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Log Horizon TRPG Unions & Union Skills

Unions can have up to 5 tags and offers 3 Fate Points to each PC for the purpose of spending in skills with the [Union] tag only. While some tags are free to add, there are some tags that are special. To acquire a special tag, a Social Ticket must be used. In addition, the special tags can grow if bought multiple times. For example it takes 1 Social Ticket to gain [Production: 1] tag, but to acquire the [Production: 2] tag you require 2 Social Tickets. This special tags must be bought in full so it will require agreement by all Union members when purchasing investments that cost more than a single Social Ticket. The maximum growth for the special tags is 5.

[Combat] tag
Union that participates in combat by doing dungeons and questing and trains its members to become better fighters. Most guilds are [Combat: 1]

[Military] tag
Union trained in military strategy, reconnaissance, and command of its members to participate in raids. Most guilds that do raids are [Military: 1].

[Production] tag
Represents the Union ability to produce raw materials and process them. Members of this unions have sub classes that create items and sell to both Landers and Adventurers. Most guilds are [Production: 1]

[Development] tag
This type of union are invent new products or modify them. Members of this union are architects or civil engineers. Most guilds that develop buildings or sell furniture and such are [Production:1]

[Research] tag
Discovery of materials, decryption of cryptography, technology, and education. Research made for commercialization like new potions, or maps. Most guilds that do alchemy are [Research: 1]

[Trade] tag
Great for distribution of goods and services, as well as store management. This type of Union are the merchants that buy from the other Unions and sell them. Most guilds that produce something are [Trade: 1]

[Management] tag
Public administration, management, governance, and planning. Unions of this type are political in nature and are good at making deals with other Unions. Not many guilds have this type of tag, but those that do are [Management: 1]

[Living] tag
Unions that count support for the general well-being such entertainment, medical, food, and other supplies. While most guilds have this at some degree, this is for those guilds that have a dedicated core of support members and they normally have [Living: 1]

Sample Guilds:

DDD – [Battle: 3] [Military: 4] [Production: 3] [Research: 3]
Maritime Organization - [Production: 4] [Development: 4] [Trade: 3]
Roderick Shokai - [Production: 1] [Development: 4] [Research: 4]
Log Horizon - [Production: 1] [Living: 1] [Management: 2]
Crescent Moon Alliance – [Production: 1] [Trade: 1] [Living: 2]

Example of "Common" Unions

Military Union [Battle: 2] [Military: 1]
Law Enforcement or Border Patrol Union [Battle: 1]
Town [Production: 2] [Trade: 1] [Living: 2]
Village [Production: 1] [Living: 1]


Battle Skills

Rise Up Again
Tags: [Union] [EX] [Battle: 1]
Timing: Initiative
Check: None
Target: Single
Cost Fate 2
Range: 20 sq.
Limit: 1 / Scenario

(Effect): Target gain [Recovery: (Base STR x 2)]

Leave it here!
Tags: [Union] [EX] [Battle: 2]
Timing: Initiative
Check: None
Target: Area (P)
Cost Fate 8
Range: 20 sq.
Limit: -

(Effect): Target object on ally gains [Hate] 1.

Pierce the Dome!
Tags: [Union] [EX] [Battle: 3]
Timing: Setup
Check: Automatic
Target: Single
Cost Fate 5
Range: 6 sq.
Limit: -

(Effect): It cannot be used with enemies with the [Raid Boss] tag. Set target enemies [HP] to 1.

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