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In order to better understand the world of Theldesia after the Catastrophe, this page contains the Enemy Data as found in the Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook.

In the LHTRPG, enemy monsters are ranked according to suitable player's level.

Rank 1

One of the evil demi-humans. They are little monsters covered in scales and have dog-like heads. There are many different variations, some even with equipment and weapons.
Because they are militant when they are forming a flock, they are considered a troublesome despite their weakness, especially because of their talents at making traps. However, some believe that they're the best for the group training.
In the Forest where there is lurking Kobolds, sample scenario for beginners, <Kobolds> understand and speak the human language. They captured a villager girl and are planning to demand a ransom (the text suggests that they don't understand the meaning of 'Ransom' very well).
<Kobold Caster>
A type of <Kobold> that uses elemental attack magic. Their outfits (including the crest, wizard robe and wand) are more gorgeous than the common <Kobold>'s, and thus can be easily recognized.
They attack from a long distance while hiding behind walls or obstacles. When they are chased, they run away and lead Adventurers into their traps. For these reasons, they are rather unpopular enemies.
After the Catastrophe, they have been respected by common <Kobolds>, being accompanied by subordinates in most cases.
Carnivorous plant that walks with its roots, which are developed like legs. At the center of four vivid red and green petals is an almond-shaped, teeth-filled mouth that can open in four directions. Their vines are pliable like a whip, binding their victim. They appear everywhere, but tend to like forest areas where there is a high percentage of prey.
Human palm-sized fairy that lives in the ancient ruins or caves. Looks like a boy who has a wing of bee on his back.
They can disappear by magic, and are skilled at sneak attack by a needle-like thin sword. After the Catastrophe, they enjoy playing pranks on humans, especially those involving horses; it is necessary to be careful when you see <Pixies> while riding a horse.
<Brier Weasel>
Stoat-like small magical creature that inhabits the coppice and the plain. They have an ability to control plant elementals, and their tails are entwined by a magical brier. When the battle breaks out, they make a blow with this brier like a whip.
Because of their charming coat and appearance, there is some Adventurers who is trying to tame them. However, no one has succeeded yet. When you approach them, you will notice that they surprisingly stink.
Note: According to Scenario Library, it turned out that baby <Brier Weasels> raised by Mankind can be tamed and make a contract with Summoner. Also, their awful smell can be suppress by special foods. They started gaining popularity as pet monster.
Badly rotten humanoid undead monster. They walk very monotonously and dully, but grasp with terrific force and bite their enemy.
Even brawny warriors will put in a predicament if they are surrounded by the horde of <Zombies>. Moreover, after the Catastrophe, their rotten smell is a great worry to Adventurers.
Mimic-type monster that takes the appearance of a scarecrow. Being placed in the field in rural area, they make a surprise attack on whoever mistakenly believes that they are harmless decoys. Despite their comical looks, the sharp blow of their arrows from the blind spots is not to be underestimated.
<Repeater> --- Mindless Gimmick
Bowgun mechanism that reloads itself. Having a high ability about continuous and quick shots, it continues to shoot as long as its prey stays within its range. Because of the lack of a mini-map in dungeons after the Catastrophe, quite a few Adventurers accidentally trigger it.
It basically releases an ordinary arrow, but the existence of burning-arrow and poisoned-arrow has been reported.

