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"The Black Dragon" Wahrheit Gerlinde Drac
* Technically "Black Dragon Princess"

"I shall permit you to kiss my hand. Serve well as my weapon."

Arms: Gules, two dragons Sable combatant, a crown Argent in chief. (Two black dragons facing themselves across a red field, and a silver crown)

Sex: Female
Bloodline: House Drac
Apparent Age: 25
Years of Service: 194

Hair color: A black that shimmers gently like tranquil waters
Eyes: As red as the moon above
Features: Smooth white skin and an alluring figure

The present head of House Drac is Princess Wahrheit, a bewitching noblewoman with black hair. As the head of the lineage that possesses the largest amount of Ancestor Dracul's blood, and thus the most authority, she commands the most knights of any of the princes and princesses. Her position confers upon her great responsibility, but as she is an uncommonly adept governor, her name is renowned far and wide through all the principalities. Under her rulership, the Principality of Drac has seen unrivalled peace and prosperity.

Her formal title, "Dragon," marks her as the worthy successor of Dracul. As of late, however, the heads of House Drac have seen the title altered to note their individual characteristics. Wahrheit's moniker of "Black Dragon" denotes not just her ebon hair and preference for dark clothing, but her infinitely subtle rulership that makes it seem as if the night itself keeps her lands in order.

Princess Wahrheit is aggressive in decorating those she believes to possess the talent and qualities necessary for a knight. No small number of the knights currently serving in the Everdark were decorated by her. The power bloc she has built with these loyal retainers is the source of her authority.

As she sees herself as a stateswoman, the Princess rarely takes to the battlefield herself. However, if she is greatly dissatisfied by the deeds of arms wrought by her knights, it is said that she may assume personal command of her brigade of fox-women and hexers within the shadows.

The head of House Drac traditionally rotates every hundred years, and Princess Wahrheit has only one year left in her term. The rivalry to become her successor is fierce and as of yet undecided. In addition, when she abdicates her position and embarks on the traditional pilgrimage... which heroes have proven their valor enough to accompany her? That, too, is a question which is the cause of much discontent.