Dracurouge: Knights of the Everdark

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Within the embrace of the great night, the common people rest, at ease. The heavens too remain still, maintaining their blessed promise to the earth.

From the six Progenitors arose the six Principalities, which have made the land fertile and prosperous. The people know hunger no longer.

Under the ever-watching eye of Ancestor Dracul, the barbaric warfare of the past is no longer, and the people live in contentment.

But not all is peaceful in the depths of the night.

Foul faeries must be driven back.
The risen dead must be laid to rest.
Fallen knights must be vanquished.
And the fragments of the Sun must be destroyed.

The enemies of the knights know no end.
That is why ye, too, must rise to become a knight.
Defend the people, prove your honor, and vanquish the fallen...
Beneath the watchful eye of our Ancestor, engrave your legend into the soil of the Everdark.

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