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The most conventional of Dolls.
Corpses that move even now.
Soldiers that are dead even now.
And yet they walk even now.
The specialty of this Class is immortality. They are designed foremost for the stoutness of their bodies. All the menace of the walking dead are embodied in the Stacies.

If you're wondering about the name of this class, it's a reference to a film.

Reinforcement Points

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 1 0

Special Skill

Name Timing Cost Range
Crawling Flesh Check 0 0~2
Effect You may only use this Skill after you have taken damage.
Hinder 3.
Insert description here.


Name Timing Cost Range
Unfazed Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, if your Parts are damaged, you may continue to use Maneuvers they enable until the end of the Round.
Insert description here.

Name Timing Cost Range
Remain Dead Rapid 0 Self
Effect Regenerate a Basic Part of yours that was damaged.
Insert description here.

Name Timing Cost Range
Defend Damage 0 0~1
Effect When the target takes damage, you may take that damage in her place.

You may use this Skill any number of times per Round.

Insert description here.

Name Timing Cost Range
Meat Shield Damage 0 0~1
Effect Negate the damage of an attack and all associated effects (including Dismemberment, Chain Attacks, and Area Attacks.)
Insert description here.

Name Timing Cost Range
Made to be Broken Auto None Self
Effect Add +1 to all die rolls for Attack Checks and Dismemberment Checks.

However, at the end of the Battle Phase and each Round of combat, you must damage one of your own Parts of your choice. This cannot be manipulated by Maneuvers that affect Costs.

Insert description here.

Name Timing Cost Range
Organ Donor Auto None See Below
Effect At the end of the Battle Phase, all of your Sisters of your choice can regenerate their broken Entrails parts.
Literal translation of the name is 'Entrails Pig,' but I'm sorry, that sounds too stupid for me to abide.

Name Timing Cost Range
Corpse Style Judge See Below 0~1
Effect As the Cost of this Skill, break one of your Basic Parts.

Support 2 or Hinder 2.

Insert description here.