Introduced outside of Basic Rulebook

<Sewer Rat> --- added in Scenario Library "Hungry shadows under the Table"
Giant brown rat that is about fifty centimeters in body length. They live the dark moist places as the sewers, and eat the kitchen garbage. Their behaviors and intelligence isn't different from normal rat's, but a bite of plague-spreading front teeth is unexpectedly stinging. You should pay attention when they appeared in a group.
After the Catastrophe, <Sewer Rats> are often seen on the ground due to their dearth of food. They are considered vermin, and the requests to eliminate them come constantly.
<Gray Pudding> --- added in Scenario Library "Hungry shadows under the Table"
Gray jellified mollusk that inhabits in the dungeon and preys on small animals. It moves very slowly; even if it put forth full speed, it is a half of human's speed. There is a theory that <Gray Puddings> were artificial life form for cleaning created by the ancient magicians.
It is about one meter in diameter, but it had been confirmed the existence of small house-sized individual. If you carelessly break into their lair, you'll melt.
<Rat-Man Minion> --- added in Scenario Library "Hungry shadows under the Table"
Among the <Rat-Men>, they are weak and do errands to get a tiny share of other <Rat-Men>. They appear as the subordinates of higher-class <Rat-Man> in most cases.
While hunting to present the preys to their boss, they learned how to use the bow and arrows cleverly. Sometimes they receive the commands from their boss to do dangerous job or become the shields for other <Rat-Men>.
<Bambooshoot Boar> --- added in Scenario Library "Legend of Gastronomy: Ultimate Meat Bun"
<Crimson Maple> --- added in Scenario Library "Legend of Gastronomy: Ultimate Meat Bun"
<Kobold Partizan> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Kobold Partizans> wield spear and run about the battlefield for disrupting enemies. They have a high ability to break through the front-line because they are swift-footed and rather agile.
Unusually for tricky <Kobolds>, their tactic is simple. However, their high mobility will be a menace to Adventurers at defensive battle. They run around like wolves, in defiance of ally's traps.
<Kobold Medic> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
Among the <Kobolds>, <Kobold Medic> is good at support. He isn't a threat when he is alone; but you must be careful when he is with the other <Kobolds>.
They have a primitive technique to process herbs for making potions with their characteristic dexterity. These potions are unrefined and have strong side effects; Mankind won't use such risky ones. But you can't despise its effect in the extreme situation like a battle. If you're lucky, you'll get their suspicious potions.
<Kobold Heavyarm> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
Heavily armed foot soldier of <Kobold>, wearing thick armor on his small figure. He doesn't only have high defense ability, but also protect his ally as a shield.
With a sword, a shield, and armor......he really looks like a competent warrior. But if you examine him closely, you'll notice that his armor is a mixture of junks and handmade parts, and his weapons are crude. Although he is heavily armed, a Rank 1 monster couldn't have great equipment. However, he still has a power that enough to prevent a blow of an unfledged Adventurer.
<Kobold Hunter> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Kobold Hunter> is armed with crude bow, arrows, and simple leather armor. When they find the invaders, they rapidly shot their arrows from concealed place with the war-cry.
<Kobold Hunters> show their dexterity as great shooters. Fledgling Adventurers mustn't underestimate them. Also, their shooting skill is seems to be helpful for the procurement of food.
<Kobold's Crane> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
Movable crane that was made by dexterous <Kobolds>. It can hook the <Kobolds> to move them the other place, but unfortunately, can't stop moving until it collide with something.
In battle, this crane will hit itself against the Adventurers and move the <Kobolds> to throw the battlefield into confusion. It is usually used to carry the large burdens, but it is easy to break because it is of rough construction.
<Oobold> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
Subspecies of <Kobold> that is larger and bulkier than common ones. One of features of <Oobolds> is their fangs that are too big and sharp to fit in their mouth. Their power is high, and their equipment is better than common <Kobold>'s in many cases.
<Oobolds> tend to raise each individual's power, and have a liking for violent fighting style besides the <Kobold>'s typical cooperative tactics and the battle that use some gimmicks. Sometimes <Oobold> hit the allies with his fist as punishment when they miss the attack. Because of this, the number of <Kobolds> that don't want to act together with <Oobolds> has increased since after the Catastrophe.

Rank 2

<Flame Pillar> --- Mindless Gimmick
Pillar of fire that has a powerful blaze and never be extinguished. It's a perfect flame created by magic; therefore, water and oxygen wouldn't become its weakness. When a hostile presence approaches, it teleports and devours the enemy. Because of its suddenness, <Flame Pillar> is more feared than its actual damage.
<Assassin Bee>
A very aggressive honeybee as large as an adult's palm. Its appearance is similar to an ordinary bee's, but its color is a bit darker. They make swarms and attack the moving object with their poisonous stingers. They don't hesitate, even if enemy is a <Giant>.
After the Catastrophe, <Assassin Bees> have been seen near the human habitations, looking for the flower nectar.
A flame spirit that appears around sources of fire, such as volcanic zones, furnaces, smithy, etc. It looks like a cross between a lizard and a frog, and are popular among a part of Adventurers as mascot character.
<Salamanders> have high resistance to fire and heat, being capable to radiate intense heat from their body surface and breathe the fire out from their mouth. They can be summoned by Summoners and made a substantial contribution to the post-Catastrophe technological development, including the steam engine as heat source.
Owl-headed bear that lives in dense forests. Their fur has superior heat-retaining properties and have been dealt with at a relatively high price.
Adult <Owlbear> is three meters or more in body length, thus can't hide in the hollow trees or caves. Instead, they began to inhabit in the dungeons after the Catastrophe. Sometimes, <Owlbear> babies are brought up by evil demi-humans for training to attack humans.
Animated skeletons that moves with rattling sound. Their empty eye sockets possess the blue flame which burns with hatred for the living things.
Since food is not required, <Skeletons> sometimes appear in flocks as subordinates of higher-class undead. They are equipped with rusty sword and armor, and attack Adventurers with their unexpectedly artful swordplay.
<Skeleton Archer>
A type of <Skeleton> equipped with bows and arrows. They are placed at important points of the dungeon as the unsleeping guards. They have true aim and even craftiness that keeps constant a distance to their target while shooting their arrows.
<Skeleton> has many variations of equipment, and its variety is on the rise after the Catastrophe.
<PK Samurai>
Even after the forming of <Round Table Conference> and the restoration of security, there's still player-killers who targets Adventurers and Landers. <PK Samurai>'s prominent feature is heavy blows in a fit of anger, but their greatest element is the counterattack.
<PK Swashbuckler>
Even after the forming of <Round Table Conference> and the restoration of security, there's still player-killers who targets Adventurers and Landers. With their agile movement and dual-sword style, <PK Swashbucklers> play on their enemy.

