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"The Slaughterer" Samuel Barten von Drac

"Life is war! To be weak is a sin! To be strong is one's duty!"

Arms: Or, a wall sable and dragon's head sable, in chief an open wound dripping blood. (A black wall and dragon's head on a gold field, with an open wound dripping blood above)

Sex: Male
Bloodline: House Drac
Apparent Age: 42
Years of Service: 120

Hair color: The rusty red of a beast that thirsts for blood
Eyes: The red of a raging fire
Features: His muscles and constant vigilance of his surroundings

Despite his relatively modest lifespan, Lord Samuel is one of the most feared of knights, having withstood all who have attempted to subdue him. At times he eludes them; at other times he meets them in battle and overpowers them. His pilgrimage of terror continues unchecked, more people falling victim to his murderous urges by the day. His dark armor is stained with blood whenever he appears, a testament to the savagery that causes his name to strike fear into the common folk. He is a black mark of shame not only upon his own House Drac, but upon all the knights of the Everdark. There is no knight who does not pray for his swift defeat.

Should one investigate his origins, they will find that Lord Samuel was once an estate-keeper famed for his martial prowess. He crossed swords with the Dead Army again and again, until caged by the blood drawn by his blade. Consumed by his battle-madness, he abandoned his estate and set off on a journey... a journey to wage war against his fellow knights, for the meager foes he could do battle with as a noble knight no longer brought him joy to fight. Only combat against capable enemies granted him the delight and the suffering that he craved. At first he contented himself with hunting the fallen, but soon he began to indiscriminately attack every knight he met.

In time, Samuel dueled against and murdered his own companions and followers, and began to attack the common folk as well, burning their villages and towns. When his deeds became known, an edict commanding that he be defeated as a fallen knight was proclaimed. Yet he still lives. He still evades the justice of the knights, committing ever greater sins. The truly frightening thing is that he is in truth not a fallen knight. He thirsts not for blood or the lives of others. He commits his crimes merely in order to incite worthy rivals to continue testing their strength against his.