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The LHTRPG fan translation along with a good amount of supplemental material was formerly hosted on the dearly departed lh.oksub.me. This is a mirror of the relevant pages on that wiki.



The Log Horizon TRPG is a tabletop RPG (like Dungeons & Dragons) designed by Touno Mamare and Kinuno Boushi. It plays somewhat similarly to games designed by F.E.A.R. such as Night Wizard!, but has a unique "Hate" mechanic that represents aggro in an MMO and requires the party to work together to survive enemy attacks.


The TRPG has been partially translated as a summary document. Although this document is not a complete translation of the rulebook, the majority of the game rules are covered by it and it should be fully playable. All skills and items (including those from the mini-supplements published on the blog) and all enemies up to Rank 3 are included as Excel spreadsheets.

The most recent version of the TRPG summary is v0.3, released on October 12, 2014.


This section will note any rules changes, error corrections, or anything else that might be useful to know. These changes apply to the current release (v0.3 released October 12, 2014).

Updated: January 14th, 2015

  • Guardian: Castle of Stone is mistranslated. It should read: "You become [Post-Action], and all HP Damage you would receive becomes 0." The rest of the text is correct.
  • Monk: Silent Palm should deal [SRx5] direct damage, not 5 direct damage.
  • Bard: Maestro Echo works with any kind of damage roll, not just [Weapon Attack] damage rolls.
  • Sorcerer: Spell Maximize's bonus to damage rolls should (hopefully obviously) apply to [Magic Attack], not [Weapon Attack].
  • Sorcerer: Serpent Bolt's secondary target should take [SRx5] direct damage, not 15 direct damage.
  • Enchanter: Cast On Beat gives you two [Timing: Minor] actions, not two [Timing: Setup] actions.
  • Racial: Foxtail's Substitute Tail should stipulate that you can only take a General-tagged skill.
  • Racial: Change Foxtail's Seven-Tailed Variety condition from (CR2) to (CR16).

New Material

This section will be updated probably infrequently with new material released through the Log Horizon Wednesday weekly blog. Check back for new skills, items, or other things that might be exciting, but don't hold your breath that they'll happen every week (because they totally don't). We may also put in interesting FAQ stuff here. Errata changes will be noted above.

Updated: March 13th, 2015

  • LHTRPG Enemy Data -- Official data on how to make your own enemies from scratch.
  • GM EX Powers -- A list of special powers the GM can spend Fate Points on in order to increase difficulty during a scenario.
  • Sub Class Supplement -- Special skills and items that rely on a character's sub class.
  • New Enemy Data -- A list of around 40 new enemies pulled from extra material, CR1-CR4.
  • Situation Box: High Society - Several scenario actions for use at a gathering of Lander nobility, and a sample mission demonstrating them.
  • Named Items CR1-5 -- Gazette #4 contained a great deal of Named Items ranked 1-10. This is the first half of the list, with some repeats, but all have flavor text now.
  • Named Items CR6-10 -- The other half of the Named Items. They do not have flavor text, that might get translated later. For now, enjoy the items!

Other Information

On the Monster Data of Log Horizon TRPG page of this wiki, you can find monster descriptions from the TRPG rulebook.

On the Into the Theldesia page of this wiki, you can find race and setting information from the mini-supplements that have been published on the official blog.

We have a list of sub-classes from the TRPG book listed here.