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A few representative enemies have been shown.

However, by combining parts and skills in countless ways it's possible to make enemies other than these.

When you've been playing for a long time, the Dolls will know their enemies well and the sense of tension that comes from the unknown will be lost. At that time, the Necromancer must construct new enemies.

Below are explained the rules for constructing new enemies.

Legions, Horrors, and Savants are all constructed in different ways, but have some parts in common. This will be explained below.


Choosing Parts

Adding Parts to an enemy to strengthen them will increase their Threat Level at a specified rate. This rate is listed below.

One can also freely exchange parts from basic enemies for others or add new parts to them. In this way, existing Undead can be strengthened or changed to create different enemies.

Legions, Horrors and Savantrs all have further details to their method of creation as explained later.

If a enemy you've created has a Threat Level ending in .5, don't drop the remainder. Please adjust it to an integer by adding a part worth 0.5 or 1.5.

Part Rate Table

Threat Level 0.5 Jaw, Shoulder, Fist, Entrails
Threat Level 1 Eyeball, Arm, Spine, Bone, Leg

Part equivalent to a Treasure
Tier 1~2 Reinforcement Parts (except as listed below)

Threat Level 1.5 Brain

Tier 3 Reinforcement Parts (except as listed below)
Position or Class Skills (except Special Skills)

Threat Level 2 Enemy Exclusive Parts

Class Special Skills

Threat Level 3 Zombie Bomb (Tier 2 Enhancement)

Even Unto Tartarus (Junk Skill)

  • Warning: Attack Maneuvers that cause Area Attacks add 0.5 to the Threat Level. This adjustment has already been made to Enemy Exclusive Parts.
  • Warning: An Emeny cannot possess the same Part twice, with the exception of Entrails (maximum 3) and Bones (maximum 2.)
  • Warning: Legions and Horrors cannot acquire Parts whose effects relate to Locations (such as Gauntlet and Quadruple Amputee.)

Parts Enemies Cannot Acquire

There are some Parts and Skills that are permitted to Dolls, but not Enemies. These are listed below.

  • Maneuvers with the effect "Stagger"
  • Instantaneous (Thanatos Skill)
  • Extreme Mutation and Clockwork (Baroque and Romanesque Skills)
  • Things related to Conversation Checks (such as Alice's "Maiden")
  • Things with Madness Points as their Cost (such as Holic's "Impulse")
  • Things that only have effects outside of battle (such as Court's "Composure")

Creating Horrors

Horrors are the simplest type of enemy to create. A basic Horror has Threat Level 1, and can have parts added to it or changed. It's also simple to remodel an existing Horror.

Below are the specifications of a basic Horror.

Basic Horror

  • Threat Level 1
  • Maximum Action Points 8
  • Brain
  • Tier 1~2 Enhancement
  • Bone
  • Entrails
  • Entrails

The listed Maximum Action Points take into account the Brain. Without the Brain, it has only 6 Maximum Action Points. Be careful.

However, one cannot create a Horror with Threat Level 1. Horrors must have a minimum of Threat Level 2.

Creating Savants

When you've settled on the story of your scenario to some extent, you'll have to create a Savant. It's the role of the Savant to provide exposition on the setting of the scenario and the twisted world is takes place in. For the sake of creating a drama all your own, try creating a Savant twisted by madness. A basic Savant has Threat Level 2, and can have parts added to her or changed. Below are the specifications of a basic Savant.

Basic Savant

  • Threat Level 2
  • Maximum Action Points 9
  • Head: Brain, Eyeballs, Jaw
  • Arms: Fist, Arm, Shoulder
  • Torso: Spine, Entrails, Entrails
  • Legs: Bone, Bone, Leg

The listed Maximum Action Points take into account the Brain and Eyeballs. Without the Brain and Eyeballs, she has only 6 Maximum Action Points. Be careful.

Unlike Dolls, Savants can have their Basic Parts moved to different locations. But, at the time they're repositioned, one should consider whether to rename them. For example, the Eyeballs could be be moved to the legs. Using different Parts with the same effect is fine too.

Creating Legions

TL;DR- don't. Fighting strong Legions is not fun because they don't weaken significantly when they get hurt.