Into the Theldesia : The Eight Neighbors in YAMATO (3)

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See also: Into the Theldesia 1, Into the Theldesia 2


Background setting before the Catastrophe

Dwarves of Yamato

Representative settlements

Oceanic city of Sado

Koorima city

Column: Obsidian Shielder

"Corundum Hammer" Auguste

Column: Brontide Hole

"Rushing Young Lady" Lucrèce
"Silver Right Hand" Serge

Typical TRPG Tags for Dwarf Landers


Background setting before the Catastrophe

Werecats of Yamato

Representative settlements


Union: Cat's hand

Panisle city

Column: Bakeneko Mansion

Werecat peddlers

Column: Chat Noir

"Puss in Boots" Maya Konekuroto

Typical TRPG Tags for Werecat Landers