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"The Blasphemer" Saskia Felsenstein von Dustheim
(the German the has something to do with spellcasting)

"Why, unlike all other forms of life, can knights not die? I've always wondered that..."

Arms: Sable, the moon proper, between a mullet of six points Argent and a key. (The red moon on a black field, with a silver hexagram and a key)
Sex: Female
Bloodline: House Dustheim
Apparent Age: 30
Years of Service: 181

Hair color: Ashen like the pallor of the dead
Eyes: Golden like a cat's
Features: Bags under her eyes, long limbs

House Dustheim is well known the collector of much knowledge. But they do not only seek to gather existing knowledge, but also to discover new techniques and wisdom. Medicine, pharmaceutics, physical science, geology... all of these fields of research produce great blessings for the common people. But even within those fields, there is research that is taboo. Lady Saskia, as a scientist in House Dustheim's research corps, treads these paths without fear even of incurring the wrath of the Ancestor himself.

That she is a knight does not affect her research. She commits crimes against the common people, and at times imprisons her own servants and fellow knights for use as experimental subjects. Her twisted experiments, ranging from drugs to dissection, cause even the other knights of House Dustheim to avert their eyes. Saskia is not shy about using even her own body as a subject of her experiments, and as a result of that, her slender figure contains power far beyond its original capacity. Despite her blasphemous deeds, she shows no omens of falling. Compelled by her own personal curiosity, she continues to investigate the workings of the knights themselves.

Little more can be said of House Dustheim's attitude towards Saskia's pursuits other than that it tolerates them. Princess Seidmarie personally has hopes that her investigations will lead to an invaluable discovery. But it is unlikely the other Houses would see things the same way. In order for House Dustheim's own protection, they have all but cut ties with Saskia. But she continues her research with little regard for their consent... Unless she is stopped, it is possible that something most dreadful will be borne of her blasphemous research.