Introduced outside of Basic Rulebook

<Rat-Man Stringer> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Rat-Man Hooligan> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Rat-Man Meanness> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Rat-Man Bonehead> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Rat-Man Harvester> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Disease Beast> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "

Rank 3

One of the evil demi-humans that have short, ugly, skinny, and twisted figure and green skin. Since before the Catastrophe, they were known as the monster that Adventurers can't help but have a longstanding relationship from beginner to maximum level cap.
One <Goblin> is definitely not strong. However they're pugnacious and alert, conspiring together and trying to break through the front-lines. Sometimes Adventurers take a unexpected beating by them.
<Goblin Shaman>
A type of <Goblin> who excels in magic. Having a decorated wand and a skull headgear, they look craftier than common <Goblins>. Their ice magic are formidable, particularly their wide-area attacks in densely-populated areas.
Because of their high intelligence, they take the important positions in the small group. Some Adventurers have seen them performing occultic ceremonies in the wilderness or forest.
<Giant Spider>
Spider that is about the same size as medium-sized dog. Their colors is green or brown, having an effective camouflage effect in the forest. They weave transparent webs to catch prey.
Their thread is not only sticky, but also have a sharpness that can easily cut flesh. Furthermore, their bodily fluids are corrosive. If you kill those spiders thoughtlessly, you end up soaked with poison.
A kind of fairy that lives in the old battlefields or graveyards. Takes the appearance of an old man of short stature.
Cunning, they tend to fight while making use of topography. They approach with stealthy steps from behind obstacles and swing a large hatchet down.
It is believed that their red clothes and cap have been dyed in the blood of victims. <Redcap>'s abominable appearance frighten many Adventures more than their real ability.
<Anti-Bug's Light>
Adult's palm-sized firefly that inhabits the graveyard, absorbing the ambient light and attacking their prey in the darkness.
They have a habit of pouncing upon moving objects and unleashing their magic power at the point of death.
<Green Slime>
Artificial shapeless life form. They try to undermine the preys by the mucus that can melt the protector and the deformable tentacles.
They live in the humid dungeon and noiselessly creep on the wall and over the ceiling. After the Catastrophe, <Green Slime> won fame as an outstanding participant in the worst monster ranking for female Adventurers.
<Clockwork Dragonfly>
An unmanned weapon created by the ancient Alv race. About fifty centimeters in body length, it looks like a dragonfly with metallic wings. They have two pulse-laser cannons on their heads, shooting at targets while flying around.
It seems like they were produced in quantity: they appear in the ancient ruins with considerable frequency.
<Gregarious Asphymoss> --- Mindless Gimmick
Dark green, deadly spore-discharging moss. This trap was responsive only to Adventurers before the Catastrophe, but now, it is said that it began to get aggressive towards monsters as well. About this matter, the researchers are divided in opinion.
As a conspicuous feature after the Catastrophe, its spore adheres to the victim's respiratory organs and causes breathing problems.

Introduced outside of Basic Rulebook

<Lizhi Boar> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2
<Matsutakonid> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2
<Goblin Destructer> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Goblin Sniper> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Goblin Conjurer> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Goblin Skater> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Hobgoblin Bareknuckle> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Goblin Totem> --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "

Rank 4

<Living Gravestone> --- Mindless Gimmick
Gravestone that has been deteriorated by strong miasma of the undead. Once it activates, it starts to summon <Skeletons> one after another. Summoned <Skeletons> can be destroyed individually, but they extinguish at once when the <Living Gravestone> responsible is broken.
There are some subspecies that summons <Zombies>, <Ghouls> or other undeads.
One of the evil demi-humans, looking like between a human and a bipedal rat. Their height is short, and their body has smooth and seemingly moist fur that colored grey, brown, or black.
They tend to avoid fights against stronger opponents, but when the battle begins, they bravely bite with their front teeth that has plague-spreading ability.
Usually <Rat-Man> lives in dark moist places as the caves. After the Catastrophe, some of them immigrated to city sewers and have been threatening the Landers.
Plant monster that takes the appearance of beautiful girl or lady. They have the green skin, the hair made of vines, and hair ornament-like flower.
They summons magical ivy and whip their enemies. Those ivy has poisonous minute thorns that makes Adventures feel the clouded consciousness.
Wind spirit that appears in the graveyards and the old battlefields. Looks like the white shining crab, shooting the whirlwinds from their claws to combat their enemies. They're usually quiet and induces harmless phenomenons like autumnal winds.
It is said that a <Sprite>'s wind carries dead souls. After the Catastrophe, the opportunities to witness them at the old battlefields have increased.
Humanoid undead that has grey skin, yellow eyes and inordinately developed fangs. You should pay attention to their poisonous nails.
Among the Landers, it is believed that a dead person who still has great regrets and grudges becomes a <Ghoul>. However, whether it's true or not is unknown.
They wander under the cover of darkness. After the Catastrophe, they began attacking livestock.
Subspecies of <Ghoul> that takes the appearance of a young girl.
They look more human than common <Ghouls> and make Adventures hesitate to slay them. Their nails and fangs are coated with a paralytic poison. Once they bite you, it's difficult to pull them off.
After the Catastrophe, they gained the devilish wisdom to pretend to be orphans or lost children.
<Terracotta Golem>
A type of <Golem> that made by burnt clay. They are about three meter tall and looks like the stocky human who is wearing goggles, highly resembling Shakōki-Dogū.
As the guard of the graveyard and ancient ruins, they face up squarely to any invaders.

