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Seidmarie Dracul Dustheim "die Kenntnisreiche"
"The Learned Princess" Seidmarie Dracul Dustheim
"I see... that concept never existed back when the Sun still did."
Arms: Azure, a wheel Argent, charged by a full moon proper.
A silver wagon wheel on a blue field, with the red moon in its center.
Sex: Female Bloodline: House Dustheim
Apparent Age: 17 Years of Service: Around 2400
Hair: A chestnut whose warmth you can feel
Eyes: The gentle color of tea
Features: An inviting countenance and a gorgeous figure

Princess Seidmarie of House Dustheim is the eldest of the Progenitors that are known with certainty to have survived to this day. It is thanks to her that House Dustheim can proudly claim the title of being the most ancient of the houses. As one of the knights who personally participated in the battle against the dreaded Sun, she is deeply respected by all other knights.

Despite that, Seidmarie herself is an unremarkable woman who has no air of majesty or authority. Upon their first meeting with her, unless already aware of the fact, there are few who realize or even suspect that she is one of the Progenitors.

Princess Seidmarie spends much of her time secluded in the grand library within her own castle. Having chosen to become an observer of history, she rarely concerns herself with worldly matters, instead collecting the reports of her knights and compiling them into historical records. This is the dominion and duty of House Dustheim, and Princess Seidmarie is herself the very embodiment of it.

As a result, she is a living collection of all the knowledge that House Dustheim has gathered through the ages. All the lore and wisdom that the knights of House Dustheim learn, from lands near and far, flows back to her. She also directs no small amount of spies. But despite the authority and respect afforded to her as a Progenitor, she is indifferent to politics and adheres to a policy of secrecy, divulging little of what she learns to the other Houses.

Princess Seidmarie's knights, seekers of knowledge that they are, are often invited to her castle when they recover some piece of lost knowledge. Should they then pass the tests she presents them with, they may be trusted with a measure of her House's many secrets.