create a small world of their own where 'common sense' does not apply, known as a 'Lunar Casket'. It is a stronghold from which they can act to erode the world's common sense.

Against or within a Lunar Casket or Lunar Robe, weaponry created by the common sense known as 'science' is completely ineffective. Human beings which recognize Emulators only as imaginary existences have no means of opposing them. Against 'senseless' enemies such as these, humans are powerless.

But those Emulators which invaded the world in the past have always been repelled... and the common sense of the world has been protected up until today. In the shadow of history, there are people who have noticed the existence of Emulators and fought against them. Though they are human, they surround their bodies in Lunar Robes as the Emulators do, and wield against them a senseless power that humankind call 'magic'-

The ones known as 'Wizards'.

The Night Wizards

In this fragile, ever-changing world,
there are still those who wield the power of "magic" forgotten since long ago.
They are the only ones who can confront the darkness.
Magicians resurrected in the modern age.
In other words, they are-

...the Night Wizards.

Wielders of an Ancient Power

Once, 'magic' was a commonplace thing upon this earth. But when the world was veiled in the common sense known as 'science', people forgot about the existence of magic. However, even now, there is an unbroken line of succession for those powers thought lost long ago: The Wizards.

Like the Emulators, they isolate themselves against the influence of common sense with a barrier, and have faith in their powers that embody magic in this world. They can summon flame in places where nothing should burn, and call the wind to places where the air is still as death. And with those powers, they oppose the Emulators that come from Rikai.

They are born upon the request of the world itself. If one was born with the nature of a Wizard, they may suddenly awaken to their power overnight. Those who become Wizards are destined to a lifetime of fighting Emulators to protect the world, unknown to other humans...

Modern Magicians

Though magic has just been described as 'ancient power', those magicians who have revived it in the modern age have incorporated all manner of other powers into it, even those of science. In other words, Wizards' magic might instead be described as 'powers which common sense would not allow'.

Old-fashioned magicians who command fire, light and wind, martial artists who manipulate prana as the source of their technique, those who wield swords filled with demonic power, and man-made lifeforms created with futuristic technology... all stand among the ranks of the Wizards.


This section is a summary of some major events in the Night Wizard chronology, and on hold until I do the World Section.