Introduced outside of Basic Rulebook

<Wild Giant> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2
<White Forest Tiger> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2
<Hydra> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2
<Poison Giant> ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2

Rank 5

About one meter high, a <Myconid> is a charming mushroom that has beady eyes, an expressive mouth, short limbs, and light-green pileus. Contrary to its appearance, it is quite powerful. A kick from lower position sends an intense shock through the target's body.
They prefer moist areas like depths of the forest, caves, or waterways. But sometimes you can see them running around and looking about for a place to relax.
<Long Coil>
A subfamily of the <Dragon> family that tends to dwell in the dark places such as caves, underground passages, or ruins.
Their wings and hind legs degenerated, and when they coiled up, their appearance is suggestive of a snake. However, their fangs and claws are trenchant worthy of the name of <Dragon>.
Light sphere that be also known as 'Onibi' or 'Hitodama'. It looks like a fire, but doesn't release any heat.
<Will-o'-the-Wisps> mostly appear with other monsters, give them the vitality and disappear. After the Catastrophe, they frequently deceive the Landers and lure them into bogs and deep in the forests. The <Round Table Alliance> has been requested to eliminate these fireballs.
Large, mechanical enemy that can occasionally be encountered in the ruins of <Age of the Gods>. It has a cylindrical body and an arm that freely moves.
An aperture is arranged on the tip of the arm, and they can suck and expel various things with air. Some Adventures of Akiba are investigating <Sweepers> to make a vacuum cleaner, but it's still developing.
<Poison Spot> --- Mindless Gimmick
Natural or artificial dump of the poisonous substance that is consequently functioning as the trap. Some of the representative examples include the toxic gas-jetting holes and the foul-smelling bogs.
Those spots periodically scatter harmful substances, therefore the danger of the surrounding area gets worse over time. You can use these to entrap monsters, although it became more difficult to do so after the Catastrophe.
<Illegal Sorcerer>
There are Adventurers who wield their power to become a dreadful tyrant. <Illegal Sorcerers> are wide-area fire magic users. In most cases, they form a party with other Adventurers who have a similar idea, cornering the enemies in cooperation with party members and using their favorite spells to annihilate them at the same time.
<Illegal Monk>
There are Adventurers who wield their power for reign as dreadful tyrant. <Illegal Monks> wear tenacious armor on their robust bodies, and forcing the Landers and lower-level Adventurers to obey them. They charge into the enemy's lines alone because of their high defense, and use favorite martial arts to destroy them.

Rank 6

One of the evil demi-humans that inhabits the sea. Its appearance looks like a hybrid from a fish and a human, and colors of its scales are basically blue or green tones.
They seldom land, but rarely attack the villages near the coast. Although each one isn't significant, once they form a group, they brandish the spears and put pressure that Adventures can't despise.
<Sahuagin Sharkrider>
A troop type of <Sahuagin>. It corresponds to knight of human society, riding on a shark and wielding a coral spear of elaborate design. It's more similar to shark and more offensive than common <Sahuagin>.
After the Catastrophe, they seem to gain high status in the group. They occasionally challenge a one-on-one battle with Lander's boat.
Ferocious saltwater fish that is three to five meters in length. It specializes in quick movement in water.
<Sharks> bite with their jaw that have innumerable saw-like tooth, chase the wounded prey and try to kill them by from blood loss. They're solitary, but sometimes form the group when they smell the blood. In some cases, <Sahuagins> and <Lamias> tame them.
Water spirit that inhabits the lakes and springs. It takes the form of a female elf with fin-like ears.
They are talented in water-control magics; once they got mad, you will be punish by numerous ways from squirt water to tidal waves. They are often summoned by Summoner, and some of Adventures enjoy to put favorite clothing on them.
<Petit Medusa>
Child of <Medusa>, female monster which have snake-hair.
Pale skin and crimson eyes, this girl is apparently adorable. The countless snakes that make up her hair, however, send the eerie feeling that made her enough to be called a 'Monster'. Her gaze has a strong magical power, being paralysis the enemies as if they turned into the stone.
<Seven Peaks>
Ghost-type undead that appears near the waterside as the sea and the lakes. Extending their cold arms, they try to drag their prey into the water.
They constantly appear in a party of seven. In fact, these seven ghosts are counted as one monster in all. After the Catastrophe, Landers are fearing them as the strong collectivity of drowned dead souls.
<Water Jet> --- Mindless Gimmick
Powerfully water-gushing trap as the geysers and the flash floods. It washes away the Adventures to far away.
Some of <Water Jets> that have been placed before the Catastrophe is likely to lead the victims to more dangerous traps. You have to pay enough attention to that.

