Dracurouge:Lifepath - Knighthood

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Lifepath: Knighthood

Your estate was destroyed by your foes... the people you vowed to protect slain, your honor lost. You shall never forgive them.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Falsely Accused
You were once accused of a crime you have no memory of. Many view you with suspicion to this day, considering you guilty.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

You were once cursed by a fairy. The curse still works its sinister magic upon you, leaving calamity in your wake.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

After a battle, your temper continues to run hot, making you yearn for more bloodshed. You suspect deep in your heart that the day of your Fall is not far distant.
Years of Service: 2D6×5

Prelude to Revenge
A close companion once turned against you and sullied your honor. Though you walk paths distant from theirs, you have not forgotten your desire for vengeance.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Mortal Enemy
You have an enemy you can never forget. Until you take their head or run your blade through their chest, you will never be able to rest.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Sympathy for the Fallen
You know that your soul is destined to Fall. When you confront one of the Fallen, you feel a strange sense of closeness to them.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Days of Unrighteousness
You were once a knight that could hardly be said to be of irreproachable conduct. Though you may have moved on from the follies of youth, the disapproving stares you receive remain.
Years of Service: 1D6×5

Fallen Liege
The knight who conferred your accolade upon you has fallen. To you, who held your master in high esteem, this remains a shameful and tragic happening.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Prisoner of the Dead Queen
You were defeated and taken captive by the forces of the Dead Queen, and endured humiliation at her hands. You will never forgive her.
Years of Service: 2D6×3

Close to the Fallen
A dear friend or lover of yours has fallen. Though they are lost to you, you will never forget them. Like a ghost haunting you, the memory of them is your inescapable companion.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

You never want to stop fighting. Even if you are brought to your knees, you will fight until the very end of your existence. It is your reason for being.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

There is a period you can't remember during your years as a Knight. You have no idea what befell you during that time.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

In Pursuit
You are in pursuit of a fallen friend. They were dear to you once, and that is why you must put them out of their misery.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

A fallen knight or a Fragment of the Sun attacked your liege's servants and slaughtered them all... except for you. As a result, you were knighted.
Years of Service: 2D6×20

Your days are unchanging. Your days are trifling. You listen to the valorous deeds of your comrades, while valor lies ever beyond your grasp...
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Lost Love
You have lost that which you loved deeply. ...Or perhaps you have not lost it, but merely believe that you have.
Years of Service: 2D6×20

Mysterious Disappearance
Someone important to you suddenly vanished one day. Were they abducted? Did they run away? Or, perhaps...
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Frog in the Well
You thought yourself the finest of knights, but... one day you were shown up by another. You realized then that you have much to learn.
Years of Service: 1D6×3

Wise Man's Prophecy
You received a prophecy to guide you. It has told you that there is someone you must meet. A liege, a friend, a lover... or perhaps a foe.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

You are known in the court for your brief romantic dalliances. Some of your lovers remain friends; others have become enemies.
Years of Service: 1D6×5

Wherever you go, you like to look at the common people. You enjoy seeing how people live their lives.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

You are in search of a person who can stir your heart. Perhaps a human, or perhaps something more than that... either way, you must search.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Deep Love
You have long loved another knight more deeply than your liege. For that reason, your path as a knight began far before you received your accolade.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Youthful Vigor
You still seek to test yourself against other knights and temper your skills. When you see a knight who appears skilled, you challenge them.
Years of Service: 2D6

Unlike noble knights such as you, the world is filled with foolish and pitiable commoners. It is your duty as a knight to guide them...
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Must Grant an Accolade
There is a person important to you. You must confer an accolade upon them. For that reason, you must prove your worth.
Years of Service: 2D6

Worried about Country
You are concerned for the fate of your native land. You have pledged deep in your heart that you will answer the questions that weigh upon its courtiers' minds.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Conferred an Accolade
Was it long ago, or merely a breath of your long life? You conferred an accolade upon one of your followers, allowing them to experience life as a Knight.
Years of Service: 2D6×20

Prisoner of the Fallen
You were imprisoned by one of the Fallen for a time, and endured much humiliation while in captivity. Though you escaped or were freed, your name has been stained...
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Famed Victory
With all your mettle, you won a decisive victory against a mighty foe. The story of your glorious deed follows you to this day.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

Long Slumber
After doing battle with a Fragment of the Sun, you entered a long slumber due to your grievous wounds. The world had changed quite a bit when you finally awoke...
Years of Service: 2D6×50

Since you became a knight, you've realized how vast the world is. You desire to experience all of it, insofar as you are able.
Years of Service: 2D6×10

Candidate Prince
After you received your accolade, you proved to possess charm that can only be described as majesty. It is only natural that you have already gathered followers.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6

You have fought in many battles and lead many charges. You are known far and wide as the example of a true knight.
Years of Service: 2D6×5

Though your deeds are few as of yet, they are the stuff of legend. You are the subject of the songs of bards.
Years of Service: 1D6×1D6