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"The Knight of Green Fire" Gertrude Odile Paire von Nosferas

"We shall restore our lost glory... no matter how long it takes."

Arms: Azure, a skull Gules, between two wings.
A red skull on a blue field, with wings to either side

Sex: Female
Bloodline: House Nosferas
Apparent Age: 19
Years of Service: 47

Hair color: The noblest silver
Eyes: Golden like a cat's
Features: Fierce eyes, and a voice low enough to make one's heart quaver

The knights of the fallen house of Nosferas work desperately to clear their name to this day. Among them, Lady Gertrude has achieved the most esteem. More great deeds are wrought by her, more tales told of her valor, and more know her to be a splendid knight by the day... all of which brings her closer to fulfill her vow to restore House Nosferas. She brings hope to what remains of her House. Indeed, it is in large part because of her heroism that they are recognized as knights at all.

Yet Gertrude's way of living is fraught with peril. Despite her many talents, she remains a very young knight. She sees little value in caution and makes no secret of her impatience in all things. Her fellow knights fear that this shall one day lead her into an unforeseen artifice or trap. Her fervor, despite her inexperience, has lead to her gaining the nickname of "The Knight of Green Fire."

One example of Gertrude's impatience is the "Pilgrims' Crusade" that she lead in recent years. She gathered a band of itinerant knights with the intent of defeating the Queen of the Dead, but their quest ended in utter disaster. They accomplished little except for the fall of many knights among them. Gertrude sought to recover from the injury this dealt to her renown by traveling the land and accomplishing many valorous deeds. And now, she has begun to gather knights once again. It is rumored that she intends to embark on another Pilgrims' Crusade of an even grander scale. Such is the zeal of Gertrude and the other knights of Nosferas.