Dracurouge:Renown - Honesty

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Honesty / Aufrichtig

Your Exemplum is that of one who knows the value of truth; steadfast honesty.
As you quest across the Everdark, you shall banish all deception.

Exemplum: Stag Rampant
Stehender Hirsch A rearing stag. Humility, bravery and kindness. The knight's path.
† I shall be the very model of chivalry †
Gesegnet sei seine Tugend! Er ist das Vorbild aller Ritter und wird es auch bleiben!
Effect: When you make an Action Check, you can spend 1 Warmth to decrease your Noir by 2.
You live strictly in accordance with the knight's path. Your dedication to the way of chivalry has earned you fame.
Exemplum: Stag's Head
Hirschskopf A stag's head. Unyielding will. Deep humility. Loyalty to one and one alone..
† I serve but one liege †
Gesegnet sei seine Standhaftigkeit! Er begleitet seinen Herren selbst in den dunkelsten Zeiten!
Effect: You can spent 1 Point of Warmth in order to decrease a single target's Thirst by 1 point. When you do this, they gain 2 Rouge towards you.
Ever since you were conferred an accolade, you have been unswervingly loyal to one liege alone. You are admired for your devotion.
Exemplum: Descending Sword
Schwert nach unten A sword pointing downwards. Rebellion is unthinkable. Absolute loyalty.
† Doubt has no place in a loyal mind †
Gesegnet sei seine Treue! Er verehrt ung dient seinen Herren für immer und ewig!
Effect: Treat this Exemplum as an Action with cost 8. Until the end of your next Turn, all targets in the same Area as you can raise the lowest die of their Action Check by 3.
Betrayal and doubt of your liege are things you have never considered. You shall obey any order, with the true loyalty of a knight.
Exemplum: Diamond
Diamantentropfen A diamond shape resembling a raindrop. The tears of the red moon. Dracul's will.
† My faith in our Ancestor is unwavering †
Gesegnet sei sein Glaube! Oh du roter Mond am Himmel, was für eine Wonne!
Effect: When you roll on the Fall Table, you can raise one die by 2.
You are a fervent disciple of Ancestor Dracul. Falling is unthinkable for you, and your fellow knights are inspired by your faith.
Exemplum: Chalice
Gral A holy cup. The Master's greatest blessing. Devotion and loyalty.
† I shall protect my liege unto death itself †
Gesegnet sei sein Schild! Er zögerte keine Sekunde und warf sich vor seinem Herrn!
Effect: When a character in the same Area as you is targeted by an Action, you may substitute yourself for them as its target (with their consent,) once per Round per target.
Your body means nothing to you if you cannot use it to protect your liege. Your great devotion to your liege is an example to all knights.
Exemplum: Key
Schlüssel A key. Secrets. A hidden past. Deep wisdom. Divine mystery.
† Years of seclusion have blessed me with wisdom †
Gesegnet sei seine Ruhe! Er zog sich als Eremit zurück und prägre seine Seele.
Effect: In Scenes other than the Final Act, you gain 1 less Resistance Power at the beginning of the Round. During the Final Act, you gain 1 more Resistance Power at the beginning of the Round.
In order to temper yourself, you spent many years in solitude. Those knights who know of your time as a hermit respect your willpower.