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Great One


  • "Hmph, it's just as was written."
  • "If you're going to take that insolent attitude, prepare for your punishment!"


In bygone days, the gods who created this world once engaged in mutual warfare. The gods who lost this battle were sealed, and most were driven out of the material world, into the world of darkness. To distinguish them from the pantheon now living in the heavens, they are known as the 'Old Gods.'

Of these Old Gods, whom are 108 in number, you are one. Of course, most of your powers and your memory remain sealed, and you are no more capable than the average Wizard. But over time, you've come to love this world, Far-The-Earth. Therefore, as a Wizard, you fight against the rabble pouring into this world.

It seems some of the Old Gods reside in Rikai, as well. Some of them undoubtly your old acquaintances. But that means nothing to you. You will not allow anyone to meddle with your world. To protect this world, using the sealed Old God as the source of your power... that is your pride.