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Fallen One (Original engrish: Dark Hero)


  • "I shall take your life... and thusly, your power!"
  • "I must have power. For the sake of power, I shall not lose to anyone..."


You have made a contract with a powerful Emulator king - a Maou sealed in this world - and borrow their power in order to battle Emulators. The price of this contract was your soul. You have wagered your soul in order that you may achieve your heart's desire. For this, you are willing to use even a Maou's power.

But some day, that desire of yours will disappear. Your heart is being abraded, like a sand castle being washed away, and will someday fade into nothingness. Not only that, but you will forget the reason that you sought this power. However, if you can accomplish your heart's desire before then...

Beings such as you, the wizards known as Fallen Ones, have begun to appear uncommonly after the end of magical warfare. This shows that as the powers of the Maou increase, the power of the world barrier has become weaker. Therefore, Fallen Ones such as you may become more common. But that matters not to you. Your sole objective is to achieve your heart's desire...