Into the Theldesia : The Eight Neighbors in YAMATO (4)

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Lander and Adventurer

Relationship between them after the Catastrophe

Last but not least


Background setting before the Catastrophe

Foxtails of Yamato

Column: Tailless Fox

Representative settlements

Palmov Great Temple

Ouji village

"White Tail" Tenko Yabitarazu

Column: Hidden village of Iga

"Izayoi" Millennia

Typical TRPG Tags for Foxtail Landers

Race of Ritual / Ceremonial Tribe

Background setting before the Catastrophe

Races-of-Ritual of Yamato


Representative settlements


Column: Ritual of Kunie

Column: Charity hospital of Loka

"Director" Fol Oz Feinley

Typical TRPG Tags for Race-of-Ritual Landers