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Upload and Link Policy
Our ethical belief is that fan translations of works that are unavailable in English, and which no commercial entity is making an attempt to provide in English, do not transgress the original intent of copyright law. They are also potentially defensible under the "fair use" and "fair dealing" exemptions made to copyright in many jurisdictions when used for the purposes of education and criticism. However, we are aware that this belief does not line up with legal realities in some parts of the world. Download at your own risk.

You are welcome to link to:
  • Fan translations of TRPGs that no commercial entity is making a demonstratable attempt to publish in English. (Fan translations into other languages can be posted as well, but for the sake of simplicity, availability in English will be our benchmark.)
  • Short excerpts of TRPG rulebooks in the original language. 25-page maximum per book.
Please don't link to:
  • Fan translations of TRPGs that have been or are being published in English.
  • Entire TRPG rulebooks in the original language, as well as scans or PDFs of commercially published English translations. The latter includes, but is not limited to:
    • Double Cross
    • Golden Sky Stories
    • Maid RPG
    • Meikyuu Kingdom is an exception to this, as we have seen no indication of its one-time commercial translation plans being active for many years.
    • Shinobigami
    • Tenra Bansha Zero
  • Anything else illegal.

If you translated anything we've mirrored on this website and want it removed, or believe that it breaks our rules, please e-mail anzelotte@tabletalk.fyi.

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