Dracurouge:NPC - The Apostle of the Sun

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The Apostle of the Sun

"This lightless world is one of despair. You must be freed from the curse of this eternal night."

Arms: The sun, and below it an impaled dragon
Sex: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown
Apparent Age: Unknown
Years of Service: Unknown

Hair color: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Features: Brilliant shine, wings of light

The heresy of Sun worship was once widespread throughout the land. After our great Ancestor destroyed the Sun, many of its fragments retained wills of their own and changed into monsters most foul. They possessed the dreaded light of the Sun, the bane of all knights. Countless heroes were incinerated by this light, becoming well and truly dead as a mortal would. And despite the horror of this, fools among the common people continue to extol the Sun, forming secret cults in order to preserve their heresies. That is why in our Everdark, our glorious land without light, the Apostle of the Sun remains.

The Apostle of the Sun typically appears suddenly in a peaceful village that has briefly been left unsupervised by the knights, where it leads the common people astray and re-establishes the worship of the dreaded Sun. It is an elusive creature, able to sway the will of even the most stout folk and induct them into its vile heresy. If the village is overseen by a lord of sound character, they will doubtless attempt to expose the Apostle of the Sun as the monster it is. But the Apostle of the Sun has the power to corrupt hearts with its cunning words and foul light. The common folk inevitably fall victim to its machinations.

The Apostle of the Sun is in fact a fragment of the Sun that possesses consciousness and knowledge. In destroying the Sun, it is said that Dracul also imbued it with a soul akin to that of humans. It is that which allows its fragments to so easily corrupt hearts and rekindle heresy. Should any fragment receive the worship of the people without interruption, it will become larger and larger until, it is feared, the Sun itself would be resurrected. Like the existence of fallen knights, this is something that cannot be permitted. Destroy the Apostle of the Sun wherever it is seen, and restore the faith of the people in our glorious Ancestor.