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Onmyouji (Original engrish: Card Master)


  • "I command you, unclean spirit! Prostrate thyself before my majesty!"
  • "Come to me swiftly as the wind, my shikigami!"

You are an onmyouji, the recipient of the magical tradition of onmyoudou passed down from Japan of old. Of course, your bloodline is also ancient, and has long hunted the beings of darkness in secret. You have inherited their traditions, and so you continue their task. Within each of your charms, your family's wisdom resides. That is your pride.

Your objective is to exorcise demons and banish them to Rikai. Now that the world barrier has weakened, you must swiftly defeat Emulators to restore balance to the world. If you do not, the world barrier will be destroyed, legions of demons will be released upon the world, and vast numbers of innocents shall perish. That is why you cannot run away.

In order that this tragedy shall not come to be, onmyouji like you must stand amongst the other Wizards. You continue to fight today as well... so that your talent as an onmyouji may be recognized, so that you may earn a name for yourself amongst the Wizards, you exorcise and destroy demons.