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Elegance / Elegant

Your Exemplum is that of beauty and grace extraordinary even among the Knights.
As you quest across the Everdark, you shall pass your days in grace.

Exemplum: Ribbon
Schleife Your crest is a ribbon. It is proof of your close ties to the Princely Houses.
† All know that I have served at a Prince's side †
Gesegnet sei seine Ruhm! Er diente dem hoch geehrten Herzog persönlich!
Effect: During each Round within a Social Scene and the Final Act, you may reroll one die on a Resistance Check. In addition, you can get the Pips of Glory on Resistance Checks.
You were recognized by the head of a Princely House and served at their side for a time. There is no greater proof of your elegance and refinement.
Exemplum: Vase
Blütenblatt Your crest is a vase of flowers. A symbol of beauty.
† My beauty is not Heaven's only gift to me †
Gesegnet sei sein grenzenloses Talent! Seine vielen Fähigkeiten sind überragend!
Effect: At the time you acquire this Exemplum, you may choose one Action with a Cost of at most 7 from a Path you do not possess. You can record the chosen Action on your sheet and use it as you would any other.
Your beauty pales only in comparison to your genius. You are famous for the remarkable deeds you have accomplished with both.
Exemplum: Bird
Vogel A small bird, at rest or in flight. Various designs exist. True freedom.
† I shall know the joy of true freedom †
Gesegnet sei sein freies Herz! Keine Macht auf der Welt kann Ihn bändigen!
Effect: You can spend 1 Warmth in order to reroll a die on a Resistance Check.
You live a truly free life, your actions and emotions uninhibited. You mingle freely with both knights and the common people, making you a novelty in every court.
Exemplum: Harp
Harfe A harp. Proof of musical talent. Instrumentalists and singers of all sorts bear this crest.
† Only from Heaven itself could a virtuoso such as I arise †
Gesegnet sei seine verzaubernden Klänge! Seine Musik lässt alle herzen schmelzen!
Effect: When you use a Steward Summon Action, the number of Stewards you summon increases by 1.
You are blessed with incredible musical talent, remarkable even within the courts. The common people and Knights idolize you alike.
Exemplum: Pegasus
Pegasus A winged horse. Elegance in times of distress. Detachment from the world.
† No hardship shall diminish my grace †
Gesegnet sei seine Willenskraft die auch in den dunkelsten Momenten unbrechbar blieb!
Effect: During an Act in which you have taken Thirst, once per round, you may switch the dice of a Resistance Check as follows: 1 becomes 6, 2 becomes 5, and 3 becomes 4.
You once suffered a great loss, yet your demeanor remained forthright and knightly. Your stalwartness is an example to all, even your enemies.
Exemplum: Feather
Feder A floating feather. An indecisive heart. Turbulent emotions. Loose attachments.
† My beauty fascinates all who bear witness †
Gesegnet sei seine unbeschreibliche Schönheit mit dem er alle fasziniert!
Effect: Once per round, when a PC in the same Area rolls a 1 on any die in a Check, you may allow them to reroll that die.
Your beauty and elegance set many hearts aflutter. You shall never cease to inspire dalliances, or jealousy, or love.