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Shinobigami (Kawashima Touichirou)
Adventure Planning Service

Year of Release: 2009
Designer: Kawashima Touichirou

Die Rolls: 2d6, roll over. The target number is usually 5, but can be higher if a character does not have the necessary skill. There are no directly opposed checks; instead, defenders make a skill check of their own and avoid the attack if they succeed.
Classes: Characters can choose 1 of 6 'clans'.
Time System: Round-robin. There is no fixed initiative; instead, players choose a 'Plot Number' at the beginning of combat, and act in order of highest to lowest Plot Number. This number also serves as a fumble number in combat; if they roll equal to or under it, they fumble their roll.
Distance System: None.
Meta-Currency: None, though the minimalist item system is handled in a manner reminiscent of meta-currencies in other games (one of the three items lets you reroll a check; another lets you offer another character an opportunity to reroll a check.)
Non-Combat Options: Robust. The intricate skill system allows for engaging out-of-combat gameplay, and while many abilities (aka ninpo) are combat focused, some support the use of skills.


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