Rank 7

Subspecies of <Goblin> that is larger and more tactical than common ones.
They have a great loyalty towards the tribe, make full use of protective battle formation, and fight to the last breath. After the Catastrophe, they sometimes take the Lander knight's equipment to strengthen their armaments.
<Goblin Tamer>
A type of <Goblin> that is talented in training the animals. They're wearing the sturdy clothes which let them move easily.
They command the trained durable beasts, carry a whip as weapon, and even lead the monsters that they have never tamed before the Catastrophe.
<Dire Wolf>
Savage wolf that driven insane and enlarged through magic and the moonlight. Its body is covered with grey or steel blue bristles, and its eyes glint in full-moon color.
Their jaws easily bite off the flesh and even bones. Sometimes they are tamed by <Goblin Tamers> and become their mount.
Earth spirit that appears the old ruins, human habitations, and wherever there are the mechanism devices.
They have dexterity that can fiddle about with the machineries to break and newly create. <Gremlins> become the natural enemy of Mechanics and Artisans after the Catastrophe because they enthusiastically dabble in the machineries that their eyes settled on.
<Clockwork Scorpion>
An unmanned weapon created by the ancient Alv race. About two meters in body length, it looks like a scorpion. They moves hastily with eight legs and dartle the beam cannon that is arranged on the tip of the tail.
There're some variations of armament parts as the laser claws for close combat or the flamethrower.
<Wheel of Trample>
Self-propelled two-wheeled tank created by technologies of the <Age of the Gods>.
It looks like a riderless motorcycle that is big enough to ride for a <Giant>. With its mass and speed, its huge wheels trample everything on the road.
<Magia Cannon> --- Mindless Gimmick
Self-propelled magical turret created in the <Age of the Gods>. Its design of armoring and means of transportation are different in different places, but basic appearance is common; the turret is always placed on the top of the wheels-or-legs-attached body.
Contrary to its somewhat tubby and cute shape, the beams that fired from its main cannon is very dangerous. Once it activates, it never stop shooting until its prey escape outside its range.

Rank 8

<Wild Boar>
Wild animal that has a body that looks like a hill. If you carelessly close with this sensitive and cautious boar, it will attack to you.
A powerful charge with its gigantic figure has a destructive impact. Even veteran Adventurers should pay attention.
<Dream Imp>
Darkness and dream spirit that secretly lives near the human habitations. It takes the form of a child, mischievously smiling.
They can have control over the dream, and they began giving the nightmare to the sleeping person after the Catastrophe. They use spells to interfere mentally and disturb the enemies, inspiring their fear and making them daze.
Horse-like magical creature that inhabits the plains and the forests. A distinctive feature is a spiral horn coming from its forehead. This horn has a magic power that revitalizes the vital energy and sometimes becomes an object for the quests.
After the Catastrophe, there was a rumor that only pure maidens can ride on <Unicorns>, but it was a false. They are relatively popular for Summoners.
Ghost-type monster that appears in the deserted place like the dense forest or the ruins. It can create illusions and change its appearance or view of the surrounding area to lure the victims.
After the Catastrophe, their behaviors and appearances present an infinite variety; some <Phantoms> are deeply attached to something, others repeat same actions. They move evasively and attack with their hands that have the death energy.
<Vice Assassin>
These Adventurers' handsome face is twisted by wild atmosphere. <Vice Assassins> know well about how to use the small arms and potent poisons, and how to undermine their victims as fast and violent as they could.
<Vice Summoner>
These Adventurers' handsome face is twisted by wild atmosphere. Reflecting their morally ruined mind, <Vice Summoners> prefer to summon the swarm of poisonous bugs. When they meet with the strong enemy like Adventurers, they don't hesitate to devote all their energies into the first blow.
<Nightmare Cage> --- Mindless Gimmick
Magic apparatus that entraps whoever gets closer. Projecting the faintly shining light cage, it confines the victim's mind and deprives their corporeal freedom.
<Nightmare Cage> often suddenly vanishes as if it blend with air, so it's not easy to destroy it.

