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"Queen of the Dead" Claudead Dracul Nosferas

"I care not what happens to me. Not if it means that they will be--"

Arms: Sable, scythes Gules crossed in saltire, in chief a skull Argent and in base a dragon skeleton Argent. (Red scythes crossed over a black field, with a white skull in the center, encircled by a dragon of white bone)
Sex: Female
Bloodline: House Nosferas
Apparent Age: 24
Years of Service: Around 2400

Hair color: Ashen like the pallor of the dead
Eyes: As red as the moon above
Features: Eyes that seem to melt and an alluring figure

Princess Claudead of Nosferas was known to be the most gentle and devoted of the Progenitors. But she is no longer a knight. She fell long ago, despite being a Princess, and is now neither knight nor beast... but a unique existence of her own. Known now as the Queen of the Dead, she continues to reign over the former territory of House Nosferas, where all is a slave to her will. The dead kneel before her. Twisted and fallen knights stand at attention before her. When Nosferas fell, the very presence of Dracul himself was erased from its domain.

The tragedy of Princess Claudead... no, of Queen Claudead, has inspired many a bard's lament over the ages. It began when Nosferas was struck by an epidemic that killed three out of every four of the common folk who became infected. The Princess strove to save her people by decorating as many as she could, changing them into undying knights, with no regard to her own limits. She sought to sacrifice herself for her people. But in the end, her actions caused far more suffering than they alleviated, as Claudead's ceaseless acts of decoration caused her to fall.

When she, a Progenitor, fell... it warped the very earth. Nosferas is now a land of the dead, of monstrous knights and skeletal soldiers. It frequently launches incursions into the neighboring domains of Drac and Hellsgarde, and has become nothing more than a plague upon the land.

Within the grand hall of its keep that stands still, how does the Queen of the Dead now spend her days? Not a single knight knows.