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"The Beautiful Prince" Granz Rosenberg

"I have high hopes that you shall be a credit to our glorious name."

Arms: Or, a wreath of laurel Argent, between a rose proper and a crown Gules. (A silver laurel wreath on a gold field with a red rose and crown)

Sex: Male
Bloodline: House Rosenberg
Apparent Age: 22
Years of Service: 380

Hair color: A proud gold
Eyes: Blue, like precious sapphires
Features: Looks down on people, beauty that no one can fail to praise

Prince Granz is both the head of House Rosenberg and its most eminent individual, for the story of his rise to eminence is the story of the house itself. His lineage has only recently become prominent, and although there remain many who make light of House Rosenberg, none are so foolish as to underestimate its prince. Though Granz appears to be a handsome young nobleman, deep within his eyes burn a cunning ambition that shows no signs of abating.

Originally, the Rosenberg family to which be belonged was a cadet branch of the Drac family. Fifty years after being decorated, he was enfeoffed with an uninhabited peninsula on the eastern shore, and House Rosenberg was established. Their dominion rose in prominence as a trading center, and was in time recognized as one of the Six Principalities. This was in large part due to Granz's fondness for making high-stakes wagers... all of which he has won.

Prince Granz is revered as a hero for his eagerness to take the lead in battle as an example to his knights, and respected for his ability in both single combat and as a decisive force on the battlefield. He is also considered the finest speechmaker in the Everdark, and knights and commoners alike can be stirred into a fervor by his words. It is due to his way with words that he has remained uncontested as the sole authority of his House for over three hundred years. His unmatched beauty has been the subject of many a bard's tale, and his heroism is celebrated throughout the Principality, with no signs of diminishing.

However, there is another side to his success and fame. Many have been sacrificed or consigned to the darkness for his personal profit, and his pursuit of glory for himself and no other has incited him to use questionable methods in accomplishing his aims, though these deeds are unknown to the knights of the Everdark at large. Among the heads of the Six Houses, Prince Granz is considered to be the most cunning--and the most treacherous.