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I wasn't shy about changing around terms. This page is for the benefit of people who've read the original rulebook and might otherwise get confused if they encounter the changes.

General Terms

Really General Terms

I changed these either because they unnecessarily defied common (English) RPG terminology or they were used to refer to something entirely different elsewhere in the text.

Japanese English
ジャッジ(判定) Check
ターン Round
パート(セッション中) Phase
レベル(強化パーツ) Tier


The Japanese word used, 未練, means attachment to something (or someone) with an implication of being unable to get over it despite one's better judgement. I originally planned to use just "Attachments" for this, but Yaruki Zero's "Fetters" is more colorful and somewhat implies the same meaning.

Battle Map

I was extremely liberal with the names of the areas on the battle map, as they're not actually important. The result, hopefully, is that the order is more intuitive to English speakers with a basic knowledge of mythology.

Japanese Literal English
楽園 Paradise Eden
花園 Flower Garden Elysium
煉獄 Purgatory Limbo
地獄 Hell Hades
奈落 Naraka Tartarus



Damaged Goods

The Japanese skill name literally means "Half-Destroyed", but I felt that this was not an intuitive description of what the skill represents.



Great Knife

The Japanese part name is "Jogiri" in reference to an advertising campaign for 'The Hills Have Eyes' gone horribly wrong. I made it a more descriptive Silent Hill reference instead.


Quadruple Amputee

The Japanese part name is "Daruma".


Undead Pet

The Japanese part name is "Small Undead", but I felt that this was not an intuitive description of what the part describes.