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A group of 3~10 may be treated as a single character called a Mob. Whether a group of Emulators, victims possessed by them, or simple nuisances, Mobs can be used to reduce the number of small fry to individually manage in battle.

Identifying Enemies

In order to discern the abilities of creatures one encounters, it's necessary to make a Knowledge Judge against the difficulty level set by the enemy's Notoriety Level. During a Round, this is a Major Action. This is known as an Enemy Identification Judge.

If this Judge is successful, the GM should give the players a rough summary of the creature's Combat Attributes (or just HP and MP is fine) and Special Abilities.

How to Read Enemy Data


The enemy's size. An adult human male is Size 1. Size 0 is half of that, or about the size of a small child. Size 2 is about the size of a large car or small truck. After that, think of each increase in the size number as being twice as big.