Rank 9

<Rolling Stone> --- Mindless Gimmick
Rolling object at high speed as a falling rock. It's called 'Stone', but Gamemaster can rename it to 'Rolling Log' or something.
After the Catastrophe, the effects that precede this trap were missing. It's more difficult to deal with it than before.
<Kobold Trapper>
A type of <Kobold> who excels in handling the traps. Its tool-carrying artisan-ish appearance stands out in the flock.
Their tactics of using the existing traps are still well, even after the Catastrophe.
Earth spirit that inhabits in the mines and mountains. It has a big hammer that is disproportionate to its small figure, and knocks around the lodes.
Lander miners believe that <Knockers> symbolize the good fortune because they let the miners know about the sign of accidents and the places of lodes. <Knockers> aren't belligerent, but if you piss them off, their hammer will be effectively utilized as terrible weapon.
<Sword Princess>
Weapon spirit that possesses into brave warrior's sword. She is a gallant princess who has knight's sword at the ready and is wearing armor over the dress.
Due to the description and beautiful appearance, she is a favorite amongst the players. In light of those circumstances, later on, she was implemented as Summoner's Minion and her sisters that possesses into other weapon appeared.
Small magical creature that has a shining ruby on its forehead. It is said that <Carbuncle> is an avatar of the light fairy and its ruby brings good luck.
They are cunning and nimble in contrast with their cute appearance, and their ruby has magic power of defence; hunting them down is not so easy. They can be summoned by Summoners, and after the Catastrophe, some Adventurers tend to summon them as pet animal.
A subfamily of the <Dragon> family that lives in the highlands. Its wings are excessively developed, and it can fly faster than a <Griffin>.
Keeping their high speed glide, they deliver a lightning blow of tail that inflicts a wound and status ailment on the enemy. They basically behave in herds; if you carelessly give battle to them, you won't get away with it.
<Stone Golem>
A type of <Golem> that made by enchanted building stones. It is a grey granite giant that is over eight meters in height and has long arms and tough upper body like a gorilla.
Their colossal fists never let the enemies go, and protect their mates as a shield. <Stone Golem> is worthy to be called a 'Fortress'.

Rank 10

A type of <Giant> with a rugged bull's head on the body that is about four meters in height. It has brown or black skin, muscular human's upper body, and bipedal bull's lower body. It wields a large and crude hammer or axe, but also is good at making a charge with their horns.
They tend to appear in the caves and the dungeons, but after the Catastrophe, some <Minotaurs> stay on the suburbs of Lander's villages and demand the human sacrifices.
<Venom Hydrangea>
Hydrangea that has the fascinating indigo blue and purple flowers. It walks with its mobile roots and hunts the preys with its venom pollen. It also can scatter the stimulant pollen that provoke other monsters.
Their horrible but beautiful flowers are likened to a <Hydra> that is rising its many heads.
Mutant <Griffin> that enlarged by the stagnation of special magic. It has the jet-black wings and fur, being even fiercer than common <Griffin>.
Usually they lurk in the old battlefields or the ancient Alven ruins while absorbing the ambient magic power. When someone encroaches on their domain, <Mut-Griff> tramples upon the enemies with its gigantic body that is over ten meters, and devours them.
<Orcus Jelly>
Among the oozy monsters in the dungeon, <Orcus Jelly> is especially monstrous size. Its ocherous body is the strong acidity gel; if you get closer, your equipments will deteriorate.
Many Adventurers had been hated this monster for previously mentioned reason since before the Catastrophe, and what was worse, it turned out that <Orcus Jellies> give out an intolerable stench.
Aristocratic humanoid undead that has a pale graceful appearance and high intelligence. They tempt humans with their seductive eyes, hurt them with their fangs and nails, and slurp the blood.
After the Catastrophe, their scope of activities rapidly expanded. Some <Vampires> increase their servant and even rule over an entire town.
<Vampire Servant>
Undead servant that created by the <Vampire>. Its appearance is not so different to <Vampire>. It is faithful in its master's service, cooperating with comrades and eliminating the enemies.
After the Catastrophe, they started to show their talents as butlers or maids. They take care of their master, manage their abode, and occasionally are sent on a mission for their master's wicked hobbies.
Veteran Adventurer that lost his/her reason and became a bloodthirsty murderer.
The more they get wounds, their violent attacks get heavier.
<Weakmaker> --- Mindless Gimmick
Autonomous attack-supporting weapon of the <Age of the Gods> that can analyze and expose the enemy's weak point. It is a sphere that is engraved the design of an eye, floating on the ponderous pedestal.
It freely turns, sends out a beam from the eye, exposes the captured enemy's weak point, and gives a blistering blow. It mostly appears with other monsters that are waiting for <Weakmaker> to expose the enemy's weak point.

