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"The Fairy Prince" Arielle Rosalind Avaloma

"My, my, splendid as always! Today will also be a delightful occasion!"

Arms: Vert, a tree Argent, supported by two unicorns Argent. (A silver tree on a green field, supported by white unicorns on both sides)

Sex: Unknown
Bloodline: House Avaloma
Apparent Age: 13
Years of Service: 79

Hair color: A black that shimmers gently like tranquil waters
Eyes: Purple which betrays his fairy nature
Features: Androgynous looks and a sweet scent

The most mysterious of the Six Houses, House Avaloma, goes through frequent changes in leadership; their Princes have all, in time, abandoned their positions as a knight and secluded themselves in the land of the fairies. The number of knights House Avaloma possesses, the inner workings of their domain, and even the legitimacy of their blood are all uncertain to the realm at large. Just as little is known of the current head of the house, Prince Arielle, except that he was the favored successor of the previous Prince. Even his gender is unknown; it is often assumed he is male due to styling himself "Prince," but this is not known for certain.* One theory about how he became Prince is that he is a changeling, replaced by a fairy at a young age.

* I wrote this sentence myself because it's impossible to be gender ambiguous in English. His title in German, "die Feenfurst", does appear to be masculine.

Though Prince Arielle is not renowned for his prowess with arms, and his history as a knight is brief, he is exceptionally friendly with the fae folk. There have been many unfortunate incidents involving House Avaloma and the fairies just beyond their domain throughout the ages, and though Arielle has been Prince for less than ten years, these have seen a marked decrease during his tenure. He cannot be said to have done the same when it comes to the politics of the realm, as few of the other Princes have had any opportunity to interact with him, but nonetheless House Avaloma has remained in a stable position. Arielle is not given to socializing with his fellow knights, preferring to spend his days in hedonistic pursuits with the fairies of Avaloma.

"The Fairy Prince" is the hereditary title of the Prince of Avaloma. No Prince of Avaloma has ever fallen; it is said that they all continue to live in good health within the fairy realm to this day.

According to the sages, Arielle is not the first Prince of Avaloma of that name. With their frequent changes of leadership, few bother to commit to memory the names and faces of the Princes of Avaloma, let alone seek to understand the internal politics of their House. But a Prince who has been a knight for less than a hundred years is remarkable even for House Avaloma. Should one ask Prince Arielle himself about the circumstances of his rise to power, they will be met with only an enigmatic smile...

Last part fudged a bit, due to this sentence:
考練さ is not a word, I think it must be a typo in the book, but I'm not sure what it is of.