Night Wizard!:Creating a Character

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As a Wizard, you shall save the world from certain doom!... is what they say, but receiving the power of a wizard and battling Emulators is not something you can do alone. You must create your alter ego, the Player Character.

The Two Methods

'Characters' in Night Wizard are separated into two classes, Player Characters (PC) and Non-Player Characters (NPC). The PCs are all Night Wizards, the heroes who fight Emulators and protect this world, Far-The-Earth.

There are two ways of creating a PC, Quick Start and Construction. The players and GM should come to an agreement which is to be used.

This section will first explain Quick Start; Construction requires gathering quite a bit of data and some time and effort.

Quick Start

Quick Start is a way of acquiring usable player characters swiftly so that the game of NW2 can be started with little effort.

Upon the GM's instruction, please select a character from one of the 18 sample character sheets provided. This character data should be adequate for a quick game. The sex, age, name, and Life Path are of course yours to decide; they don't need to correspond to the picture or class summary.