Boss Enemies

<Kobold Leader> Rank 1
Leader of a flock of <Kobolds>. He is almost as tall as an adult human male, and his horns and tail look better than the other <Kobolds>'. He wears leather armor decorated with a medal, wields a magic spear that can amplify sounds, and commands his subordinates with his howls.
<Kobold Leader>'s favorite tactic is having his subordinates intensively attack the most powerful enemy while he uses <Howling Spear> to send sonic attacks from afar.
<Kobolds> prefer behaving together in groups. After the Catastrophe, some of them began to leave their residence and travel to join more mates. As a result, Lander's peaceful villages are threatened by <Kobolds> that came out from nowhere. The number of requests to eliminate them has risen sharply.
<Burning Dead> Rank 2
Ghost-type floating undead. It takes the form of a jet-black skeleton that wears wizard robe and wand, emitting blue flames from every joint. It is said that it is the grudge of dead by the fire had transformed into the monster. It creates the <Skeletons> from its grudge and commands them to work endlessly.
It tends to attack by its magic from afar while using subordinate <Skeletons> as walls, and its insubstantial body is unaffected by traps.
<Burning Dead> often appears in the smithy or workshop room in the depths of dungeons as an area-boss. Boss of the right route of Ragranda Forest is especially famous.
<Mizkun of the Silhouette> Rank 3
Mizkun, one of firstly awoken <Geniuses>, has the power over the amulets.
He carries out his intention while hiding, and rarely comes out. His true form is a mimic-type monster: a flattened human-shaped shadow.
<Mizkun of the Silhouette> specializes in providing logistical support. He always maintains his concealment state and commands other enemies to fight. Direct attack is his last resort.
He can give other monsters magic-resistant powers, and it's widely applicable by performing long rite. His studies range over the enhancement, the takeover and the neutralize of large-scale magic apparatus as the magic circuits providing city defenses. He seems to be scheming to send his brainwashed demi-human monsters to invade safe zones.
<Doom Scavenger> Rank 4
High-class subspecies of <Ghoul>, appearing in the graveyards and the old battlefields. He shoulders a big bag like Santa Claus, and has a scimitar that looks like a fragment of the moonlight. His face can't be seen because of his robe with a hood, but his glaring yellow eyes are glittering in the darkness.
<Doom Scavenger>'s salient feature is high offensive power. He likes to cut his way into enemy's position with his subordinate <Ghouls>, slash with his scimitar that makes the wounded victim confused, and overwhelm the Adventurers with all his might.
He had been familiar to many Adventurers as boss of a regular quest of Paledpeak Graveyard. However, after the Catastrophe, the Adventurers found a fact; if <Doom Scavenger> isn't defeat yet by the night of full moon, <Ghouls> will overflow from the graveyard and make an assault on the nearby Lander's villages. To prevent it, <Round Table Alliance> send the Adventurers periodically.
<White Alligator> Rank 5
Albino giant alligator that is twenty meters or more in body length. It has a huge mouth with many fangs, a flat long tail, and keratinized sturdy scales that covered its back. Usually it submerges its entire body under water while only its eyes and nostrils remain above water. Most famous one is boss of Akiba Sewer dungeon.
The same as real alligator, <White Alligator> undermines the preys by a heavy blow of its tail and bite with its big mouth. Its jaw is quite a powerful; once it bit, even several adults can't pull it off. It also can run surprisingly fast.
After the Catastrophe, one <White Alligator> was slayed by an Assassin of the <Crescent Moon Alliance>. But it is possible that other <White Alligators> exist and someday appear as boss.
<Lamia Queen> Rank 6
High-class subspecies of <Lamia>, humanoid monster with the upper body of a voluptuous woman and the lower body of a serpent. She loves luxury accessories like bracelet or necklace, and she even covered her scales with gold leaf.
She is skilled at both martial arts and magics. Her long tail rampages around like dancing and her <Alluring Embrace> captivates the Adventurers. In most cases, you have to fight against her and subordinate <Sahuagins> under water.
Once, <Lamia Queen> lived in the depths of seashore dungeon and <Sahuagins> had paid tributes for her. And after the Catastrophe, her greed for jewelry got worse. She proactively increases the number of subordinates to despoil the villages and trade ships. Maybe her throne has hidden many treasures.
<Magia Panzer T-49> Rank 7
Autonomous battle vehicle of the <Age of the Gods>. Mana-engine and magic circuits that engraved on armor plates have realized its semipermanent operation. Its main weapon is a long-range 45mm cannon of 24-inch calibre, but its machine guns are possible to cope with the short-distance battle.
Before the Catastrophe, those tanks were found at the ancient ruins and sometimes went berserk in accordance with the programmed orders. Now, due to aged deterioration of their electronic brain, <Magia Panzers> got some variations of behaviors; stubborn observance of guard orders, runaway through the wilderness, breakdown of human identification function, etc.
<Heiglot the White Princess> Rank 8
Heiglot, one of firstly awoken <Geniuses>, has the power over the snowstorms.
She is the snow spirit that takes the appearance of a beatiful lady wearing a pearly-white long-sleeved kimono and a grass-green-colored neckpiece. She has clear ice-like light blue eyes, long hair, a pair of black wings, and an emotionless face. Blizzards always surround her.
<Heiglot the White Princess> is a typical wide-area attack magician. She is good at ice magic, and annihilates the enemies as much as possible. She thinks she just needs to kill them before she defeats.
She has weather-controlling ability; the zone changes into the snowscape when she's staying. However, she has no interest in enjoying the scenery. She is the very soul of self-improvement, seeking for the method of improving her skills to their limits. If she mastered her ice magic, it might change the whole Yamato server into the heavy snowfall area, causing serious damage to farm crops and commercial distribution. Many people will be frozen to death.
<Steel Dragon Arndrance> Rank 9
As one of the true <Dragon> family, <Steel Dragons> has dark-gray, very hard scales. Arndrance is one of them and so-called 'Named Monster'.
Although he has wings, he isn't very good at flying. Rather he likes to stroll in the caves. His sleek scales allow him to pass through the narrow openings smoothly. His staple diet is the metal, especially Cobalt; he has a number of subordinate <Kobolds> for mining. Rough but cunning, he commands the <Kobolds> to set traps everywhere in the mine tunnels.
Arndrance is a heavyweight power fighter. His bellowing roar that makes the enemies collectively wince, forceful tackles, and tail slaps are enough to defeat the Adventurers.
Once, he often appeared in the volcanic zone as the target or obstacle of quest. But after the Catastrophe, he occupied the pits of Dwarven mining city, looking for his favorite metallic food. Facing with the threat of the destruction, mining city asked <Round Table Alliance> for help.
<Mascarvin of the Blade> Rank 10
Mascarvin, one of thirdly awoken <Geniuses>, has the power over the death.
He is a high intelligent <Revenant> swordman that has black hair, black eyes, a jet-black coat on top of plain black clothes, and a large black-bladed katana. He gives off an ominous yellow aura that summons other undead monsters.
<Mascarvin of the Blade> is skilled at swordplay; its greatest feature is a continuous attack without any break. Furthermore, when someone looks into Mascarvin's eyes, the scene of his/her death is displayed in his eyes, giving a mental shock that sometimes enough to be killed instantly.
Currently, he is hiding in a certain ruin located in the northeast region of Eastal. Around the ruin, plants have withered and many undead monsters wander the area.
<Sachluph of the Green Wings> Rank 12
Sachluph, one of secondly awoken <Geniuses>, has the power over the plants.
He is a magical-creature type monster, taking the form of a jade-colored giant owl. His features are big eyes that can see very well in the dark, wings that can fly noiselessly, and sharp talons to catch his prey. Although he gives the impression of a sage, outside of battle, he has a jovial personality and likes silly jokes.
<Sachluph of the Green Wings> has control over the growth of plants, and makes good use of it on battle. He can fire plant seeds at a target, sprouting seeds in the body. He is good at the grappling as well, attacking from the sky without any sound.
He suddenly appeared in the "Ocean of the Spore", the forest area close to Templeside city, and flew away. Now, he is flying around Yamato server, promoting the growth of Fairy Ring and inciting peaceable plant monsters to attack.

