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Anzelotte's Blog
Welcome to my blog. This is a thread where I'll ramble about things that may or may not be relevant to this forum or TRPGs. Read at your own risk.

So if anyone other than me and Pearl has actually happened upon this forum, you've no doubt noticed it's a mess at the moment. Half-finished posts everywhere, and not many posts in general.

There are a couple of reasons for this. The best one is probably that I work in an office from 9-5 (and occasionally longer) and have run out of the posts I can write from memory during periods of low activity in said office, which are becoming less frequent as of late regardless. As for my free time - well, I have other hobbies. Ones that are a bit more relaxing than poring over Japanese books to make forum posts about them that I'm not sure anyone besides me (and Pearl) will read anytime soon, if ever.

The main reason this website exists despite that is because I believe it's a useful resource, not so much for the forum posts themselves as for the links at the end of them and on the wiki. Hopefully they help out a few people running games of Grancrest, Log Horizon, or Nechronica (though TLWiki seems to no longer be on the verge of death, so mirroring the TRPGs stored there might have been unnecessary.)

Eventually the two of us may share some translations of our own on here, as well. But that means we have to finish them and make them presentable...

Right now, this is a place to archive existing translated JTTRPG materials first and foremost, but if you enjoyed reading my summaries and want to see more - just post and let me know that. It would be the motivation I need to resume writing them.
Sorry for the long vacation.

As a late New Year's resolution, I intend to set aside a day each week to work on reviews for this forum, and a second day each week to complete my half-finished translation of Kamiya Ryo's Dracurouge.

Let's see if I manage to be uncharacteristically competent at working on my personal projects this year.
As should come as no surprise, I broke my resolution instantly. I could blame a game that starts with "Tales" and ends with "of Berseria", but it's probably just because I'm me.

At least I've started translating some stuff on the TOKYO N◎VA wiki page.

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