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"The Keeper of Secrets" Faden

"--Come this way, noble knight."

Arms: None
Sex: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown
Apparent Age: Unknown
Years of Service: 2000

Hair color: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Features: Unknown

Faden is a sage surrounded in mystery--even his (or, just as possibly, her) face has never been seen by anyone. Shrouded in his robes, he has kept company with great heroes, the Progenitors, and it is said even Ancestor Dracul himself. Since the time when the Sun was destroyed, he has been there to offer advice to the Progenitors. Even before that, when Ancestor Dracul was preparing to rise into the sky and contend with the Sun, legend has it that he advised our great Ancestor. If this is true, he is an existence more ancient than the knights themselves, a living myth. Yet he has never been known to demonstrate any power of his own; his role has always been that of an advisor.

Faden appears before those heroes of his choice to offer them advice and prophecies. He has been known to appear before newborn commoners and foretell their glorious futures. It is said that a meeting with him is the first step to becoming a hero, for not a single hero known to history has failed to be advised by Faden, and they would do quite well to follow that advice as well. As a recent example, Granz Rosenberg is said to have conversed with Faden before he had even been decorated as a knight, and the current ascendancy of House Rosenberg perhaps owes itself to that.

Faden's hermitage is said to lie deep within the Forest of Ash, south of Dustheim. Knights who fancy themselves heroes sometimes scour the forest for it, but not one in a hundred is successful in locating it. Most merely become lost in the forest. It is rumored that those who enter the forest with ill intent are doomed to plunge into the caves beneath, said to lead to Hell itself, and never return.