Introduced outside of Basic Rulebook

<Mutation Dragonmole> Rank 1 ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay
Giant mole that turned into a subfamily of the <Dragon> under the influence of magic. It tends to appear in Alven ruins, especially near the magic reactor. Its pointed nose, small eyes, big front paw with sharp claws, and velvet-like fur still retain some traces of a mole. However, it also has dragon-ish long neck and tail, and many magic crystals that cover its back like spikes.
<Mutation Dragonmole>'s fight style is full of panache and worthy of name of <Dragon>. If it pinned you to the ground with its front paw, you will need to make a great effort to escape. It can convert the magic power of crystals into a powerful beam breath, but it takes time for re-filling.
This monster had never been seen until it was found in Littlabre Isles after the Catastrophe. Probably, it is a newly implemented monster for <the Homesteading the Noosphere>.
<Cursed Knight> Rank 1 ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay
Alven black knight who became the undead monster by curse. He is wearing a tattered cape and a jet-black armor, and armed with a two-handed sword. His crimson eyes frighten the enemies, and he is always emitting a hazy miasma-like black aura.
<Cursed Knight> have the lost ancient swordplay skill, drawing the enemy near by the power of <Majestic Wind of Darkness> and bisecting by his large sword. His heavy blow is enough to make enemy's unguarded moment. And he will show his real ability when being cornered; after his HP gets lower than the fixed quantity, his power greatly increases with a shout of oath.
<Cursed Knights> were once the patrolling-type event boss of Alv-related ancient ruins or old battlefields. After the Catastrophe, many small faces appear in their miasma aura; these faces severally grumble the grudges and frighten the Adventurers.
<Rat-Man Swarmcaller> Rank 1 ---added in Scenario Library "Hungry shadows under the Table"
<Rat-Man> tamer that controls the rats by the sound of pipe. Its offensive power isn't so high, but it is always accompanied by the swarm of small rats, <Sewer Rats>, or similar rat-type monsters on occasion.
Among the Adventurers of Akiba, there's a rumor that hundreds of <Rat-Men> built a kingdom in the underground of Maihama. The awful thing was that it is true. Originally <Rat-Men> lived in a part of underground dungeon, and now, they started to expand their territory under the influence of Flavor text.
In the "Hungry shadows under the Table", <Rat-Men> accidentally obtain the 'Crystal Ball of Memories', a certain Lander's precious item that has almost same function as digital camera of real world. In advance of execution of the invasion by tamed <Sewer Rats>, they try to make a reconnaissance of Akiba Sewer.
<Diatryma> Rank 1 --- added in Scenario Library "Legend of Gastronomy: Ultimate RouBaoZi"
<Oobold Dinsword> Rank 1 --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Raigou Ajari> Rank 2 --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Goblin Captain> Rank 3 --- added in Into the Theldesia "Your Formidable Foes ( 1 ) "
<Sislau of the Pestilence> Rank 4 ---added in Log Horizon TRPG Replay 2