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Haven't decided how to translate 粛清伯 (literally "The Count of Purging.") The German means "merciless."

Andreas Ludger Valholl von Hellsgarde

"Seal all things away, and sin can never arise. Isn't it simple logic?"

Arms: Argent, a pile Gules surmounted by a wheel hanging from a rope, between two swords Sable. (A hanging wheel on a white field with an inverted red triangle, with a black sword pointing upwards and another pointing downwards to its side)
Sex: Male
Bloodline: House Hellsgarde
Apparent Age: 32
Years of Service: 78

Hair color: A proud gold
Eyes: The desolate hue of ash
Features: His austere bearing and rigid demeanour

House Hellsgarde, as the house charged with sealing away sinful and fallen knights, is the house burdened most by duty. As a result, a variety of moral codes have arisen within its halls; the most zealous among House Hellsgarde urge all the other Houses that all those who display omens of their fall must be sealed away at once. The chief representative of this faction is Count Andreas, known as the ______.

He was once a common and undistinguished knight of House Hellsgarde. But then, his liege fell... first destroying his hometown, then defiling the most beloved of his fellow knights and causing them to fall as well. Singlehandedly, Andreas subdued his former liege and comrades and consigned them all to the Hell on Earth. From that day onward, he was never the same. He inherited the estate of his liege and the rank of Count and has held them for several years.

Count Andreas gathered those of a like mind, and when his preparations were complete, he became a hunter. All knights bear within them the potential to fall, and yet Andreas believes that any who revealed this potential must be sealed at once, no matter how far it is from coming to pass. He is particularly zealous when it comes to those who bear physical omens of their impending fall, administering his personal judgment upon them. Many a knight has witnessed a companion of theirs fall, and these knights find themselves attracted to the Count's righteous fervor; he has accumulated followers from every House, and become a force that the Princes can no longer ignore.

Count Andreas views the remnants of House Nosferas as particularly repulsive, seeing them as no more than Nightbeasts. He has advocated to all the Houses that every last one must be consigned to Hell on Earth.